New British extremism task force targets only Muslim extremists - update 5/27

New British extremism task force targets only Muslim extremists

by Sheila Musaji

It is clear, based on facts, not supposition, that most acts of violence and terrorism ARE NOT committed by Muslims. [1]  And, yet, in the U.S., programs like the NYPD surveillance/spying program target only possible Muslim extremists, [2] and the only government hearings have discussed only possible Muslim extremists and radicals [3]

In the past few weeks, there were two brutal knife/machete murders in Britain (one of Mohammed Saleem and one of Lee Rigby) [4] and these (as has happened innumerable times in the past in both the U.S. and Britain) were treated with the same sort of double standard - one was called terrorism, and the other simply murder.  It seems that the only agreed upon definition of terrorism (on both sides of “the pond”) is a violent act carried out by a Muslim perpetrator. [5]  Immediately after the murder of Lee Rigby, Muslim groups condemned the act unequivocally. 

The title of this article caught my eye UK sets up task force to target extremism  Sounds good on the surface, and as a Muslim, I would welcome having not only accepted definitions of terms like terrorism, extremism, etc., but also an effective means of countering and marginalizing all extremist hate mongers.  In an article I previously published on the Woolrich attack Could Woolwich attack have been foreseen?, I noted not only the universal Muslim condemnation of this and all such acts, the disgust of the mainstream Muslim community with groups like al Muhajiroun and Muslim extremist preachers of hate like Anjem Choudary and Omar Bakri, and discussed a number of aspects of the case.  One of those aspects was just this need to marginalize hate mongers.  In that article, I said “individuals like Anjem Choudary and Omar Bakri, and groups like Al-Muhajiroun need to be held accountable for providing angry, and unstable young men with a false and twisted interpretation of Islam that they can use to attempt to justify their violent acts, or even to convince themselves that such savagery is noble or courageous.”

...  Somehow, we need to find a way to marginalize lunatic fringe voices like Bakri & Choudary, and to magnify the message of mainstream Muslim scholars like Sheikh Ali Gomaa of al Azhar, Sheik Muhammad Afifi al-Akiti,  the British scholars Shaykh Abu Aaliyah Shurkeel, and Shams Ad-Duha Muhammad or the thousands of Fatwas & statements by mainstream Muslim scholars & organizations, and to expand and stress the many Muslim programs to counter radicalization

...  Extremist Muslim individuals like Anwar Al Awlaki, Omar Bakri, Anjem Choudary, Abdullah El Faisal and their ilk are the Muslims who make “good” media copy because they are sensational.  Extremist Islamophobes are also the “experts” who are often interviewed by the same media and for the same reasons.  And, they feed off of each others hatred.  Why is it that these individuals get any media attention at all?   As Muhammad Ali notes they should not be given a platform to feed their egos at the expense of the rest of society.  Extremists on both sides need to be marginalized, not promoted.  They should not be the source of our information.  Why is it that the lunatic fringe is publicized and legitimate, mainstream scholars are ignored?

...  How can individuals who might be capable of engaging in such violence be identified before they carry out such acts?  There are many radicals who engage in protests, and hand out leaflets expressing extremist views of all sorts in all communities.  Individuals hold and express hateful views on many subjects.  As a society, we have held freedom of speech to be an important value, and so such views are often “protected speech”.  Individuals like Anjem Choudary were born in Britain, and therefore he can’t be simply deported.  Anyone can go to and purchase the extreme right-wing “Anarchists Cookbook”, or “The Turner Diaries”, or go online and read Al Qaeda’s “Inspire” magazine.  Does simply reading, or possessing copies of such materials mean that an individual is likely to carry out a violent act?  What can we do to prevent such incidents?  Anyone can go online and find an unlimited number of sites spreading their own particular brand of extremism and hatred - anti-gay, anti-Semitic, anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, racist, white supremacist, anti-government, Nazi’s, the KKK — you name it and you can find it.  Vulnerable individuals can find preachers of hate that speak to their own particular demons.  What can be done about this?  Are we willing to curtail free speech, to engage in censorship, to further limit civil rights?  Do we want to ban books, and shut down websites?  If so, that is a decision we will need to make as a society.  In fact, all of us are in this together, as human beings.

