Mujahid, Abdul Malik

ABDUL MALIK MUJAHID, is the President and Director of Sound Vision Foundation Inc. Award-winning author and producer, he is an Imam in the Chicago area. A graduate of Darul Uloom Shah Waliullah in Islamic Studies and the University of Chicago in Political Science, he has learned television production as director and producer at the Chicago Access Corporation. He is the producer of Sound Visions programs. He was also responsible for the concept and design of Al-Qari, one of Sound VisionҒs bestselling multimedia software. Dr. Mujahid has served as the national president of the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) as well as the National Coordinator of Bosnia Task Force, USA. It was in the latter capacity that he initiated the formation of the Islamic Shura Council of North America. He also serves as National Coordinator of Kosova Task Force, USA, an alliance of 15 national organizations of Muslims in America.