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ISLAMOPHOBIA: Media, Propaganda & Perception - article collection

updated 12/08

64 Journalists Killed in 2003
100 Years of Anti-Muslim and Anti-Arab Stereotyping, Mazin B. Qumsiyeh, 
A Dark Storm Cloud Is Looming Over the Future of American Media
A Devil Theory of Islam, Edward Said
A License for Power, Paul Starr
A Nasty Taste of Bigotry, Ali John Comegys,
Adham Center for Television Journalism
Al Jazeera Not Able to Gain U.S. Distribution
Alladin film
Ayaan Hirsi Ali - One side of the story
American Newspaper Coverage of Islam Post –September 11, 2001: A Community Structure Approach
The American Media, Islam and Arabs
The American Media and Islam:  A Journalists Opinion, Ron Smith
The American Muslim and Islamist Intentions for the U.S., Daniel Pipes
An Analysis of Anti-Islamic Polemics, Dr. Habib Siddiqui
Anti-Muslim Rhetoric Undercuts Moderates, Salam al Marayati
Arab Images in Movies Matter
Arab Stereotypes & American Educators, Marvin Wingfield & Bushra Karaman,
Arab Images in Movies Matter,
Arabs and Muslims Are Victims of Anti-Semitism, James Zogbyǧion=0&article=44346&d=5&m=5&y=2004
Army Halts Media Campaign, Brian Bender
Ask No Questions
The assault against the Arab/Islamic media, Ray Hanania
The Asymmetrical Rhetoric of War and Peace, Gary North
Assuming the Right to Intervene, Norman Solomon
Attitudes of Ignorance, Parvez Ahmed
AUDIO: Media Misrepresentation of Islam and Muslims
Awful Truth, Russell Baker
BBC Accused of Inciting Attacks Against Muslims
Beware of new wave of anti-Muslim feeling, Rev. Alex Awad
Beyond the Myth of Objectivity, Jay Davis
Big Lies, Joe Conason
Big Media, Bill Moyers
Bridges TV, American Muslim Television Goes National
British Media Portrayals of Muslims, William Conte, 
Bush Helps CBS, CBS Helps Bush
Bush Cartel Ministry of Propaganda
Bush Doublespeak, Ruth Rosen
Bush Speak: A Weapon of Mass Destruction, John Goldammer
Bush Turns Increasingly to Language of Religion, David L. Greene,
Bush’s Speech on Arab TV
Can America Spin Away Anti-U.S. Hatred in Islamic Countries?, Ivan Eland
Cartoon Furore Sparks Media Debate on Freedom of Speech
Character Myth, Renana Brooks
Challenging Ignorance on Islam: A Ten-Point Primer for Americans, Gary Leupp
Clarity Media Group Pulls Anti-Palestinian Ad
Clarke and the Media Failures of 9-11
The Clear Channel Controversy, One Year On (Why Howard Sterns Woes Are Your Woes, Too), Maureen Farrell
CNN and the Truth
Common Sense and Memes, Leon Felkins
Common Western Stereotypes About Islam and the Middle East
Corporate Propaganda Machine, Mick Youther
Communicating For Justice
Conflict of Interest Corrupting the Washington Post
Confronting Religious Intolerance, Ali Asani,
Conservative Bias, Michael Arvey 
Corporate Propaganda Machine
Cost of Casual Racism, Rodger Mitton,
Countering Islamophobia
PAUL COURTRIGHT & BOOK ON GANESHA - Professor Receives Death Threats in Response to Book  -Book Insults Elephant God Angry Hindus Say
-Prof. Courtright Responds
Coverage of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict
Covering Conflict: How the News Media Handles Ethnic Controversy, Ira Rifkin
Dance of Deception James Wall
Dangers of stereotyping
Dark Mirror of Islam, Richard Webster
Decoding the language of social control
Detecting Disinformation, Gregory Sinaisky
The Dehumanization of American Muslims, Tariq Nelson
Disinformation Campaign, Phillip Knightly,4273,4270014,00.html
Distorted images of Islam, Carl Ernst
Domination Effect, David Miller
Dog Bites Man Newsworthy Too
The Dumbest Story Ever Written, John Chuckman
Edward R. Murrow’s Speech on Media 1958
Effects of Religious Stereotyping, Chana Schonberg
Effect of U.S. Media on Perceptions of Islam and Muslims
Empire, war, and propaganda, John Pilger
etymology of the Word God
Europe Cringes at Bush “Crusade” Against Terrorists, Peter Ford,
Ex BBC Chief Accuses British Government of Intimidation
Explosively false propaganda on Middle East,  Muhammad Sahimi
Faux Journalism Is the White House’s New Ally, Frank Rich
Fake news stories on American TV
FCC’s Indecency Witchhunt
Fiction Hits Home
Film Industry Observations, John W. Cones,

