Khan, Dr. Faiz

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Dr.  Faiz   Khan is a medical doctor who practices and holds dual board specialization in two of the broadest fields within modern medicine – Emergency and Internal medicine.  He is Vice Chairman / Head of Academic Affairs of Emergency Medicine at Nassau University Medical Center, and holds professorships in both specialties.  His areas of expertise include diagnostic reasoning and epistemology, critical care, and medical ethics, and he serves as chairman of the medical ethics committee.  He has been the recipient of professional leadership and teaching awards.

Immigrating as an infant with his parents, Dr. Khan has been in the US since 1969 – and was part of the handful of   families who founded the Islamic Center of Long Island.  He received his early Islamic education there, and went on to found the Muslim Students Association at Union College and Albany Medical College in upstate NY.  He traveled extensively to deepen his understanding of Islam, spending time in Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, India, Iraq, the UK and the United States.  He was a founding member and on the board of directors of the American Sufi Muslim Association and has also served on the board of directors of the Islamic Center of Long Island.

  Of special note, Dr.  Khan treated victims of the September 11th attacks in a NY city ER and was also a ground zero rescue physician.  In addition, Dr. Khan was a Muslim representative in an American clergy sponsored multi-faith Baghdad Peace Pilgrimage, which in defiance of restrictions,  traveled in protest to Iraq and met in goodwill with citizens and officials.  The group returned days before the official bombing commenced.

Dr. Khan has both lectured and   authored a variety of works on topics covering medical practice, medical humanities, religious doctrine, spirituality, current events, and poetry.  He has been cited in periodicals, newspapers, and has been featured on radio and television both nationally and internationally.