Kharsa, Shaykh Mustafa

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Shaykh Mustafa Kharsa
Shaykh Mustafa Kharsa began his Sharia studies at a local mosque near his home in Hama, Syria by studying Tajweed with the prominent tajweed master, Shaykh Saeed Abdullah. He graduated from the Sharia College of Damascus University in the late 1960’s, studying with many prominent scholars, including Shaykh Muhammad Ramadan Al-Buti. He also attended many private lessons in Damascus and was blessed to study with Shaykh Muhammad Al-Hashimi before he passed away in 1961. Shaykh Mustafa had the opportunity to be taught Aqida by Shaykh Al-Hashimi from the famous book he authored: Miftah Al-Janna.

In addition to studying Aqida with his private teacher, Shaykh Mustafa, along with his classmate Shaykh Abdul-Rahman Al-Shaghouri, learned tasawwuf (Islamic spirituality) from Shaykh Al-Hashimi. After Shaykh Al-Hashimi’s death, Shaykh Mustafa continued his study of tasawwuf with Shaykh Muhammad Sa’id Burhani whom Shaykh Al-Hashimi appointed as his spiritual successor in Damascus. Another scholar whom he was blessed to study with was Shaykh Abdulwahhab Al-Hafiz, known as ‘Dibs Zayt’, a faqih of the Hanafi school and often called ‘the young Abu Hanifa’ in Damascus. Upon completing his University studies, Shaykh Mustafa spent eight years teaching Sharia in the Syrian towns of Hama and Kamishly. He then served for eleven years as an Imam at a Mosque in the United Arab Emirates. In the early 1990’s, he moved to the United States where he was involved with Islamic work in North Carolina, Tennessee, and Michigan. He currently serves as Imam of the Windsor Mosque in Ontario, Canada where he has been for the past five years.