FILM “The Stone Merchant”
FILM “Aladdin”
FILM “Fahrenheit 9/11” Michael Moore is Ready for His Close Up
- Christianity Today Review
- Less is Moore
FILM “Sum of All Fears”,
FILM “Rules of Engagement”,
FILM “Executive Decision”,
FILM “The Siege”,  AND
FILM:  “Islamic Mein Kampf” produced by the David Horowitz Foundation - absolute propoganda - threatening music - extremist quotes - superimposing photos of nazi’s and nazi symbols with Muslim and Islamic, comparing Ahmadinejad and Hitler
FILM:  “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War With the West” produced by Aish Ha Torah - our regularly updated article on this film at - another nasty propoganda film
FILM:  “True Lies”

Fine Art of Propaganda
Fog of War Talk
Forget Reds Under the Bed, There’s Arabs in the Attic, Hamid Dabashi
From Theological Rivalry to Creation of the Other, Ibrahim Kalin
Foe isn’t Islam, it’s Binladenism, Abdul Cader Asmal
Fog of War Still Hasn’t Lifted
Free Press: A Comforting Myth

-Aljazeera under Fire in Faluja
-Lesson of Free Speech Lost As U.S. Closes Iraqi Paper
-U.S. Wants Al Jazeera Out of Faluja

