Muslim Voices Against Terrorism Drowned in Clash of Civilizations Static

Sheila Musaji

Posted Sep 18, 2006      •Permalink      • Printer-Friendly Version
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Muslims Speak Against Terrorism, Who Listens

Sheila Musaji

Muslims are accused of not speaking up or of not speaking up loudly or clearly enough. 

This is a baseless claim. 

If you type MAE into the search engine on The American site at  you will turn up hundreds of articles by and about Muslims against extremism, including fatwas (including specific fatwas against Bin Laden, suicide terrorism, the 9/11 tragedy, al-Qaeda), and statements by Muslim individuals and organizations condemning terrorism and violence.  You will also find articles such as Dr. Aslam’s recent Letter to al-Qaeda in Iraq: Kill Us We Are Also Americans!

If a statement on behalf of someone speaking on behalf of all Muslims is what is required, that is not possible, as in Islam there is no central authority figure like the Catholic Pope.

The majority of Muslims have spoken and continue to speak against terrorism in all forms, their voices are simply drowned out by those (Muslim and non-Mulim) who are determined to bring about a clash of civilizations.