Keshavjee, Mohamed

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Mohamed Keshavjee

Mohamed Keshavjee is a lawyer by profession having trained in England, Kenya and Canada where he practised at the Bar. In Canada, he worked with a group of concerned Canadians to raise consciousness about the work of the United Nations and was Programme Chairman of the United Nations Association of Ontario.

In 1980 Mr Keshavjee joined the Secretariat of His Highness the Aga Khan at Aiglemont, France as Information Officer and served the needs of the Aga Khan Development Network, with a special focus on the activities of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture. In that capacity he has travelled to and worked in many Muslim countries such as Yemen, Morocco, Turkey, Jordan and Egypt in addition to the former Soviet Union and China. In 1986 he was appointed Co-ordinator for Tariqah and Religious Education Boards at Aiglemont and was elected to the Steering Committee of the World Mediation Forum at its 4th International Meeting in Buenos Aires.

Mr Keshavjee recently completed his LLM at the University of London with a focus on Islamic Law, International Protection of Human Rights, Alternative Dispute Resolution and Arab Comparative Commercial Law. He is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Law within the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Islam.