Freedom as Ideology and Counterfeit Coinage: Why We Must Attend to the Meaning of Words, Jeremy henzell-Thomas
Future of Al Jazeera
Brigitte Gabriel
Gulf Media Mood, Abdallah Schleiffer
Hate and the Haters Who Spread It
Hate speech, propaganda alive and thriving, Scott Richard Lyons
Helen Thomas on the Media and the Iraq War
Hollywood updates history of Battle of Britain: Tom Cruise won it all on his own
Hollywood stereotypes
How M16 Sold the Iraq War, Nicholas Rufford
How to create an enemy, Deepak Chopra
How You Can Tell When a Politician Is Lying, leon Felkins
How Islam Bashing Got Cool, Deborah Caldwell
How Media Forms Perceptions, Tayyibah Taylor,
How Muhammad Migrated to America, Omar al Qattan
How the NewsHour Changed History, Norman Solomon
How Violent Myths Resurface, Walter Wink
Human Rights Are As Important As Ever, Mary Robinson,
HUMOR: Media Slant
If Hutus and Tutsis Were Muslim - the Media Would Say So
Ignorance Fuels Hatred of Muslim, Charles Haynes,
In A Hall of Mirrors, Brian Keefer
Incitement to Violence,,1924197,00.html
Information Warfare in Miami
Information and Its Counterfeits: Propaganda, Misinformation and Disinformation
Information Warfare, Ilyse Hogue
Intellectual Thoroughness of Three-Year-Olds: The Crisis of Critical Inquiry, Pamela Taylor
Interview with “Framing” Expert Professor George Lakoff
International Concern Over Jailed Journalist in Iran
Iran, a chronology of disinformation, Gary Leupp
Iran badge story, how lies become news
Is All This Hatred Really Necessary?, Raff Ellis
Is Islam Endangering ‘Europeanness’?
Is America Watching a Different War?
Islam and the Western media, Bassil Akel
Islam in the Media: Neo-Orientalizing Images, Sonja Hegasy
Islam in the age of Western media, Akbar Ahmed
Islam In The Western Media, Bashy Quraishi
Islam, Muslims & the Media, Sound Vision,
Islam as Other, Jay Kinney, 
Islam and Christianity: Diatribe or Dialogue? Ismail al Faruqi,
Islam Through Western Eyes, Edward Said
Islamic Fascists?, Sheila Musaji
Islamic or Muslim Terrorism and Extremism: Are they all Contradictions in Terms?, Jeremy Henzell-Thomas
Islamaphobia: the West’s Neo-Fascism?
Islamophobia: Acceptable Face of Anti-Semitism
Islamophobia in the Media Since September 11th, Christopher Allen
Islamaphobia On the Rise Everywhere
Islamophobia, Panic and Public Media,_Panic_and.html
Islamophobia, real or imagined (TAM article collection)
Islamophobia Spreading Far and Wide
On propoganda and Islamophobia, Abukar Arman
Islamophobia and the media
Israel, Racism, and the Canadian Media
It’s Not Jihad, It’s Unholy Hirabah, Jim Guirard Daniel Pipes has built a career as a professionalӔ expert on Islam and Muslims.  Irfan Khwaja in Daniel Pipes: Both Right and Wrong
It’s the Media Stupid, Guy Reel
It’s the Media Stupid, Ramzy Baroud It’s the Media Stupid, Ramzy Baroud 
Journalists Find Many Ways to Kill Truth in Iraq
Journalists Under Threat
keynote Address to National Conference on Media Reform, Bill Moyers
Koppell’s Cajones
LABELS -Moderate-Liberal-Secular-Progressive-Fundamentalist-Militant-Reconstructionist-Wahabi-Salafi
Language and Meaning
Language of Control, Michael Arvey
Language of Islamaphobia, Jeremy Henzell-Thomas,
Lessons in How to Lie About Iraq, Brian Eno,9115,1020528,00.html
Liberals Suck at Sales, Mike Bryan
Linguistic Literalism of Four Year-Olds: Muslims Missing the Point, Pamela Taylor
Liberal Signs of Life, Eric Alterman
Liberalize the Media
License for Power, Paul Starr
Made for TV Presidency, Colleen Redman
Making Islamophobia Mainstream, By Steve Rendall and Isabel Macdonald
Matrix of Ignorance, Gary Leupp
Mainstream Media Fails Itself, Peter Phillips
Malevolent Media, Beth Connover
Manufacturing Consent : The Political Economy of the Mass Media,  Edward Herman & Noam Chomsky
Manufacturing the News: A Report on Thomas Friedman, John Paul Jones
Maturing Media
Media and Islamophobia
Media and the Muslims, Abul Kalam
The Media and Muslims,
Media Asked Not to Call Miami Terror Suspects ‘Muslims’
Media Bias in Coverage of Israel and Palestine
Media Bias in Coverage of Violence in Indonesia
Media Bias Is Alive and Well, Khalaf al Habtoon,
Media Bias Fosters Bigotry, Parvez Ahmed,0,1299331.story?coll=sfla-news-opinion
Media coverage of Muslims and Islam still open to criticism, Jennifer Hoewe
Media Coverage of Religion, Jeff Cohen
Media coverage of Serbian Belgrade Embassy attack an example of selective religious identification, Sheila Musaji
Media Covers Israeli Deaths, Covers Up Palestinian Deaths
Media Double Standards: Isn’t Killing Arabs a Massacre?
Media Has Anti Muslim Bias,14173,1642321,00.html
Media Language and War: Manufacturing Convenient Realities, Ramzy Baroud
Media Representation of Islam and Muslim Women
Media Report Card: Israel/Palestine Reporting
Media Research Center
Media Terrorists
Media: the Most Powerful Weapon in the World
Media War on Islam
The Medias Islamic Blind Spot
