Muslim Voices Against Extremism & Terrorism - Part II - Statements by Organizations & Groups

Muslim Voices Against Extremism & Terrorism - Part II - Statements by Organizations

compiled by Sheila Musaji — updated 10/28/2008


Abu Dhabi conference - 500 Muslim scholars challenge extremist “fatwas”

AESM Interfaith Dialogue Larnaca Action Plan 7/06

AAI-USA Condemns Iranian President’s Holocaust Denial Gathering 12/06

All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) condemns terrorism. -  ADAMS condemns plot to attack the Armed Forces Recruitment Station in Catonsville, MD 12/10

Allahu Murder, Manslaughter & Terrorism All in the Name of Allah

American and Canadian Muslims issue statement in defense of free speech 10/10

American Islamic Congress Launches New Anti-Suicide Bombing Campaign for Eid Al-Adha Holiday 2007

American Muslim Alliance, Agha Saeed  statement against 9/11 attacks

American Muslim Organizations  statement against 9/11 attacks by 15 organizations 9/01

American Muslim organizations condemn Fort Hood shooting 11/09

American Muslim Organizations Repudiate Anwar al-Awlaki’s Praise for Fort Hood Shooter 11/09

American Muslim Organizations Welcome Gadahn’s Arrest & Condemn His Call for Terrorism 3/10

American Muslim Organizations condemn the Times Square attempted bombing 4/10

American Muslim Organizations (MPAC, ISNA, CAIR) condemn attacks on churches in Alexandria, Egypt and Nigeria 1/11

American Muslim CEO’s Fight Terrorism

American Muslim Political Coordination Cuncil  statement against 9/11 attacks 9/01

American Muslim Alliance  (AMA) - against 9/11 (U.S.)

American Muslim Foundation  (AMF) - - against 9/11 (U.S.)

American Muslim Imams and Community Leaders Statement on Holocaust Denial 8/10

American Muslim Organizations condemn beheadings

American Muslim statement affirming Freedom of Faith “On Apostasy and Islam”,  signed by over 100 notable Muslim voices

American Muslims for Global Peace and Justice  (AMGPJ) - against 9/11 (U.S.)

American Muslims for Jerusalem  (AMJ) - against 9/11 (U.S.)

American Muslim Leaders call for release of journalist in Iraq 1/06

American Muslims Issue Statement Against Taliban Destruction of Buddhist Statues by Taliban

American Muslim Leaders Sign ‘Code of Honor’ to Promote Intrafaith Harmony between Sunni & Shia

American Muslims & Scholars denounce terrorism (signed by 57 leaders of National Islamic Organizations and 199 International scholars) 9/2002

Arab American Media Syndicate speaks out against extremism 3/04

Amman Conference bans killings in name of Islam (signed by 180 scholars) 7/05

American Muslim Organizations – condemn Berg beheading 5/04

Assoc. of Muslim Health Professionals Statement regarding events in the UK

Australian Muslims  condemn 9/11 attack

Bangladeshi Imams denounce bomb terrorism 12/05

British Muslim Council (Britain) condemnation of London bombing & Fatwa against terrorism signed by 500 leaders 7/05

British Muslim Council condemns Glasgow and London terror attacks 6/07

British Muslim Scholars  - against terrorism (signed by 500 scholars) 7/05

Canadian Muslim Organizations Urge ‘Zero Tolerance’ for Domestic Violence (signed by 20 organizations) 12/07

CAIR condemns bin Laden’s Praise for 9/11 hijacker 9/07

CAIR Repudiates ‘American Al-Qaida’ Video Threats 5/07

CAIR  Condemns murder of Daniel Pearl 2/02

Council on American Islamic Relations  (CAIR) - against 9/11 (U.S.)

