Muslim Voices Against Extremism and Terrorism - Part III - Statements & Articles by Individuals

Muslim Voices Against Extremism and Terrorism - Part III Statements & Articles by Individuals

compiled by Sheila Musaji

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- Part I Fatwas and formal statements by Muslim scholars and organizations.
- Statements by Organizations (has now been included in Part I)
- Part III Statements and Articles by Individuals (see also power point presentations)
- Part IV A Few Quotes A-K, and A Few Quotes L-Z
- Part V The Muslim Majority Who Don’t Get Publicity (see also power point presentation)
- Muslims and Arabs in the U.S. Military
- Selective Hearing of Muslim Voices Against Extremism
- Sunni Shia Unity Resource - collection of articles
- Muslim Voices Promoting Islamic Non Violent Solutions NEW 4/08


Abdullah, Aslam Anatomy of Violence 6/05 -  Abdullah, Aslam Letter to Al Qaeda: Kill Us Too, We Are Also Americans -  Abdullah, Aslam Whither Muslims? 2/06 -  Abdullah, Aslam, In Whose Name Do Suicide Bombers Kill? - Abdullah, Aslam - Anatomy of Violence

Abu-Nimer, Muhammad  - Values of Peacebuilding and Non-Violence in Islam.

Afflito, Frank M. – A Condemnation of Al Qaeda 9/02

Asma Afsaruddin Tolerance and Diversity in Islam

Ahmad, Dr. Imad ad-Deen  - Islam Demands a Muslim Response to 9/11 (U.S.) 8/02

Ahmed, Parvez, Islam has no ties to terrorism 7/07 - American Muslims and “Integration”  Parvez Ahmed  -  Parvez Ahmed  Homegrown Radicals: Complacency is not an Option

Akhter, Javeed  - Does Islam Promote Violence? (U.S.) 8/02

Alawan, Raad - Can One Friendship Save The World?

Ali, Syed Mumtaz - against terrorism (Canada) 9/01

Al-Rashed, Imam Abdel Rahman  - Innocent Religion Is Now a Message of Hate

Alam, M. Shahid - Dialectics of Terror

Ali, Muhammad – condemns 9/11 attacks

Salam al-Marayati Fort Hood:  A Defining Moment for Muslim Americans

Al-Rashed, Abdul Rahman Generalizing the Islamic Label

Sayid Imam al-Sharif - former terrorist writes refutation based on Islam of former position as an al Qaeda member

Amanullah, Shahed Massacre in Ossetia, How Did It Come to This? - Amanullah, shahed A Murder in Saudi, It’s our Problem Too -  Amanullah, Shahed The Extremists Among Us -  Shahed Amanullah In the wake of shame reject the extremists among us - Shahed Amanullah condemnations are not enough for honor killings -  Shahed Amanullah  Confronting Online Radicalization of Muslim Youth

Amjad, Moiz, Refutation of Bin Laden’s fatwa

Arab and Muslim reactions to Beslan massacre

Arjomand, Said Can Rational Analysis Break a Taboo?

Asmal, Abdul Cader - Bin Ladenism, the Heresy That Must Be Exposed 3/06 - Abdul Cader Asmal  That Muslims and Jews Coexist Is Not an Option - It Is An Imperative

Athar, Dr. Shahed We Must Love Others To Be Loved By God

Azam, Hina Terrorism, A Return to Jahiliyya 8/05

Aziz, Harris (U.S.) against Anti-Semitism Amongst Muslims 3/06

Badawi, Jamal - Bin Laden’s view of jihad not Islamic

Badawi, Zaki  - Terrorism has no place in Islam,” (Britain) 9/01

Baig, Khaled What Does Islam Teach About Justice?

Bakkar-Poe, Aisha, U.S. Marine Corps Capt. - “Those terrorists must be reading a completely different Quran than the rest of us.  This isn’t about Islam. It’s about terrorism.” 