The media’s role in demonizing Muslim men and women, Asma T. Uddin
Media’s Obligation in Debunking Myths
Mediating Islam and a mediated Islam by Dr. Farish A. Noor 
Media War Comes Home
Memetics and Society
Memetics of Transhumanism
Memories of Crusades Live On in Today’s War, Arthur Jones
Middle East Worst Region for Press Freedom, Marianne Stigset
Mighty Windbags, David Brock
Misleading America, Shaun Waterman
Mimetic Theory and Ethnic Conflict
Misleading a Nervous America to the Wrong Conclusion
Misreading Islam, Michael Hersch
Misreporting Muslims, Mehdi Hasan
Muhammad Was a Terrorist?, Juan Cole,
Muslim Film Festival Opens a Window on Muslim World
The Muslims Are Here! The Muslims Are Here!, Sheila Musaji
Muslims Shaping Own Image in the Media
Myths Debunked: The Liberal Media
The Nature of Evil and Mimetic Warfare Against Islam: “Gnosticism” and “Traditionalism” as Weapons, Dr. Robert D. Crane
New Media Company Focuses on Producing Top Quality Muslim and Diversity Content for TV and Film
The Next Holocaust, Ziauddin Sardar
Not Fearing the Blame, Khalid Baig,
On the Iraq War, the Press Failed the Public
On the Rhetoric of the War on Terrorism, Kyle Fedler
Only Dictators Ban Television News
Outrage at Administration Lying Misses a Crucial Point
Overblown threat, fear, and Islamophobia
Oxymorons in the News Media, Enver Masud
Palestinian Deaths Aren’t Headline Material at NY Times
The Paranoid and Abhorrent Obsession with Muslims in the Media, Jeremy Henzell-Thomas
Political Airbrush, Bridget Gibson
Political Duplicity, Leon Felkins
Political Memes
Press and the Myths of War, Chris Hedges
Press and Private Lynch
Press and the Myths of War
Propaganda and War, Edward Said
Propaganda disguised as journalism, John Pilger
Protocols of the Elders of Islam
Relativism and the Constructive Aspects of Perception,
Resist the Official Pol-speak of Bush’s ‘War on Terror’, Simon Tisdall
Rewriting History to Fit the Agenda
Reel Bad Arabs, Interview With Jack Shaheen,
Religious Texts: Why A Different Yardstick for Muslims?, Dr. Habib Siddiqui
Report Shows Media Bias to Islam,14173,1642321,00.html
Rogue By Any Other Name: The Adjustable Language of Foreign Policy, Mark Strauss
Roots of the West’s Fear of Islam, Edward Said
Roots of Misconception: Euro-American Perceptions of Islam Before and After 9/11 - INTRODUCTION, Ibrahim Kalin
- Roots of Misconception: The Legacy of Orientalism and the American Context: Islam as the Otherђ of America?
- Roots of Misconception: From Theological Rivalry to Cultural Differentiation: Perceptions of Islam During the Middle Ages
- Roots of Misconception: The 19th Century Perceptions of Islam: From the Pilgrim to the Orientalist
Rules of Disinformation
Rules for Reporting Islam
-Blasphemy, Salman Rushdie and Freedom of Expression
see also topic “Answers to Some Questions non-Muslims Ask” at
Scarf versus Disappeared - Media Double Standards, Sheila Musaji
Semantics of Empire, M. Shahid Alam
Sleeper Cell TV Drama Awakens Fears in American Muslims
Soul Searching Time in the American Media
The special pair of spectacles, Shahzad Aziz
Speech Misheard Around the World, Orlando Patterson
Spinning the Past, Threatening the Future, Norman Solomon
State of Muslim Media, Sound Vision,
State of News Media 2004
Stereotyping and Misunderstanding in Hollywood Islam
Stereotypes of Muslims as Other, Farish Noor,
Stop the Madness
Strategy of Lies, Gar Smith
Struggling Against Stereotypes,
Stunning Victory in Propaganda War
Systematically Applying the Language of Racism to Dehumanize the Palestinians, Hanan Ashrawi,
Tackling Misconceptions of Islam, Brett Martin,
Taking sides: Professional Opinions Diverge on Depth, Slant, Accuracy of News Reports from Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Tom Kisken
Terms of Engagement, Eric Margolis
Terrorism: A World Ensnared By a Word, John Whitbeck
This Is Your Brain on Propaganda, Maureen Farrell
This Is Your Brain on Public Relations, Kenny ausubel
Helen Thomas Incident -  reprehensible, unconscionable, and offensive (media double standards - with article collection on incident), Sheila Musaji
To Whom Shall We Give Access to Our Waterholes?, Farid Esack
Tolkien, The Return of the Stereotype, Haroon Moghul
Truth Matters, Charles Sullivan
Turning Jews Into Muslims: The Untold Story of the Muselmanner, Parvez Manzoor,
There Is No Media, Mike Hersch
They Shoot Journalists Don’t They?, Norman Solomon
T.V., Truth and Technomania, Interview With Hamza Yusuf
U.N. Official Deplores Spread of Islamophobia
U.N. calls for combatting anti-Islam campaign
Understanding Islam: Perils and Prospects (Memetic Warfare and the Perils of Liberal Islam), Robert D. Crane,
U.S. and Muslims, Creating an Enemy
U.S. Media Caved In To Bush Agenda, Eric Margolis
U.S. Press and Haiti, Norman Solomon
U.S. Videos, For TV News, Come Under Scrutiny
The Utility of Islamic Imagery in the West: An American Case Study, J. A. Progler

