Jewish “Ahavah shel achvah” Brotherly Love is Difficult for Some to Attain - updated 9/8/2011

Jewish “Ahavah shel achvah” Brotherly Love is Difficult for Some to Attain

by Sheila Musaji

[Note:  In July of 2010 David Horowitz’s News Real Blog published an article by Jeanette Pryor titled It’s Time to Put the Coffee Down and Eradicate Islam in the West.  This article included the passage “It’s time to join the war, not on “terror” (that oh-so soothing illusion,) but on Islam in the West.  Most urgently, we must defend Israel as the frontline in the war against the spread of Islam.” 

This shocking article made it clear to me that it was necessary to update this article collection.  In December of 2010, Max Blumenthal has published an article The Great Islamophobic Crusade, and in January of 2011 this report by the Institute for Global Jewish Affairs was published on the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs site - American Muslims:  The Community and Their Relations with Jews.  This report by Noam Ivri is not likely to improve relations between Muslims and Jews, and prompted me to again update this article collection.

It has become fashionable to point to every individual anywhere in the world who happens to be Muslim who makes a hateful or extremist statement, or commits a criminal or terrorist act, and turn that into a blanket accusation against Islam and Muslims.

There is a problem that we all face of extremism and even terrorism in the name of religion.  We need to attempt to understand the why of terrorism, but also to recognize that the claim that all terrorists are Muslims ignores history, and in fact, most terrorists are not Muslims.  We also need to attempt to understand the motivation behind the continuous demonization of the American Muslim community and the entire religion of Islam which does nothing to help fight against terrorism and only marginalizes the voices that might act as a bridge between cultures.  INCIDENTS OF JEWISH & CHRISTIAN TERRORISM AND EXTREMISM

This process of making hatred towards Islam and Muslims acceptable has been aided, sadly, by the fact that Islamophobic statements have even been made by Jewish and Christian clergy people.  Islamophobic statements are also becoming the norm in the political arena, in political campaigns, and even among our elected government representatives.  The 2008 Presidential campaign was rife with Islamophobia.

It is becoming more and more difficult as an American Muslim not to be afraid of where this increasingly divisive and hateful rhetoric might lead. Polls, Surveys, and Statistics relating to Islam and Muslims show that negative attitudes are widespread.  Our civil rights are being restricted, and there are some Americans who are ready to undermine the Constitution in order to deny American Muslims full citizenship.  And, we see regular examples of prejudiced or violent incidents directed at mosques, cemetaries, and Islamic Centers as well as directed at individuals.  The vicious rhetoric is leading to violence not only against American Muslims, but also against politicians and political rivals.  American Muslims, and Muslims worldwide have spoken out loudly and clearly against extremism and terrorism, but this voice seems to be ignored.

It is particularly shocking that there are some in the Jewish community who not more sensitive to this issue.  It would seem that they have seen where such demonization of a minority community can lead, especially when that is a religious minority.

There would appear to be a Jewish Islamophobia industry engaged in what Max Blumenthal calls a Great Islamophobic Crusade.  In regard to the production of “Relentless”,  “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War on the West” and “The Third Jihad” TAM published this article.  Richard Silverstein has written about who benefits, and has discussed the anti-Muslim propaganda during the last election cycle here, and the money trail between these groups here.

Just as Muslims have given lengthy explanations for example of why particular verses of the Qur’an have been taken out of context to “prove” false points - Jewish scholars have had the need to explain particular aspects of their religion that have been misunderstood - for example what the Talmud says about the permissibility of killing non-Jews.  Rabbi David Eidensohn has a site devoted to defending the Talmud against various accusations.  The fact that there are verses in the Qur’an that can be interpreted variously is also not unique -  that there are verses that be seen as cruel and violent in the Bible (Old and New Testaments) cannot really be disputed.  What can be done is to attempt to marginalize those who continue to promote extremist interpretations of religious texts, and to promote false worldviews like the Protocols of the Elders of Zion or the Protocols of the Elders of Islam.