Muslims, just like the rest of society want to marginalize ALL hate mongers.  If this new task force was going to look at how that could be done, that would be a wonderful project that all of us could work together to achieve — but here is what is actually happening:

BRITAIN’S government is setting up a new terrorism task force to tackle radical preachers and extremism, days after suspects apparently linked to extremist Islamist activists brutally killed a British soldier on a London street.

Home Secretary Theresa May said the group will look at whether new powers and laws are needed to clamp down on religious leaders and organisations who promote extremist messages and who target potential recruits in jails, schools and mosques. ...

I decided I needed to look further to see what else was being reported about this “new anti-terrorism task force” as perhaps this article didn’t give all of the information.  Perhaps, this task force was going to crack down on all extremism.  Here is what I found:

David Cameron launches anti-terror task force to tackle extremism:

David Cameron is launching a new terror task force to crack down on extremism in the wake of the horrific murder of Drummer Lee Rigby, Downing Street has confirmed.

The cabinet-level group, which will also bring in intelligence and police chiefs when needed, will focus on radical preachers who target potential recruits in jails, schools, colleges and mosques.  ...  It will be known as the tackling extremism and radicalisation task force (Terfor), according to the Mail on Sunday.  ...  The government wants work carried out to ensure religious leaders are not promoting extremist messages and wants mosque committees to be held to account for their choice of imams. ...

We should not sacrifice civil liberties in a panic

In the wake of a terrorist murder, the pressure is on politicians to promise some new law that will prevent such an outrage from recurring. Following the sickening murder of Lee Rigby in the streets of Woolwich, the Prime Minister David Cameron has been quick to announce the formation of a new task force on extremism and terrorism – TERFOR – charged mainly with monitoring radical clerics.

All to the good. For too long certain so-called hate preachers have been allowed to peddle a vile mishmash of anti-Western, anti-semitic, extreme homophobic and misogynist ideas among often unsuspecting congregations, even on university campuses, under the guise of religious instruction. The more closely monitored these men are the better.

...  It may be unfashionable to say so, but Britain is already countering the threat of violent jihadists with some success. For that reason alone, we should continue to question calls to further extend police powers.

We must have the courage to confront the preachers of hate

...  Now is the time for politicians from all parties and for civil servants to show courage when it comes to dealing with the preachers of hate. Britain is a tolerant and diverse society, and free expression is part of being a democracy. In general, people should feel free to speak their minds and stand up for their beliefs. However, speech and literature that incite violence and impinge upon the rights of others cannot be tolerated. Radical preachers must not be given a public platform to call for death to gay people, soldiers, “infidels” or any other group that their warped ideology leads them to condemn.  ...  It is time we applied the same standard to Islamist groups that promote violence that we would apply to any other lunatic fringe. The authorities need to be bold enough to call religious extremism by its proper name and, as Mr Pickles writes, police and the judiciary must act to deny a platform to those who would spread chaos and bloodshed in our society. That is exactly what ordinary, law-abiding Muslims would want our government to do. They share the outrage and disgust at the dissemination of a false gospel of violent nihilism. They, too, want to see action. ...

‘I will gag the hate clerics’: Cameron to launch new terror task force to bring an end to religious extremism

David Cameron is planning new powers to muzzle Islamic hate preachers accused of provoking terrorist outrages such as the killing of soldier Lee Rigby. The Prime Minister wants to stop extremist clerics using schools, colleges, prisons and mosques to spread their ‘poison’ and is to head a new Tackling Extremism and Radicalisation Task Force (TERFOR) made up of senior Ministers, MI5, police and moderate religious leaders.

