Negm, Shaykh Ibrahim

Sh. ibrahim negm

Sheikh Ibrahim Negm was born in early seventies in Egypt in a scholarly family. His father was active with the Islamic movement in Egypt. Sheikh Ibrahim Negm memorized the Quran in his early childhood. After becoming Hafiz of the Quran he joined school and graduated #4 in the nation from al-azhar high school (Egypt). He finished Ijaza in Islamic Studies from Al Azhar in 1995 as class Valedictorian.

He had been visiting scholar and researcher (1996) in Harvard law school Islamic Legal Studies program and served as a visiting researcher at the school of Islamic and social sciences in 1997.

Sheikh Ibrahim Negm completed his PhD in comparative religious studies from the American College of Theology, MN in 1999. After getting his PhD he served Assistant professor of Arabic and Islamic studies @ St. Johns University, Queens, NY. He is a visiting scholar at the Hartford Seminary.

He had been Imam and director of the Islamic Center of South Shore, Long Island, NY for several years and recently joined the Institute of Islamic Studies of ICNA as its full-time Director.