When Jewish groups are involved in the production and distribution of hateful propoganda materials like Obsession: Radical Islam’s War With the West, or The Third Jihad which mirror Nazi propoganda in films like The Eternal Jew it is difficult to understand how they cannot see that this sort of demonization will ultimately hurt all minorities.

Rachel Tabachnick wrote in the Jewish Forward “In this single-minded zealotry, the struggle against Islam appears to be seen as a zero sum game - whatever is bad for Muslims, must be good for Jews. But what is the cost of this attack on multiculturalism? Is it possible that some Jewish leaders are hacking away at the very same foundations which have provided a peaceful existence for Jews in the U.S. and elsewhere over the last several decades? Is attacking multiculturalism really beneficial to Jews? “

All of us as members of whatever faith group need to counter hateful speech with thoughtful speech, and to be aware that such tendencies exist among all groups.  As Hans Kung has pointed out so beautifully, “There can be no peace among nations until there is peace among the religions.  There can be no peace among the religions without dialogue among the religions”. Somehow we must find a way to change the diatribe into dialogue (as Muslim scholars have requested in the Common Word document) in the interest of working together towards peace. 

It is also worthwhile to remember that Islamophobia and anti-Semitism often go hand-in-hand.  In fact, a recent Gallup Poll showed that bias against Jews and Muslims is linked, and concludes that the strongest predictor of prejudice against Muslims is whether a person holds similar feelings about Jews.

Hussein Ibish has written an important paper Religion and violence: another look at Islamophobia and anti-Semitism which discusses at length the similarities between the tactics used to defame Jews and those used to defame Muslims.  Here is an important passage from the lengthy article

In the past, I’ve argued strongly that the best way to understand the structure, strategies and mechanisms of Islamophobia is to study the essential elements of anti-Semitic rhetoric, because the parallels between the two are uncanny and exact and because Americans are familiar with the ugliness and unfairness of anti-Semitism. Since it can easily be shown that Islamophobia is without doubt in most instances a virtually exact replication of anti-Semitism, this ought to prove a decisive platform for exposing and counteracting its pernicious effects. As it happens, last week, completely coincidentally, I was reading with amazement anti-Semitic tracts that attempted to demonstrate all kinds of evils about Judaism and the Jews based on tendentious and malicious quotation and interpretation from Jewish holy books. I refuse to link to any of them, because they are poisonous, but anyone who seeks them out online should unfortunately have no difficulty finding them. In fact, the Quran, the Bible, and certainly also the Talmud, contain passages that, if read literally, out of context and especially outside of the mainstream of both traditional and contemporary interpretation, could be seen as quite alarming. Indeed, in all three cases, especially in the past, their effects upon the “righteous true believers” have been alarming, and in some cases, at the moment especially among Muslim extremists, they continue to be. However, what these anti-Semitic polemical tracts attempt to do is to suggest that contemporary and mainstream Jews around the world have a mentality and mindset defined by the literal or maliciously interpreted meanings of these passages, mainstream Jewish understandings of them notwithstanding. This is precisely what many of the worst of the Islamophobes do to the Muslims. 

A 2003 report from the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), The Talmud in Anti-Semitic Polemics, explains how this process of selectively quoting from and misrepresenting Jewish scripture is being used by anti-Jewish bigots in their campaigns of defamation in exactly the same way in which Islamophobes use the Quran and Hadith to slander and systematically misrepresent Islam and Muslims. The report opens with this telling passage: Recently there has been a renewal of attacks on Judaism and Jews through recycling of old accusations and distortions about the Talmud. Anti-Talmud tracts were originally developed in the Middle Ages as Christian polemics against Judaism, but today they emanate from a variety of Christian, Moslem and secular sources. Sometimes such “studies” have blatantly anti-Semitic tones; sometimes they are more subtle. Yet all of them remain as false and pernicious today as they did in the Middle Ages.