Barlas, Asma Interpretation and Exceptionalism

Beg, Mirza - Islam does not condone gangsters

Benhabib, Seyla Unholy Politics

Yahya Birt  Between Nation and Umma: Muslim Loyalty in a Globalizing World
Brown, Yasmine Alibhai Chechen Case Is Now Poisoned

Cajee, Mas’ood - Hope, Not Hate: On the future of Western-Muslim World Relations

Cornell, Vincent Jihad, Islam’s Struggle for Truth

Crane, Dr. Robert D. - Hudna or Apocalypse: A Tipping Point for Palestine? - Crane, Dr. Robert D. - Hudna: Those who live by the sword will die by it -  Crane, Dr. Robert Islam, Terrorism, and the Separation of Church and State -  Crane, Dr. Robert D. The Analogical Bird of Abu Nur -  Crane, Dr. Robert D. Counter-Terrorism 201 3/05 -  Crane, Dr. Robert D. Religious Extremism 9/02 -  Crane, Dr. Robert D. Waging Jihad Against Muslims Who Hijack Islam 7/06 -  Crane, Dr. Robert D. Taproot to Terrorism 6/05 -  Crane, Dr. Robert D. - Economic Justice: A Cure for Terrorism -  Crane, Dr. Robert D. The Mission of Imams in America: Marginalizing Extremists by Revealing the Real Truth About Muhammad 6/07

Darwish, Mahmoud  - Nothing Justifies Terrorism

Diab, Khaled - A Song for the Deaf

Dixon, Richard L – Not In My Name

Shirin Ebadi protests amputation punishment in Iran

El Amin, Imam Plemon - A Muslim Voice Against Terrorism

El Fadl,Khaled Abou-Islam and the Theology of Power – against terrorism 0/04 -  El Fadl, Khaled Abou – Terrorism is at odds with Islamic tradition 8/01

Karim El-Gawhary, Taking a Stand against Terror with Crucifix and Koran

Elmasry, Mohamed – Does the Qur’an Sanction Violence? 9/02 -  Elmasry, Mohammad – Jihad Means Waging Peace and Justice

Engineer, Dr. Ali Asghar Fundamentalism and Extremism

Faroutan, Naika - A Dialogue of the Cultures Instead of the Clash of Civilisations

Gatto, Omar  - Bizarro Ummah

Hajoo, Imam Jamil Abdul (U.S.) - Terrorism not a doorway to heaven 9/01

Hai, Iftekhar - Building Bridges and Interfaith Harmony - India-Pakistan Trip Report

Hassaballa, Hesham (U.S.) On multi culturalism - Hassaballa, Dr. Hesham A. - My Perpetual Condemnation -  Hassaballa, Hesham, Going After the Devil (results of PEW poll) 5/07 -  Hassaballa, Hesham - Violence Extinguishes the Light of Islam -  Hassaballa, Hesham And the Difference Is ...? 7/05 -  Hassaballa, Dr. Hesham - Are We Really supposed to Kill All the Infidels?  - Hassaballa, Dr. Hesham From Uhud to Beslan -  Hassaballa, Dr. Hesham - Are We Really supposed to Kill All the Infidels?  -  Hassaballa, Dr. Hesham – Do Not Let Hatred Drive You to Injustice - Hassaballa, Dr. Hesham Muslim Terrorists: Ultimate Betrayal -  Dr. Hesham Hassaballa  Violence Extinguishes the Light of Islam

Hasan, Jehanzeb - Confronting the Monolith: The Struggle Against Islamophobia and Osamaism

Hasan, Khalid Hijackers of Islam

Hassan, Usama Great Britain - What Islam really says about violence, human rights, and other religions 7/07

Hathout, Dr. Maher Calling on the Ulema -  Hathout, Maher  ‘Terrorism is the lousiest shortcut to failure’  -  Hathout, Maher The Suicide Culture and Islam

Helminski, Sheikh Kabir  - Dialogue of Civilizations and Globalization of Spirit

Henzell-Thomas, Jeremy  - Islamic or Muslim Terrorism or Extremism: a Contradiction in Terms

Hooper, Ibraham (US) American Muslims Denounce Terrorism

Ibrahim, Anwar (Malaysia)

Iftikhar, Arsalan Devoted to My Faith and Country

Imtiaz, S.M. Events of September 11th

Islam, Yusuf (Britain)

Jackson, Dr. Sherman - Jihad and the Modern World [2] what does Islam say about violence, apostasy, and women’s rights

Janmohammed, Shelina Zahra - Not in My Name - Saudi Rape Case

Kahf, Mohja - Make Holiday Cheer, not Holiday Wars!

