Muslims Must Defend The Olympics: For Chechnya

Muslims Must Defend The Olympics: For Chechnya

by Dr. David Liepert

Will Muslims immolate Sochi, and scuttle the Olympics?

Since it’s come out that the majority of those threats of supposed anti-Olympic Muslim violence apparently came from “false-flag” Islamophobes.  I think the answer to that question and evidence of the unholy alliance between Islamophobes and Muslim extremists are both quite clear. Only extremists can benefit by provoking an unnecessary conflict.

Truth is, Muslim hater/baiters and al Qaeda NEED each other to keep the battle going. That’s the only way either of those two sides think they can win.

But because of both of them, the possibility that some extremist pawns might attempt attacking Sochi is real. And if that happens, I think Muslims must protect the Sochi Olympics for the sake of Chechnya, and for the sake of Islam.

I’ve blogged before about how Muslim prophecies clearly predicted al Qaeda—and declared them evil men Satan-sent to afflict Muslims with each other. So what are they up to now? When you look at their malign influence throughout our world for the past two decades it’s obvious they exist for no purpose beyond abusing Islam and Muslims for their own dark reasons, suborning good causes to perverse ends, defaming Islam and sucking susceptible Muslims through the gates of Hell.

But there’s not a better example of the evils of Muslim-hating “false-flag” Islamophobia than Russia under Boris Yeltsin and Vladimir Putin either. And I sincerely hope these Olympic games shine a brighter light on Russia’s atrocious history in Chechnya.

Because the truth is that Chehnya’s Muslims are susceptible to al Qaeda’s charms solely because mother Russia has failed her so criminally for centuries. Fiercely independent, Chechnya sits at a strategically important choke-point between Asia and the Middle East. For that reason forced to exist under near-perpetual invasion—mostly from the north—it’s people brutally suppressed by whatever force, leader or ideology happened to occupy Moscow for the last 250 years, Islam became a unifying force and a source of strength to the people of Chechnya.

So given all that, it actually seems inevitable that it would appear that Moscow is at war with Islam too.

Think Russia’s been hard on homosexuals? Consider Chechnya’s reality, with over 200,000 innocent lives murdered in the last two decades alone. And yes, despite labels like “terrorist” they were innocent: for anyone interested in what’s really happening there the Huff Post article written by Eric Margolis—senior syndicated columnist, and the foreign correspondent lauded as “the man who got it right about Iraq”—is a “must read”.

Particularly damning? Margolis writes:

Boris Yeltsin’s government invaded Chechnya, killing some 100,000 Chechen civilians through massive carpet bombing and shelling. Chechen leader Dzhokar Dudayev was assassinated, reportedly thanks to telephone homing equipment supplied Moscow by the US National Security Agency.

President Bill Clinton actually lauded Boris Yeltsin’s as “Russia’s Abraham Lincoln.”

Incredibly, Chechen fighters managed to defeat Russia’s army and won de facto independence.

But in 1999, apartment buildings in Russia were bombed, killing some 200 people, and creating a national panic.

Chechen ‘terrorists’ were immediately blamed. But there was disturbing evidence that government agents staged the bombing to justify invading Chechnya.

Moscow media reported that a group of Federal Security Service ( FSB - the successor to the KGB’s internal security service) agents were caught red-handed planting explosives in an apartment building. They claimed the explosives were merely bags of “sugar,” part of a “test.”

Knowing all that, I found listening to recent cable news musings on the Muslim “black-widow” Ruzanna Ibragimova reminiscent of my teenage years spent listening to Monty Python (with personal apologies to the original show’s hilarious cast).

While describing her as a 22 year old widow, lame in one leg, unable to straighten one arm, with a long scar down one side of her face, I heard CNN’s pundits express confusion regarding her possible motivations: what could have filled this beautiful young woman with hate? Could it be the death of her husband, or her own obvious torture, maiming and scars? No, it had to be radical Islam.

But were it “Islamic”, what would a Chechen Jihad actually look like? Those rules were set centuries ago. Based on Muhammad’s commands, Abu Bakr’s instructions were clear:

“Do not commit treachery or deviate from what you know is right.”
“You must not mutilate dead bodies.”
“Neither kill a child, nor a woman, nor an aged man.”
“Bring no harm to the trees, nor burn them with fire, especially those which are fruitful.”
“Slay not any of the enemy’s flock, save for your food.”
“You are likely to pass by others (AKA non-Muslims) who have devoted their lives to God’s service; leave them alone”

And even if you set aside the requirement that only an individual who combines religious and secular leadership within themselves—a valid Caliph—can declare war for the sake of Muslims I ask you: When has anyone ever seen al Qaeda or any self-proclaimed Jihadists conduct themselves anything like that?

So how should Muslims respond to exhortations to attack Sochi for the sake of Islam?

My answer? Ignore them, or better yet oppose them with thought, word or deed.

And how should everyone else respond to Russia’s treatment of Chechnya?

Poor Chechnya’s been under attack for over two centuries, they need—and deserve—freedom, honesty, justice and peace.
Indiscriminate violence is anti-Islamic. Al Qaeda’s calls for tumult are anti-Islam. But defending Chechnya from Putin’s false claims, atrocities and terrorism against them is absolutely Islamic, and making a better world for everyone based on truth and shared values is absolutely what the Olympic Games are all about too.

With God’s help, the Sochi Olympics could bring us all together, for the sake of Chechnya.

So God Bless The Olympic Games! And God Bless Team Canada!