Obviously, all it takes is a simple transposition of nouns to find in this a precise and exact description of the way in which Islamophobes like Robert Spencer, Andrew Bostom and the like go about casting Islam and Muslims in the worst possible light. As the ADL’s report points out, In distorting the normative meanings of rabbinic texts, anti-Talmud writers frequently remove passages from their textual and historical contexts. Even when they present their citations accurately, they judge the passages based on contemporary moral standards, ignoring the fact that the majority of these passages were composed close to two thousand years ago by people living in cultures radically different from our own. They are thus able to ignore Judaism’s long history of social progress and paint it instead as a primitive and parochial religion. Those who attack the Talmud frequently cite ancient rabbinic sources without noting subsequent developments in Jewish thought, and without making a good-faith effort to consult with contemporary Jewish authorities who can explain the role of these sources in normative Jewish thought and practice.

I don’t think there can be a better description of the methods used by contemporary American Islamophobes to defame Muslims, as exemplified in the dispute I had with Robert Spencer about whether or not the Quran calls Christians and Jews apes and swine, and whether or not therefore Muslims view their fellow monotheists in this light. The passage in the Quran in question does not contain the words Christians or Jews, and while both Islamophobes and Muslim extremists have interpreted it in this intolerant, mean-spirited manner it plainly requires an interpretive leap since it simply does not literally say anything of the kind. Moreover, it’s certainly and obviously not the case by any means that mainstream Islam or anything but a tiny fraction of Muslims in our era and historically have viewed Christians and Jews as apes and swine. The total disregard for both mainstream and traditional interpretations of Islamic doctrine by most Muslim scholars and commentators is the hallmark of the work of Spencer and his ilk, who present passages of scripture ripped from their context and traditional meaning as proof of Islam being violent, intolerant and bent on world domination. This is why, of course, their work garners absolutely no respect whatsoever from the qualified and trained academic and intellectual communities that actually study Islam, and can only appeal to the ignorant or the enraged. Unfortunately, that’s a significant constituency.

“Are the polemicists anti-Semites?” the ADL report asks, and answers, quite rightly, “by and large, yes” (they are clearly leaving themselves some wiggle room on the issue of Israel Shahak, who is cited in the report but is almost certainly not vulnerable to such an accusation). It cites as tell-tale signs of bigotry and malevolence, their systematic distortions of the ancient texts, always in the direction of portraying Judaism negatively, their lack of interest in good-faith efforts to understand contemporary Judaism from contemporary Jews, and their dismissal of any voices opposing their own, [which] suggests that their goal in reading ancient rabbinic literature is to produce the Frankenstein version of Judaism that they invariably claim to have uncovered.

In just this manner, Islamophobes dismiss what contemporary and mainstream Muslims say their faith means to them and systematically misrepresent the common understanding of complex ancient texts written in both a language and a style very foreign to the present-day American manner of expression. They too dismiss any voices other than their own, such as renowned academic experts on Islam, even non-Muslims scholars and experts, and denounce them as “apologists” and supporters of extremism. In these cases too, it is clear to any impartial observer that the goal is in no way a good-faith effort to examine honestly what Muslims believe but rather to create “the Frankenstein version of Islam.”

... The parallels between the calumnies the ADL cites against Jews in anti-Semitic literature and those currently being promoting in contemporary American Islamophobia are striking indeed (all of the following in bold are direct quotes from the ADL report):

“Jews are intent on subjugating non-Jews around the world and even on committing genocide against them” – this finds obvious and clear parallels in the constant refrain that Islam is bent on world conquest and the subjugation of all non-Muslims as “dhimmis” or worse, and in the frequent allegation that Islam has a genocidal attitude towards non-Muslims.

“Jewish law enjoins or permits Jews to murder non-Jews whenever feasible” – one of the most familiar charges against Islam and Muslims is that “infidels” may or must be killed.

“Jews are permitted to lie without moral or religious compunction” – Islamophobes frequently claim that Islam authorizes, permits or even encourages Muslims to deceive non-Muslims, as in the calumnies about taqiyyah I have written about in previous Ibishblog postings.

“Judaism condones the sexual molestation of young girls” – obviously the charge of pedophilia against the Prophet Muhammad is closely echoed here, as are a whole slew of charges that Islam permits, mandates or does not forbid a wide range of sexual perversions and abuses. More on this from the Ibishblog will be forthcoming.