VIDEO: Ahmed Bedier on Factors on Negative Perceptions of Islam in America
VIDEO:  Century of the Self (4 parts)
VIDEO:  Congressional Muslim Staff Assoc. discusses “Image of Islam in the U.S.
VIDEO:  The Image of Muslim Women in the American media
VIDEO: Sherman Jackson, Covering Islam and Muslims in America
VIDEO:  Manufacturing consent for Iraq War
VIDEO: The Media’s Double Standard About Islam by Jamal Badawi
VIDEO: Planet of the Arabs - propoganda in film
VIDEO:  The Power of Nightmares
VIDEO:  Resisting the drums of war - describes how to counter warmongering appeals
VIDEO:  Stereotyping Islam
VIDEO:  Desmond Tutu rejects media characterization of Islam and Muslims as extremist or terrorist
VIDEO: Zionism and Image of Muslims in Western Media, Abdullah Schleiffer

Wakeup Time, Eric Alterman
War Is Peace, Jennifer Buckendorff
War of Media Deception
War of the Memes
War On Truth, John Pilger
War of the Memes, Bill Walker
War Rhetoric’s Toll on Democracy, Bruce Williams
Western Media Coverage of Islam, Sayyed Yousif al-Khoei,
Western media fueling Islamophobia, Kourash Ziabari
What Is a Meme?
What Liberal Media, Eric Alterman
Whatever Happened to the News, Daniel Halen
When did I become the other?, Dilara Hafiz
When Language Grows Darker and Darker, Sister Joan Chittister
Why are Muslims the Dregs of the World, Mere Scum at the Bottom of the Barrel?, Dr. Robert D. Crane
Why Have Muslim Scholars Been Undervalued Throughout Western History, Ahmed Tahrabishy
Why the Media Owe You an Apology on Iraq, Rick Mercier
Why Al Jazeera Coverage is Bad
Words Matter: How Media Can Build Civility or Destroy It
World Press Freedom Day: A Bad Day for Journalists Worldwide


Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting,
Journalism Resources,
Media Literacy Clearinghouse,

RESOURCES (collections of articles and references) on many topics see our Resource section.