CAIR condemns bin Laden’s praise for 9/11 hijacker 9/07

CAIR condemns Iranian holocaust denial conference 12/06

CAIR Condemns Mumbai Bombings   7/06

CAIR Condemns Iranian Holocaust Cartoon Contest   2/06

CAIR condemns Egyptian Bomb Attacks 7/05

CAIR Not in the name of Islam petition (U.S.)  signed by 691,531 Muslims 5/04

CAIR Day of Unity and Prayer 9-11-03

CAIR condemns Beslan killings 9/04

CAIR condemns burning of Nigerian churches 2/06

CAIR condemns Philippines airport bombing 3/03 CAIR-CANcondemns attack on Passover celebration in Israel 3/02

CAIR calls for release of all hostages in Iraq 2004

CAIR launches TV ad campaign against terrorism 10/06

CAIR Condemns Attack On Seattle Jewish Center 2006

CAIR supports house resolution 32 a call to end human rights violations against women including genital mutiliation.  10/9/07

CAIR-CAN condemns vandalism of Jewish homes in Toronto 3/04

CAIR-CAN condemns rape of Mukhtaran Mai in Pakistan 7/02

CAIR-CAN condemns killing of innocent Christians in Pakistan 10/01

CAIR-CAN  offers condolences to Coptic Christian community 1/05

Canadian Muslims  condemn anti-Jewish article 1/04

Canadian Muslims condemn church attack in Pakistan 3/02

Canadian Muslims condemn vandalism of Jewish synagogues 4/02

Canadian Society of Muslims (Canada) against 9/11 attack 9/01

Catholic-Muslim Statement on Globalization 7/01

Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy (CSID) Statement (signed by 200 scholars) 10/01

Center for Understanding Islam (CUI) Condemns the Alleged Terrorists’ Evil Plan - Call to Action for Muslim Community Leaders 5/07

Coalition of Islamic Organizations of Chicago condemn London bombings 7/05

Coordinating Council of Muslim Organizations  (CCMO) - - against 9/11 (U.S.)

Center for Understanding Islam  - Fundamentalism, Extremist and Terrorism

Canadian Society of Muslims (Canada) against 9/11 attack 9/01

Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy CSID - Statement on 9/11

CSID Statement on London Attacks 7/05

Council of Senior Religious Scholars (Saudi Arabia) terrorism & responsibility to report 6/04

Council of Ulema (Saudi Arabia)  against terrorism 2/03

Dar ul Ehsaan (U.S.) – condemns all acts of terrorism

Delhi Muslim Conference condemns terrorism (India) 3/06

Deoband (Dar al Uloom) scholars denounce terrorism as against Islam, will circulate statement to all madrassas in India/Pakistan 2/2008

European Muslim Leaders reject al Qaeda’s call for murder of Swedish cartoonist 10/07

Europe - Over 400 groups sign European Muslim ‘charter of values’ pledging tolerance and respect for the laws of the countries in which they live.

Federation of Islamic Organizations (New Zealand)  against 9/11 attacks

Fiqh Council of North America  - against terrorism (U.S.) 7/05 (endorsed by 130 Muslim organizations and leaders in the U.S

Fiqh Council of North America Renews Fatwa Against Religious Extremism 12/07

French scholars fatwa prohibits rioting  (France)

Glocalization Conference The Ankara Declaration (.pdf file)

Human Development Foundation - Call to join the movement for the eradication of terrorism (U.S.) 9/02

Indian Muslim Council of U.S. IMC condemns Delhi blasts 10/08

IMC-USA condemns Jaipur blasts; Demands transparent investigation of the incident   5/08

IMC-USA condemns destruction of churches in Orissa, India 12/07
Indian Muslim Leaders Condemn Taliban’s ‘Jizya’ On Sikhs in Pakistan 5/09

Indian Muslim Leaders Condemn Attacks on Christian Properties in Kashmir 9/10

International Islamic Organizations Denounce 9/11 Attack
International Islamic Conference, Sri Lanka 12/02

International Islamic Conference, Amman (Jordan   8 schools of Islamic Law 9/05 signed by 170 scholars

Islam America - Overcoming religiously motivated violence

Islamic Circle of North America  (ICNA) - against 9/11 (U.S.)

Islamic Circle of North America Condemns London Bombings 7/05

Islamic Media Foundation  (IMF) - against 9/11 (U.S.)

Islamic Medical Society of North America - against U.K. bomb plot

Islamic Commission of (Spain)  Fatwa against terrorism 3/05

Islamic Information Center condemns fatal attack on Christian charity workers in Afghanistan 8/10

Islamic Society of North America, ISNA (U.S.)  Statement Against Terrorism and Religious Extremism 8/05   This 2 page flier is available as a PDF and is the best short statement available and should be printed out and widely shared.