“Judaism is ‘more of a crime syndicate than a religion.’” – in Islamophobic discourse, it is frequently alleged that Islam is “more of an extremist political movement” (recall statements to this effect by Ayaan Hirsi Ali cited In a recent Ibishblog post, for example) or some such bizarre formulation, than a religion.

I think I’ve made my point very clearly. Islamophobia is a barely warmed over, 20 seconds in the microwave, version of traditional anti-Semitism, and I’m sorry that the reader has fallen for it. If we were transported to the 1920s and 30s, I’m sure he’d be demanding to know if anyone really thought “those people” (the Jews) were really reasonable and decent given what they supposedly believe and what is supposedly in their holy books, etc. Can’t we ever learn our lesson?

Abraham Foxman of the ADL noted in a press release about this ADL study “There have been many claims about what the Talmud (classical text of Jewish law) teaches about non-Jews, how it views other religions, whether or not it allows lying to gentiles, or cheating them - quoting passages from the Talmud to “prove” all of these points - the ADL has issued a statement about this saying in an introduction on their site: ADL’s report, The Talmud in Anti-Semitic Polemics, exposes how certain passages from the Talmud and other traditional Jewish texts are used to foment anti-Semitism through distortions and fabrications. The authors of anti-Talmudic polemics seek to paint Judaism as an immoral religion that preaches hatred for non-Jews and promotes obscenity, criminality, sexual perversion and other immoral acts. Widely available on the Internet, such anti-Talmudic tracts “are clearly designed to provoke hostility toward Jews.” 

There is also a site that maintains an archive of Nazi anti-Semitic propaganda.  It is depressing reading, but over and over again I found examples of claims and statements that mirrored claims now being made against Muslims and Islam.  Here are a few examples:

- Nazi propaganda maintained that all Jews were responsible for the act of any Jew “The murder of Ernst vom Rath did not slow legal measures aimed at solving the Jewish Problem, but rather sped them up. The Jews living in Germany had to pay a fine of a billion marks to discourage them from repeating the cowardly murder.” 
- Nazi propaganda maintained that Judaism was not a religion. “Argument 1: “You say that religion is a private matter. But you fight against the Jewish religion!” Counterargument: “Actually, the Jewish religion is nothing other than a doctrine to preserve the Jewish race.” (Adolf Hitler). “In resisting all government attempts to nationalize them, the Jews build a state within the state (Count Helmuth von Moltke). “To call this state a ‘religion’ was one of the cleverest tricks ever invented.” (Adolf Hitler). “From this first lie that Jewry is a religion, not a race, further lies inevitably follow.” (Adolf Hitler).”
- Nazi propaganda maintained that the Jews hated all non-Jews and they wanted to destroy the Gentiles and dominate the world  Further “Whether or not there is an organized Jewish government recognized by all the Jews is less important that the fact that there is a unified and conscious Jewish desire for world power. This is proved by a variety of political events that are taking place in plain sight today.” 
- Nazi propaganda maintained that a war against Judaism was a war against the devil 
- Nazi propaganda maintained by distortions of the Torah and Talmud that Judaism teaches hatred 
- Nazi propaganda maintained that “The goal of the Jew is to make himself the ruler of humanity. Wherever he comes, he destroys works of culture. He is not a creative spirit, rather a destructive spirit.”
- Nazi propaganda maintained that “Nearly all major inventions were made by Aryans.”  The Jews had no real creativity  Further “Wherever Jewry has appeared, it has never built anything. It has always and everywhere destroyed or torn down, sucking others dry to fill itself. From the days of the Romans to our day, Jewry in every century, in every people, was and remained a foreign body, a destroyer of real and ideal values, a denier of any upward progress, a plague for body and soul. It sneaks in through deceit and treachery, trickery and slyness, murder and assault, understanding how to establish itself.”
- Nazi propaganda maintained that A GOOD JEW COULD NOT BE A GOOD GERMAN, that it was impossible for a Jew to honestly say “I am a “good German” and a “decent Jew”! Only a Jew has the insolence to make such a claim. I answer it only to reach the public and finally dispatch the absurd notion of the “decent Jew.” The fable of the “decent Jew” is not a German fable that has been handed down by our people and therefore something with educational value, but rather it is a shameless lie designed to lull the host people to sleep and appeal to hysterical weaklings.”  And further “And you think you can be a “good German”! True, you do speak German, just as your racial comrades in other countries speak English, French, Spanish, and Polish, but you are no more a German than they are Englishmen, Frenchmen, Spaniards, or Poles, since Jews are a foreign body in every people.”
- Nazi propaganda maintained “Each Jew individually, and Jewry as a whole, is without a home. Jewry undermines every people and every state that it infiltrates. It feeds as a parasite and a culture-killing worm in the host people. It grows and grows like weeds in the state, the community, and the family and infests the blood of humanity everywhere.  In brief, that is the pestilential nature of Jewry, against which every people, every state, every nation must, should, and wants to defend itself if it does not want to be the victim of this bloody plague.”

