NAMF to hold Press Conference Regarding Death Threats to Canadian Muslim Congress Leaders


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NAMF to hold Press Conference Regarding Death Threats to Canadian Muslim Congress Leaders

Subject:  Press Conference to be held at NAMF at 12.00pm sharp.

North American Muslim Foundation is organizing a Press Conference with the leaders of the Muslim Community to address an immediate and appropriate response for the Canadian Muslim Congress death-threat Crisis that has been perpetuated by some extremist elements in our community. We sympathise with the victims of the CMC and condemn this heinous hate crime.

This Press Conference is scheduled for Tuesday, 27th March 2007 at 12:00 pm sharp at the following venue:

NAMF Community Center

D6- 63 Silver Star Blvd

Scarborough Ontario M1V 5E5

(One light North of Finch on Midland)

Difference of opinion is as an integral value of Islam as our Prophet Muhammad, on whom be peace correctly said: “Difference of opinion in my Community is a mercy for people” Throughout Islam’s rich history dissent was treated with democratic respect as much as Canadian Constitutions showers the right of freedom of religion upon us. As Imam Shafi said, about any particular issue: “My view is correct and may be erroneous and someone else’s view is erroneous and may be correct.’”

Any disagreement that develops into hatred and violence is condemnable and forbidden and such sectarianism must be seriously reprimanded, with proper justice being brought against the proven perpetrators. Instead dialogue and legal means must always be resorted to in case of dispute and opposing views. Worse yet to label a Believer names is blasphemy and such a heinous sin is major and unanimously condemnable.

We have invited all the major media organizations to cover this Press Conference and Community Leaders. We invite you to join us, as we together continue making Canada free of prejudice, full of peace.

Habeeb Alli

Communications Coordinator

    North American Muslim Foundation