Islamic Society of North America ISNA (U.S.)  Terrorism is not in the name of Islam signed by 72 scholars and leaders 5/04

ISNA Rejects All Expressions of Racism and Bigotry 7/09

ISNA Commends Malaysian Court Ruling that Affirms Religious Freedom of Christians (issue of use of word Allah) 1/10

Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) Condemns U.K. Bombings

ISNA Condemns the Anti Christian Riots in Pakistan 8/09

Islamic Society of North America ISNA Joins Call for End to Torture 6/06

ISNA Condemns Plots to Attack Synagogues and National Targets   5/09

Islamic Society of North America Condemns London Bombings 7/05

ISNA Strongly Condemns Bhutto Assassination: Offers Condolences to Families of Deceased 12/07

Islamic Society of North America - statement “Who We Are and What We Believe”  specifically rejects any terrorism including that carried out by Hamas and Hesbollah.  9/07


“The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) condemns in the strongest terms the recent acts of terrorism in Glasgow, London and Yemen. We reaffirm our long-standing, unqualified condemnation of all acts of terrorism and all acts of violence committed against the innocent, and our denunciation of religious extremism and particularly the use of Islam to justify terrorism in any of its forms. We sympathize with the victims of these senseless attacks and offer our heart-felt condolences to the families who have lost their dear ones.”  7/07

Karamah, Zina, rape and Islamic Law: an Islamic legal analysis of the rape laws in Pakistan, A Position Paper by KARAMAH: Muslim Women Lawyers for Human Rights

Leaders of Chicago Area Mosques (U.S.) Support FCNA Fatwa Against Terrorism 7/05

League of Arab States   against 9/11 attack 9/01

Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs of Morocco sending Imams to Europe to counter extremists 7/08

MPAC Mosque Guidelines to Fight Terrorism 

MPAC Unequivocally Condemns Seattle Murder at Jewish Federation 7/06

MPAC National Grassroots Campaign to Fight Terrorism 

MPAC calls on Muslim communities worldwide to condemn Shia massacres 2/10

MPAC statement on alledged Fort Dix Terror Plot 5/07

MPAC statement: Killing of Ahmadis in Pakistan a Shocking Crime Against Humanity 5/10

MPAC Condemns Michigan Militia Plot & Attacks on Moscow Subway 3/10

Moscow Conference Against Terrorism (Russia) 250 leaders signed statement against terrorism 6/04

Muslim Brotherhood an opposition Islamist group (Egypt) against 9/11 attack 9/01

Muslim American Society  (MAS)  - against 9/11 (U.S.)

Muslim American Society MAS Freedom Welcomes Saudi King’s Pardon of ‘Qatif Girl’ But Reiterates the Need for Change in Saudi Arabia 12/07

Muslim Arab Youth Association  (MAYA) - against 9/11 (U.S.)

Muslim Alliance of North America  (MANA) - against 9/11 (U.S.)

Muslim Council of Britaincondemns lunatic fringe 9/01 and [2]

Muslim Doctors and Dentists Assoc. of UK - Statement on UK Bombings

Muslim Intellectual Forum of India Condemns Attack on Taslima Nasreen 8/07

Muslim Public Affairs Council (U.S.) condemns London bombing 7/05

Muslim scholars condemn beheading of Nicholas Berg

Muslim Student Organization MSA (U.S.) Condemns London Bombings 7/05

Muslim Student Association (MSA), Islamic Association for Palestine  (IAP) - against 9/11 (U.S.)]

Muslim Brotherhood an opposition Islamist group (Egypt) against 9/11 attack 9/01

Muslim Women’s League - against female genital mutilation - against violence against women - condemning ‘honor’ killing in Pakistan - condemning Kidnapping of Jill Carroll - condemning burning of churches in Nigeria - numerous other statements

Organization of the Islamic Conference Foreign Ministers  against 9/11 attack 10/01

Organization of the Islamic Conference Summit OIC Conference  against 9/11 attack 12/01

OIC Conference Makkah Declaration on Iraq situation - houses of worship, sunni shia violence, 11/06

Pakistan-American Congress condemns bombing in Pakistan 4/06

Muslim Council of Britain organizes rally against extremism 2/2006

Philippines - Muslims of Mindanao issue statement against those who threatened the bishop of Basilan 7/08

