Muslims and people of conscience we have to fight against this “Obsession”

Robert Salaam

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Muslims and people of conscience we have to fight against this “Obsession”

by Robert Salaam

In the name of God, The Beneficent, The Most Merciful

What we are witnessesing once again is the repeated attempt at distorting the truth at the expense of innocent Americans in order to propragate a hate-filled agenda for political purposes.  American Muslims we have to join together along with other Americans of conscience to ensure that these wicked actions are not allowed to prosper.

What various American newspapers have in essence stated by their distribution of bigoted material against American Muslims is that they not only do not care about us as consumors and citizenry, but that the promotion of hate is good for business.

We have seen this many times throughout history.  We have witnessed how the distribution of such material is intended to breed, fester, and create discord, mistrust, and fuel the hearts and minds of hate.  We have witnessed in modern times how people have been allowed to stir the pot in order to promote a particular agenda or a political ideology.

These arguments against various groups have been used in many a campaign and policy discussion.  Whether it was integration, interacial marriage, a Catholic President, Gay marriage, or now Muslims, there have always been bigots who have leveraged the fears of other bigots in order to raise the bar and pull the strings of discord that promote disunity among diverse Americans.

Americans of conscience Muslims and non-Muslims alike, we have to say together loud and clear that enough is enough.  We have to stand together as one voice that is ready to turn the page and do away with the hate of the past and move forward to the cooperation of the future.

This is why I call upon all of you out there to raise your voice against “Obsession” and similar attempts to distort and promote bigotry against entire groups of people leveraging that hate to win an election and join me in writing, boycotting, and protesting against all distribution channels like newspapers until they retract their distribution, and formally apologize for being agents of intolerance that promote hate against fellow Americans.

What I ask all of you to do is to encourage the cancellation of any subscription or membership of any newspaper local or nationwide, who have shared in this un-patriotic and un-American act.  We have to be firm and consistent in our denunciation of these practices and let these groups know that we will not tolerate the continued manipulation and attacks against certain groups of Americans.

We must commit ourselves to struggle and work together regardless of background to ensure all of our children live in an America where they will not be advocated against because of how they were raised, what they believe, or the community in which they were born.

Join me to boldly declare that we have had enough of the hate.

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