The high-powered group will study a number of measures, including banning extremist clerics from being given public platforms to incite students, prisoners and other followers – and forcing mosque leaders to answer for ‘hate preachers’. ...

It seems clear from everything published to date that this is not a task force to consider how to combat extremism and terrorism, no matter what the source, but another witch hunt aimed only at Muslim criminals.  It also seems clear that the only religious extremism that this task force is concerned with is Muslim religious extremism.  See RELIGIOUS EXTREMISM & FUNDAMENTALISM - RELIGIOUS RIGHT (TAM article collection) for information on other religious extremists.

Since all of this is very new, I could find very little discussion by Muslims about this new task force.  I did find this:  Muslim groups urge consultation over government plans to combat extremism, but the only Muslim quoted was the MCB:

Leading British Islamic groups have urged the government to consult Muslims over plans for combating extremism, warning that knee-jerk policies risk exacerbating the problem and damaging social cohesion.

The home secretary, Theresa May, has proposed a series of measures to address the radicalisation of Muslims, including new controls on the internet and the banning of groups preaching hate.

The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) – which described the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich last week as “a horrific instance of extremism” – said that while a new and effective strategy was needed, it must not be rushed through at the expense of British Muslims or society at large.

“We hope wisdom prevails as we reflect on the response of these past few days and the missed opportunities of previous years,” it said in a statement on Sunday. “We must be vigilant and ensure we do not inadvertently give into the demands of all extremists: making our society less free, divided and suspicious of each other. Lessons from the past indicate that policies and measures taken in haste can exacerbate extremism.”

...  Calling for leadership in combating “the challenge of civic apathy” and increase political engagement, the MCB also reminded the government of its duty to fight the rightwing extremists.

“In the past 48 hours we have witnessed an upsurge in anti-Muslim hatred with targeted attacks on mosques and the Muslim individuals, not to mention the torrent of hateful abuse on social media,” it said. “Attitudes against Muslims have hardened. Any task force must examine extremism from all quarters.”

Actually, the MCB is being very politically correct and circumspect and using very diplomatic language.  If these reports are accurate and the programs will only target Muslim extremists, then the only words I can use to describe this are: — inconsistent, hypocritical, double-standards, bigoted, Islamophobic, propaganda, selective, collective blame, irresponsible, useless, biased, and doomed to fail on every level.

Saying on the one hand that there is a need to work with the Muslim community, and on the other hand that only Muslim extremists pose a danger to society (in spite of clear evidence to the contrary) is WRONG!  This will only create more frustration and anger.  It will not resolve any problems.  This task force as explained so far can only be called the beginning of an Islamophobic witch hunt in Britain.

I am certain that in Britain and the U.S. and Canada, all mainstream Muslim groups would like to work together with law enforcement to solve not only the problem of sidelining Muslim extremists, but Christian, Jewish, (and extremists of any or no religion) and political extremists of all sorts.  To maintain that support their needs to be consistency and fairness in applying and enforcing the same standards for everyone.  There are certainly anti-Muslim hate crimes, and even murders of Muslims [6], and anti-Muslim preachers of hate like the EDL & BNP - should they also not be under scrutiny? 

If there are going to be new limitations on free speech, then those limitations need to be made clear and need to apply to everyone equally. The same is true for limitations on civil rights and religious freedoms. 

Reports are coming in of violence directed at British mosques and individual British Muslims who have no connection with the perpetrators.  The Zainabia Islamic Centre in Granby was attacked with a molotov cocktail.  In Gillingham, Kent, a man ran into the local mosque and started smashing windows and bookcases. Meanwhile in Braintree, Essex, it is alleged that a man attacked the Islamic place of worship with a knife and explosive device.  Both the attackers have now been arrested by police.  A mosque in Morden is under police guard after threats of arson.  The English Defense League (EDL) has rioted.  Many anti-Muslim incidents have been reported to a local hotline.  Even Muslim businesses have been attacked.   In fact, at least 150 anti-Muslim incidents have been reported in the last few days.  Not surprisingly, some media has responded to this criminal act by scapegoating Islam and promoting Islamophobia.  This also does no one any good.  [UPDATES:  There has been a molotov cocktail attack on the Grimsby Mosque. 