Kassim, Abubakar Extremism Is a Deadly Disease

Keller, Nu Ha Meem  (U.S.)

Khaki, Jawad Interfaith Forum on Islam and Terrorism

Khan, Liaqat Ali  - Morality, Terrorism, and the Laws of Motion - 
Liaquat Ali Khan - Perfidy of Pakistani Rulers

Khan, Ali - Attack on America: An Islamic Perspective (U.S.)

Khan, Badshah A Pacifist Uncovered

Khan, Muqtedar & Esposito, John The Threat of Internal Extremism -  Khan, Muqtedar  (U.S.) On Muslim taxi drivers refusal to carry passengers with alcohol - Khan, Muqtedar - Memo to bin Laden 2/03 - Khan, Muqtedar  - A memo to American Muslims - Khan, Muqtedar  - Muslims Must Develop an Intolerance for Intolerance - Muqtedar Khan  Case for an American Muslim Identity

Khan, Faiz  - Aftermath at Ground Zero

Mahathir, Malaysian PM Condemns Attacks on Civilians

Mamood, Imam Sahib (U.S.) - Islam Under Attack 9/02

Manzoor, Dr. S. Parvez  (Sweden) - Against the Nihilism of Terror - Manzoor, Dr. S. Parvez  (Sweden)

Maqsood, Ruquaiyah Waris On the Hijacking of Islam

Mattson, Ingrid Faith, Justice, and Terrorism -  Mattson, Ingrid  - American Muslims Have a ‘Special Obligation’ (U.S.) 10/01 - Mattson, Ingrid A Response to the Pew study on American Muslim Attitudes 5/07
Marwat, Dr Fazal-ur-Rahim  - Remembering Abdul Ghaffar Khan: a Nonviolent Soldier

Memon, Kamran Can Only Muslims Be Terrorists

Minai, Ali Ahmed - A Time for Renewal (U.S.) 9/02

Motiar, Ahmed  – The Real Meaning of Jihad

Muhaiyaddeen, Asma’el - An Open Letter to America and the World

Muhammad, Maulana Shafayat - Condemns call for holy war (U.S.) 10/01

Mujahid, Imam Abdul Malik - Treating Christmas with Respect

Mulkhan, Abdul Muneer Indonesia - What Islam really says about violence, human rights, and other religions

Musaji, Sheila (U.S.)  Statement on the Tragedy of September 11th - Musaji, Sheila Religious Terrorism Is An Oxymoron -  Musaji, Sheila A Spiritual Jihad Against Terrorism - Part I to V -  Musaji, Sheila Sunni Shia Unity - Musaji, Sheila Muslim Voices Against Terrorism Drowned in Clash of Civilizations Static - Musaji, Sheila (U.S.) Muslim Reactions to September 11th and Terrorism - Musaji, Sheila (U.S.) Statement on September 11th - Musaji, Sheila Religious Terrorism Is an Oxymoron -
Musaji, Sheila - The Death of Aqsa Parvez Should Be an Interfaith Call to Action - Sheila Musaji Protecting Houses of Worship a Duty for Muslims - Sheila MusajiA defense of free speech by American and Canadian Muslims - Sheila Musaji, Thank God Someone Is Listening to Us - Terrorism Is Not Jihad

MUSLIM VOICES promoting peaceful non-violent solutions, TAM article collection

Muwakkil, Salim Faith Based Violence and Religious Zealotry

Muzaffar, Chandra  - Hegemony and Civilizational Dialogue

Nadvi, Lubna - An Open Letter to Muslim Extremists Who Kill In Our Name

Nahdi, Fuad Bringing Back Real Islam

Noor, Farish A. - Do Malaysian Muslims understand what ‘Allah’ means?

