Journalist Suggests That We Should Keep the Muslims Out of America

Sheila Musaji

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Journalist Suggests That We Should Keep the Muslims Out of America

by Sheila Musaji

A journalist named Art Hall just published an article entitled “Keep the Muslims Out?”.  American Muslims see such articles and statements that are contemptuous of Islam so often that they have become almost commonplace.  But this one is different because Mr. Hall is the publisher of the Cape May County Herald in New Jersey and the president of the New Jersey Press Association.  As a respected journalist his words are listened to more carefully than the words of anonymous emails like the “Can a good Muslim be a good American” email for example.

The article is not very well written, but the basic themes are that Christianity teaches peace, Islam teaches war, Muslims despise democracy, those who don’t accept that this is a Christian nation are anti-Christian and a threat to this society, we should listen to people like Geert Wilders of the Netherlands before it is too late, the threat to the United States is from Islam itself, and Muslims are the enemy within.  Here are a few quotes from Mr. Hall’s article:

“The internal-external threat is like no other we have ever faced. It is from Islam.” 

“The internal threat is from a tiny, well-placed minority of antichristians who stay up nights crafting schemes to convince us, against all historical evidence, that we are not a Christian nation, and that our biblical rulebook no longer has any place in society.”

“We were and are both a democratic and Christian nation in our fundamental structure. If we desire for America to remain thus, we must first recognize the current threats, and then develop the will to stand against those who are undermining them, those who detest what we cherish.”

Is Islam an internal and external threat to the United States?  Are all Muslims a threat?  How does Mr. Hall plan to carry out this plan of keeping the Musims out?  Does he propose stopping all immigration to this country by any Muslims?  What does he plan to do about the millions of us that are American citizens?  How about the Muslims in the military, or in the Congress of the United States?  How about those of us who have been here for generations?  Does he propose that we convert to Christianity or else face deportation or internment

I for one would like to see Mr. Hall clarify exactly what he is advocating.  If you would also like some clarification contact the editor of the Cape May County Herald at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or contact Art Hall at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)