Are these incidents going to be treated the same way by the task force?  If it is found that there are preachers of hate who instigated these attacks, will they also come under the venue of this task force?



Dr. Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed writes in the Independent Britain should prosecute terrorist suspects, not play shady games of geopolitics in which he says:

... Proscription and extradition have failed. What we need is a willingness to prosecute. The failure to do so is influenced by narrow geopolitical interests resulting from Britain’s subservience to US strategy in the Muslim world. According to the former MI6 officer Alastair Crooke, the Saudis, in pursuit of benefiting mutual US-Saudi interests, have played the role of proxy to the Americans, mobilising Islamist extremists to destabilise parts of the Middle East.

As David Cameron renews Britain’s commitment to supporting the rebels in Syria, who include al-Qa’ida-affiliated Islamists, questions must be asked whether Britain’s secret services have been compromised by short-sighted geopolitical interests. ...

Assed Baig wrote Woolwich and the Muslim Response that includes this passage:

... Why is it that Muslims and Muslim organisations are expected to condemn and distance themselves from the actions of two individuals? Why is it that Muslim organisations do not even need to be prompted to condemn; they are readily condemning actions that have nothing to do with them. There has been no attempt by Muslim organisations to discuss the causes of the attack, no attempt to question the mainstream media narrative that imposes labels on Muslims.

I was born and brought up in a majority Muslim area of Birmingham. I have travelled the country and the world. I have come across thousands of Muslims, spoken, debated and challenged opinions. Radicalisation is not a religious problem, it is a problem of society, and specifically, in this case, British society.

Muslim leaders have been scared into silence. Prevent officers visiting mosques and community leaders frighten them. They are told that if Muslims display any political opinions outside the mainstream then they are extremists, that if they do not inform on them, that their bank accounts can be frozen, mosques closed and they could face prison. Muslims are afraid. Muslim organisations and leaders are subservient to the state, scared to mention foreign policy as a radicalising factor just in case they are harangued for justifying the murder. It has got to such a state that we do not even realise that our minds have been conditioned through years of media misrepresentation and widespread Islamophobia. Questioning the reason for a murder does not mean condoning or justifying it. Condemning something that has nothing to do with you feeds into the narrative that this is a Muslim problem, that this is something that the Muslim community are responsible for, at least in part.

In turn so-called Muslim leaders stifled debate and discussion in mosques, too afraid to discuss anything political. For too long they have played a subservient role to the state, asking for a seat at the table and hoping for crumbs to be passed to them. I have not met a Muslim that has condoned the actions in Woolwich, but let’s not ignore what radicalises. British foreign policy radicalises, double standards radicalise, making Muslim youngsters feel like their opinions are not legitimate radicalises, stifling debate and discussion radicalises, not giving people a conduit to vent their opinions and frustrations radicalises, a lack of identity in Britain radicalises, we are either extremists or moderates.

We are told that Muslims are equal citizens in this country but the reality is something very different. If we say we don’t drink, we are labelled anti-social or not willing to integrate, if we drink we are labelled moderate, if a Muslim wears a hijab, she is oppressed, if she doesn’t she is liberated, if we express an opinion outside of the mainstream narrative, we are angry, if we join a mainstream political party we are passionate, if we sing the praises of the British establishment we are liberals, if we object to foreign policy we are extremists or Islamists. I for one am fed up of this apologetic and subservient tone. I have nothing to apologise for, I should not be asked to condemn the actions of two men that had nothing to do with me just as a white man should not be asked to condemn the murders committed by Anders Brevik or for the violent actions of the English Defence League.  ...



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