Jon Stewart Has Some Clips You Should See

Sheila Musaji

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Jon Stewart Has Some Clips You Should See

by Sheila Musaji

Jon Stewart on “The Daily Show” has done a great job of showing up the hypocrisy and double standards (and outright lies) in this election campaign.  Stewart collected videos of individuals saying exactly the opposite things on different occasions.  It is difficult to believe that these folks don’t realize that it’s a little more difficult to erase a video of a television interview than to erase a few phone message memos or “edit” written transcripts.  When they make statements they need to remember that Jon Stewart “has some clips you should see”.  Watch this amazing video expose of the hypocrisy and double standards about Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin.  ( )  Why is it that a comedy “fake” news program is doing a better job of reporting than the mainstream news media?

First up is Karl Rove praising Gov. Palin as well qualified because of her experience as the mayor of Wasilla, Aliska (population 9,000) and on another occasion dismissing Gov. Kaine of Virginia (who was on Obama’s short list of possible vice presidential nominees) as an obvious “political choice” because Kaine’s experience as mayor of Richmond, Virginia (population 200,000) was insignificant because of the small size of the city of Richmond.

This is followed by Bill O’Reilly describing Bristol Palin’s pregnancy as a private family issue, and on another occasion blaming Jamie Lynn Spears’ parents for her teenage pregnancy.

Then Dick Morris complaining about the rampant sexism in the media coverage of Sarah Palin, and on another occasion saying that Hillary Clinton hides behind the sexism defense, and that anytime “the big boys” pick on Hillary, “she retreats behind the apron strings.”

Then Nancy Pfotenhauer (McCain’s senior policy advisor) saying that Hillary shouldn’t play the gender card because “it isn’t what we want in a President” and then saying that criticism of Palin is sexist.

And, finally Sarah Palin herself saying Hillary shouldn’t whine about any perceived greater scrutiny because she is a woman, “that doesn’t do us any good, work harder, prove yourself”.