Noor, Farish  - Malaysia’s Efforts at Countering Terrorism (Malaysia) 9/02 - Noor, Farish Jihad in Islamist Political Discourse - Noor, Farish A. - Bhutto Assassination:  Muslim Governments Must Stop Playing with Fire - Noor, Dr. Farish A Brutal Murder

Olajuwon, Hakeem – condemns 9/11 attack

Omar, A. Rashied  - A Muslims Anguish in the Midst of the Attack on America 9/02

Pickthal, Muhammad  - Tolerance in Islam (Britain)

Poonawalla, Aziz  - Bin Laden’s Fatwa, A Call to Harabah 2/03

Tahirul Qadri, who heads the Pakistani Awami Tehrik Party denounces bin Laden 10/01

Quraishi, Asifa - “Her Honor: An Islamic Critique of the Rape Laws of Pakistan from a Woman-Sensitive Perspective”

Rahman, Mushfiqur  - From a Conflicting Past to a Future of Tolerance

Ramadan, Tariq Living Together Takes Effort - [2] What does Islam say about violence, human rights and other religions -  Ramadan, Tariq - Muslims and Anti-Semitsm 7/07

Rahim, Hassan Zillur (U.S.) - American Muslims Struggle for the Soul of Islam 6/02

Rashid, Shaykh Ahmed Abdur  - Letter on the Events of September 11th (U.S.) 8/02

Rehman, Mahbubur - Beware of Injustice, It’s Hell

Ricci, Omar  - An American Muslim Prayer to Remember September 11th (U.S.) 8/02

Sabra, Khalila - Hajj, Saudi Arabia, Rape, & Prayer: A Muslim Feminist Outcry

Sachedina, Dr. Abdulaziz  - Where Was God on September 11th (U.S.)

Saeed, Dr. Agha  - against 9/11 (U.S.)

Saeed, Azzam Finding Good in Evil

Safi, Louay - Beyond the condemnation of terrorism - Safi, Louay - Islam, World Peace and the Terrorism Discourse - Louay Safi -  The Creative Mission of Muslim Minorities in the West: Synthesizing the Ethos of Islam and Modernity - Louay Safi Apostasy and religious freedom

Sardar, Ziauddin  9/01 (Britain)  -  Sardar, Ziauddin When the Innocent Are Murdered We All Go Into the Dark With them  

Schleifer, S. Abdullah (Egypt) Confronting Our Own Demons 1/06

Sehgal, Ikram – 9/11 a Dastardly Act 9/01

Shahabuddin, Syed  - “Global war against terrorism – the Islamic dimension,” 11/01

Siddiqui, editor of Crescent International  (Britain) - against terrorism 2/02

Siddiqui, Habib When Criminals and Demons Rule Our World 8/06

Sohail, Dr. Khaled - Fundamentalism and violence

Squires, Abdur Rahman  - Monkey See, Monkey Do, Not an Islamic Ideal

Sullivan, Antony  - Terrorism, Jihad and the Struggle for New Understandings (Britain) 12/02

Shaheen, Sultan-Jihadism is Kufr, Not Islam (Pakistan) 12/99 Siddiqui, Abdul-Hamid – What Islam Actually Says About Killing Innocents  

Syed, Ibrahim Is Killing an Apostate in the Islamic Law?

Talal, Prince Denounces London Attacks

Talaat, Ahmed - Islam: The Hijacked Faith?

Wahaj, Imam Siraj – Violence against innocents violates Islamic Law 9/01

Wolfe, Michael  - As the Smoke Begins to Clear (U.S.) 12/02

Wahid, Kyai Haji Abdurrahman Former President (Indonesia) speaks against terrorism

Yahya, Harun (Adnan Okhtar) (Turkey - Yahya, Harun – Murdering innocent people in the name of religion is wrong


See also:

CBS’s 60 Minutes interview on Sept 30, 2001 between Ed Bradley and Shaykh Hamza Yusuf, Imam Siraj Wahaj, Dr. Farid Esack, Imam Faisal Abdur Rauf, Vali Nasir

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