Jon Stewart Takes Criticism for Honest Daily Show Report on Gaza

Sheila Musaji

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Jon Stewart Takes Criticism for Honest Daily Show Report on Gaza

by Sheila Musaji

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart may be “fake news” or “comedy” to some, but regularly gets to the point on current issues much more than the “real” news.

Last night, January 5th,  was the shows first night back after a holiday break, and it featured in its opening segment a brilliant capsule presentation of the current Gaza conflict and the way in which it has been presented in the media. 

Cutting through the heaps of hysteria, blather and partisanship, Stewart in under 5 minutes cut to the very heart of the matter without pomp or pretense.

Stewart’s segment on Gaza put every other media outlet to shame and is essential viewing for those who have become tired of the endless propaganda being beamed out on the airwaves.

Stewart repeatedly questioned the one-sided media treatment of Israel, running clips of Republicans and Democrats alike refusing to say a bad word. He even challenged the nights interview guest, NBC’s David Gregory of Meet the Press, on the point. 

The program will be repeated tonight, Tuesday, January 6th at 8:00 PM on Comedy Central and Saturday morning, January 10th at 7:00 AM.

  For those who do not have access to the cable channel, the show is also available for view on The Daily Show’s website:

Watch the episode if you missed it, and then go to The Daily Show Message Board on God, Faith, and Religion (re: Israel) and write a comment.  They have already received over 2,500 comments and most are negative.  Let Jon Stewart, and more importantly his network bosses know that you support free speech and honest journalism.

As I reported in the article Saint Louis Journalist Faces Criticism for Reporting on Gaza Demonstration this is a effort to stifle the voices of dissent.  Journalists are being kept out of Gaza by Israel, we don’t want to see American journalists kept from even reporting on the fact that there are Americans who oppose this action.