Obsession:  Radical Misinformation and the War Against Islam

Muhammad al-Darsani

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Obsession: Radical Misinformation and the War Against Islam

by Muhammad al-Darsani

We as Americans have been deceived.

Numerous organizations have formed and have been working together under the banner of “Education” to spread the “warning” that you need to “Wake Up” and to fear “Radical Islam”, and it’s war against the west.

No one tool has been used more often than the film “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War against the West”. This video has been shown in government buildings during business hours while employees were earning our tax dollars. Many Universities have held public viewings for students. Exposing our youth to half truths and verified lies. Many religious centers have adopted the film as an instructional material on Islam!

So what’s the problem? People from all walks of life have been subjected to this film which is nothing more than a concentrated dose of fear designed to strike fear deep into the hearts of Americans, and to provoke the question “Does Islam really teach this”?.

The Facts are simple, this video contains within it numerous verified false claims and obvious errors. Some easy examples are the incorrect translations of Arabic documents to English, mislabeling Arabic television with Iranian or Persian television, events and scenarios placed out of context, as well as testimony given by self proclaimed reformed terrorist’s. My question is, how did they get into America to do the interview? I thought we had a terrorist watch list! If indeed these men have committed acts of terror, and are currently living or residing in the United States they need to be brought in on charges for crimes against humanity. If all it takes is to say “sorry, I wont kill anyone else anymore”, then we should all get a pass on the crimes we commit. However, this is reality, and the truth is, these men are deceiving you.


Muslims must get involved!

As Muslims we have often allowed unreliable Muslims and non-Muslims to misrepresent our faith. This has resulted in a tragic void that rests deep in the hearts of our fellow Americans. It is not enough to say that I denounce terrorism.

We are ready to take on this film and its promoters, and no longer allow them to go unchallenged when false claims are made.

Every generation has is own Jihad, our Jihad must be fought with the pen, with our participation in Government, with our brains, and with our resources. For every movie like Obsession we will make a Film that exposes the lies and promotes the truth. For every book that misrepresents Islam we will right the wrongs by publishing the truth.

The time is now! We must educate ourselves and become involved in all aspects of our communities. You can no longer stay behind closed doors and live alone in America. We are always angry when we see films like Obsession, but we never do anything about it. We as Muslims allow self proclaimed experts in Islam to sell their propaganda at our expense. Well enough is enough, together we can, and will, make a difference!
Watch the 12 minute Obsession trailer.

Join Us, and Take Action!  Help us stop the spread of misinformation!  To find out how, check out the take action section at http://www.obsessionwatch.org  As Americans we can’t allow prejudice, hate, and fear rule our lives. Become informed, and make a difference!

Not in my backyard

Find a list of organizations, groups, people, and politicians who have promoted or held public viewings for this film in the Obsession Promoters section.

If you are interested in staging a protest at a viewing in your area contact us and take a look at our Obsession Calendar to see if there is a showing coming to your area

The Film

What’s the problem?

As Americans, Muslim and Non-Muslim alike, you should be concerned.

In the opening moments of Obsession the film makers make the claim that not all Muslims are radical, but the film never suggests that Islam does not promote violence, killing, or terror.

Rather, the film implies by omission that it indeed does. The entire documentary is filled with random unrelated people, eras, and situations. Lumping over one hundred years of history into a two hour hate speech.

While many of the situations are factual, the context is completely omitted. The films entire purpose is to promote the idea that imbedded within Islam, is a message of hate and violence. A dictate to destroy all challengers to Islamic Ideology. A message of world dominance, and that America and its people, are sitting in the cross hairs of a Global and Violent Jihad.

We encourage everyone to watch this video, but to do so in a setting where you can be objective. There is no denying that people commit violent acts in the name of Islam or Allah, but that does not mean that Islam promotes or condones those actions.

To assume otherwise would be irresponsible. Unless you apply the same logic to all of history and every contemporary problem in the world. For example, the crusades, the inquisitions, and all other world conflicts that were designed to spread religion.

As Muslims we separate actions of people from the message of their faith. We do not assume that because a Christian or Jew commits a violent act that it is becoming of Christian Values.

When promoters of the film Obsession, hold public viewings emotions run high, people are left to make serious judgment calls with only limited information, and when the video references things said in Arabic, Farsi, or Urdu they are often left with no way to verify the authenticity of the claims.

Join us in the fight to eliminate hate, violence, and injustice. This film is a catalyst for far worse things to come. Don’t allow misinformed people, the means to spread misinformation at the expense of the truth and the rights of Americans, both Muslim and Non-Muslim. Fear is a crutch, not a solution.

Visit our site http://www.obsessionwatch.org