Master of the Jinn: A Sufi Novel (Irving Karchmar)

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Book Announcement

Here is a tale set on the Path of the Heart, a mystical adventure wherein a modern-day Sufi master sends seven companions on a quest for the original Ring of Power, and the greatest treasure of the ancient world - King Solomon’s ring. It is the very same seal ring of a hundred legends, given to King Solomon by God to command the Jinn, those terrifying demons of living fire.

  By sea and across deserts, they are led by a strange faqir guide of many names. Through the mightiest of storms and into a lost city, the travelers come at last to the gateway of the Subtle Realm, the land of the Jinn.

  But the quest has a strange effect on everyone chosen to go: visions enter their dreams, remembrances and tears fill their hearts, and mysteries abound;  unearthly storms and unending night, the Gates of Heaven open at last, and invincible demons of smokeless fire.

  It is a tale woven of ancient legends found in the Old Testament, the Talmud, and the Koran, and although it is set in the present, the search for the truth of the ring leads them into a circle of ageless destiny, where the companions discover not only the fate of the Jinn, but also the Path of Love and the infinite Mercy of God.

“Master of the Jinn is a captivating story told through the eyes of Ishaq, a scribe and faithful student to his Master on the Path. The story revolves around a journey that begins when Ishaq’s modern-day Sufi Master sends seven companions on a quest for King Solomon’s ring…said to control the Jinn, often described as terrifying demons of living fire. As the companions venture forward on their journey seeking the ring, they discover not only the truth of the Jinn, but each one learns many lessons about the Path of Love. The story combines elements of adventure, fantasy, and mysticism, along with profound teachings about the teacher-student relationship.  On one level, the plot develops the story of how the seven companions lives intersect to be called to the journey. The author weaves together the stories of their lives as seen through the eyes of the narrator, Ishaq, who brings his devotion to his Sufi Master and his vulnerable humanity together in a compelling story that will resonate deeply with any reader familiar with the Path of Love and will be compelling to readers interested in the Path of Sufism. The story not only has an action-packed plot, but weaves together hidden meanings along with traditional storytelling. The elements of fantasy and mysticism are also compelling and transform the story from simply a fantasy adventure to one of profound meanings and hidden messages about the Path of Love; the story also teaches about the demands and rewards to those who strive to follow the Path.”
Mary Granick - SUFISM: An Inquiry Magazine (Vol. XII, No. 2), 2005

“Take a healthy dose of spiritual reflection, infuse some elements of fantasy, sprinkle in some extra-Biblical legends, and you might have something like Master of the Jinn…Yet Master of the Jinn is didactic without being preachy—a rare accomplishment—and its spiritual parables have something to offer Jew, Christian, and Muslim alike…If you are looking for a novel with both substance and a tale to tell, Master of the Jinn is worth your time.”
Skylar Burris, Editor, Ancient Paths Christian Literary Magazine

“We found this book heartwarming…The author gives definition to Sufi terminology, and uses it to bring the reader into the experience. Rekindling the heart’s remembrance for the glory of service to a master and God. Any faith can enjoy this book and benefit from the main character’s journey.”
Dave Bennett,