Muslim Charities - collection of articles

al Haramain Foundation 

American Muslim Charities Easy Targets in War on Terror

American Muslims Demand Release of Zakat Funds 

Charities to Contest U.S. Terrorism Screening Requirement

Commission Finds Muslim Charities Shut Down Without Cause

Court Won’t Hear Muslim Charity Appeal

Curbs on Muslim Charities Seen as Double Standard

Double Standard - for a view of a Double Standard see American Tax Shelter for Israeli War Criminal 

HOLY LAND FOUNDATION The HLF is No JDL, Yousef al Yousef, 

Holy Land Foundation Says FBI Falsified Evidence

Holy Land Foundation Officials Indicted

KINDER USA Suspends Activities

List of Charities Being Probed

Muslim Charities and Religious Freedom

Muslim Charities Facing a Climate of Fear

Muslim Charity Says Volunteer Wrongly Charged

Muslim Groups IRS Files Sought

Muslims in Charity Quandry

New Membership Group Will Set Standards for Islamic Charities

Picking on U.S. Muslims

Senate Probe of Muslim Charities 

Senators Request Tax Information

Three Muslim Charities Ordered to Pay $156 Million to Parents of Boy Killed in Jerusalem Bombing

U.S. Blacklists 27 Muslim Charities 

U.S. Islamic Charities in Trouble

U.S. Muslim Charities Complain of Witchhunt

U.S. Rejects Muslim Pleas for Approved Charities 

U.S. Treasury Appoints Advisor on Islamic Finance 

USA Today Admits False Reporting Against Global Relief Foundation