Saudi  scholars define what is Jihad and what is terrorism

Scholars Taskforce Against Terrorism (Indonesia) religious scholars   fatwa against terrorism and public education 11/05

Shia Personal Law Board in India Calls for Anti-‘Terror’ Campaign, passes resolution condemning terrorism 11/05

South African Muslim Scholars statement condemning anti-Semitism and Judeophobia.  1/09

Sunni Muslim Groups in Iraq Condemn Kidnapping 

Sunni Shia Dialogue to Save Lives - RESOLUTION of the Shia-Sunni Dialogue To Save Lives

United Association for Studies and Research (UASR) - against 9/11 (U.S.)

United Muslim Americans Association (UMAA) - against 9/11 (U.S.)

U.S. Imams Say Iraq Hostage-Takers Violate Islamic Beliefs 2004

World Muslim Congress American Muslims Condemn the London Plot

World Muslim Congress condemns the demolition of Hindu Temple in Lahore 6/06


Alexandria Process Muslim Peace Conference in Cairo 1/04

American Muslims hold 9/11 vigil at nation’s capitol 9/03  

American Muslims rally against terrorism in Dallas, Texas  

American Muslimrally against terrorism in Antelope Valley California 7/03

American Muslim anti-terror rally in Washington D.C. 5/05

American Muslim anti-terror rally in Phoenix, Arizona4/04

American Muslim conference on “Muslim Peacebuilding, Justice and Interfaith dialogue” Washington, D.C. 4/06

American Muslims Against Terrorism Conference in Washington, D.C. 10/04

Australian Muslims for Peace participate in anti-war rally 3/04

British Muslim rally against terrorism & extremism 2/06

British Muslim Rally for religious freedom and harmony between faiths 11/06

British Muslim Peace Rally 12/05

Cairo Peace Process Conference 11/05

Center for Global Peace Islam and Peace Conference 2/98

Egyptians march against terrorism

Iraqi rally against terrorism7/05

Islam in a Pluralistic World Conference in Vienna 11/05

Muslim Cultural Heritage Peace Conference, Rhode Island 7/02

Muslim Parliament of Great Britain conference “Causes and Hopes for a Peaceful Settlement in the Middle East’” London 10/06

9/11 Interfaith Unity Walk

Peace Conference in Jordan 5/05

Philippines 30,000 Muslims & Christians march for peace in Mindanao

Qataris demonstrate against terrorism

Ranks of Muslims in U.S. grow

National and Regional Muslim Organizations are members of many interfaith and peace organizations and efforts such as:

Children of Abraham Detroit
Children of Abraham national
Coalition for Peace Action
Council for a Parliament of the Worlds Religions
Elijah Interfaith Institute
Fellowship of Reconciliation
Interfaith Partnership of Metro St. Louis
Center of Christian-Muslim Engagement for Peace and Justice
International Center for Religion and Diplomacy
International Women’s Peace Conference
Maryland Jews and Muslims pledge peace
Midwest Catholic-Muslim Dialogue
NCC Interfaith Relations Council
New Mexico Muslim-Jewish Peace Walk 9/04
Pluralism Project at Harvard University
Religions for Peace, USA
Salam Institute for Peace and Justice
United Religions Initiative
World Conference of Religions for Peace
World Council of churches Muslim-Christian Dialogue
World Interfaith Congress
Universal Peace Federation
The Glocal Forum
Striving Together in Dialogue, A Muslim-Christian Call to Reflection and Action with NCC
World Faiths Development Dialogue
Fundacion Cultura de Paz

Muslim organizational leadership has participated in many International Conferences:

Abu Dhabi Conference 2004
Amman Conference 2005
Australian Peace and Harmony Conference 10/05
Building World Peace: The Role of Religions and Human Rights, International Conference, Canada 10-06
Children of Abraham Peace Confernce Paris 6/04
International Women’s Peace Conference Texas 7/07
Regional Peace and Harmony Conference, Sydney, Australia 10/05
Religions for Peace Conference Kyoto 2006
Religions Denounce Terrorism, Turkey 2003
A Muslim-Christian Call to Reflection and Action and Dialogue Geneva 2001

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