Lookout, Them Muzlems Are Coming!

Jeff Siddiqui

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Lookout, Them Muzlems Are Coming!

by Jeff Siddiqui

This evening I was having a conversation with a friend of mine (White and Christian) who is a dyed-in-wool Republican but other than that, he is a very nice, friendly man who is well read and quite intelligent; I am certain he holds no racial or religious biases.  We’ll call him Tom, for purposes of this discussion .

We have LOUD disagreements and discussions about politics because we can hardly ever find anything to agree on…he STILL believes in King George the Worst, Rush Fat boy Limbaugh and Sean Moron Hennessey (okay, he may not be quite as intelligent as you would have thought at first).

We talked about this and that, life, real estate and eventually (with my nudging), politics.  We both agreed that Specter was an opportunistic weasel who should lose the next elections; he, because Specter flipped, me because I still do not forgive his inquisition of Anita Hill.

He grieved that the Republican Party is losing its strength and I told him that from my perspective, the Republican Party’s big mistake is the fact that they have nailed their colors on the mast of hate and fear against Muslims, Tom demurred and said, well there is a reason for that and that the Democrats would have probably reacted in the same way after 9-11.

I agreed that the Democrats were not quite as radically different from the Republicans, that they acquiesced with the Republicans because of their gutlessness and the persecution of Muslims was on, but even today, the Republican Party is deep in the business of promoting hate and fear against Islam, Muslims and Arabs and because of that, they have lost whatever support they would have had from Muslims…probably for a generation or two.

“Can I be frank here?” asked Tom. I knew the gloves were about to come off.

“You guys are in the Cat-bird seat and there is sweet nothing we or anyone else can do about it. Muslims are taking over by growing faster than anyone else in the West” He said.  “They are growing at an average family size of 8.1 in the US while we are in negative growth. Muslims will be the majority in Europe within the next 10-15 years…Muslims are going to take over everywhere!”

I told him I absolutely did not believe any of these statistics and that they were probably generated by many of the right-wing “experts” who would starve to death if they were ever taken off the fear-&-hate-Islam platform.

I asked him where he got his numbers from and if he had taken the time to apply reason to the numbers and he said, “They are out there, everywhere”.

“Okay” I said, “I absolutely reject every one of the stats you have just recited, I have no counter-proof, but I am willing to bet $1000 that these figures are the product of hate-mongers with no basis in reality, let us check them by applying logic”.

I told him that for an average Muslim family of 8.1 to be accurate, there would have to be MANY Muslim families of 12-16 in size to make up for the 2-3-4-5 family sizes which are what I see most of all and I have NEVER seen even one Muslim family of such a large (12-16) size. I do know that Orthodox Jews have very large families as do Catholics and Mormons; that in Utah, homes with 7-8 bedrooms are not uncommon. I also know that there are lots of poor non-Muslim families that are quite large as well.

So much for the average Muslim family size of 8.1 in the US.

The only reason why Muslims seem to be so many is that us “foreign-looking” darkies can be spotted a mile away while the blond Russian standing next to you remains invisible.

I pointed out that the largest mafia growth in the US is in the Russian and Viet-Namese mafias and they are not Muslims.

Europe. Large Muslim populations in Europe range from about 2-5% in some countries (about 3% in Norway). Even if we take an across the board percentage at 5% over all of Europe, which is impossible right now, Muslim population would have to grow to 50% in the next 15 years, which is about 900% growth in 15 years, a number that has not been matched in ANY Muslim country and THAT is assuming the non-Muslims stay at their present numbers.

I pointed out to him that these right-wing hate-mongers like Sean Hennessey, Rush Limbaugh, (locally) Michael Medved and these many “experts” are on the same track as Hitler and the Nazis were.

The Nazis talked about the dangers of Jews to Europe, how Jews had pervaded every aspect of Europe and were controlling Europe (which is probably why Jews get so nervous when people say the same thing about them in this country) and that Jews must be controlled, destroyed before they destroy Europe.

Jews were then decimated and at the time, there were only two kinds of people among the non-Jews; those who agreed and hated Jews and those who remained silent; America too, had the same two types of people. In fact, there was an active conspiracy of silence among influential Jews and non-Jews in America in which the State Department and the New York Times conspired to keep information of what was happening to Jews, out of NYT. The US was turning away ships of Jewish refugees, back to their doom… and America was silent.

America did not enter the war because of Jews, it entered the war because America was afraid the Axis powers would take over the resources of the world, leaving the US impoverished.

Today, the story is very similar. “Facts” are being churned out against Arabs, Muslims and Islam and good people are being duped into agreement because they have no other basis for understanding other than what they are being told by prominent people and “experts” and America is being driven into and by fear.

Today too, there are two kinds of people in America; those who hate Muslims, Islam and Arabs and those who remain silent (the active, reasonable Americans are far to small in numbers to show up in statistics). If there is one more explosive event carried out by an Arab or a Muslim (never mind what the Christians and Jews have been doing here so far), the response will turn the soil red with Muslim blood…all because the propaganda against Muslims, Islam and Arabs is growing at an astronomical pace; it is even part of the curriculum in at least the US Air force and the US Naval Academies.

The hate-Islam campaign is being promoted in Churches, in Synagogues, by highly-popular talk-show hosts and even by the Republican Party…to no opposition.

My strongly-Republican friend did not disagree.

Arabs and Muslims, in the meantime, are hiding in every dark corner they can find, in hopes of not being noticed or, in hopes of being treated as “one of us”; they are delighted when some prominent “Judeo-Christian” AMERICAN (by God!) shakes their hand in public.

Arabs and Muslims shy away from “politics” while their enemies use politics as the very platform from which they can gain more strength.
Arabs and Muslims have no collective effort invested in opposing the growing hysteria, they (along with many non-Muslims) believe now that Obama is in power, the sun will shine again and rainbows will prevail on Earth…Newsflash! Obama is NOT the Messiah, he is only the President while Congress is still filled with the same hate-mongers and the same Gutless Wonders who gave us torture, imprisonments, war and the USAPATRIOT Act.

Arabs and Muslims just don’t get it…

I desperately hope I am wrong because saying “I told you so” when the compost hits the fan, will not do anything to make me feel any better.


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