After thinking about what the ADL and Hussein Ibish and the Nazi propaganda archive have pointed out - consider the following most commonly repeated claims about Muslims and Islam

“everyone knows” that most or all terrorists are Muslims, and there are no Christian and no Jewish terrorists (or terrorists of any other religious stripe), and that Muslims are inherently violent.  Everyone also knows that Muslims are not equivalent to real Americans, that they are the enemy within, and a fifth column,  that good Muslims can’t be good Americans, that they are not a part of our American heritage, that they are all militant,  that Islam makes Muslims “backward”, that Muslims have made no contribution to the West,  that Islam is “of the devil”, a Crescent menace, and an “evil encroaching on the United States”, and not a religion.  Everyone knows that this is a Christian nation, which everyone knows the Muslims are trying to take over, starting with getting an Eid stamp which is the first step towards shariah law, and by purposefully having more children than others to increase their numbers.  Everyone knows that Muslims have no respect for the Constitution.  Everyone knows that Muslims are given a pass by the elite media.  It’s “us versus them”.  Their goal is world domination under a Caliphate.  They don’t speak out against extremism or terrorism, and even those Muslims who do speak up or seem moderate are simply lying or practicing taqiyyah.  Everyone knows the Qur’an is uniquely violent, that the Islamic concept of God doesn’t include God’s love, that Allah is a moon god.  The problem is that what “everyone knows” is wrong.  These self-righteous and incorrect statements are usually followed by a demand that the Muslim community do something about whatever is the false flag of the day or face the inevitable consequences.

In addition to these “everyone knows” statements of demonization and misrepresentation, there is also a whole industry of simply connecting with Islam or Muslims with any negative idea, event, or societal trend (even when there is no sane connection to make).  These I think of as “Through the Looking Glass” claims. 

For example, lots of “news” items never happened, or are simply not true.

Arabs didn’t celebrate 9/11 at a Dunkin Donuts in New Jersey.  Budweiser did not pull all its product from the shelves of a convenience store where there was celebration of the terrorist attacks - this never happened.  The Muslim statement of faith (Shahada) is not an expression of hate.  An American Missionary in Africa didn’t face possible murder charges and hanging because of a traffic accident.  There is no verse of the Qur’an on “The Wrath of the Eagle”.  The supposed bomb threat made by an Arizona student that led to an evacuation of the school was a hoax by non-Muslim students.  The story that Iran was considering forcing Jews to wear a yellow star appeared in several publications and it was totally false.  The slaying of the New Jersey Coptic family was falsely charged to Muslims.  The story about the British banks banning piggy banks so as not to offend Muslims never happened.  Muslims are not more likely to support terrorism and violence than Christians or Jews.  Muslims did not destroy the Library of Alexandria.  Nurses in Britain were not “ordered to drop everything and turn Muslims’ beds toward Mecca five times daily”.  There is no  Muslim sword through the 41-cents mark on the U.S. Eid stamp.  Sirhan Sirhan is a Christian, not a Muslim.  The Virginia Tech massacre had no connection with Islam.  A bus driver in Britain didn’t tell passengers to get off the bus so he could pray.  Rachel Ray’s Paisley scarf is not a symbol of “murderous Palestinian Jihad” (and neither is a Keffiyah).  A Muslim student in Florida did not refuse to stand for the pledge of allegiance.  There were no Muslims acting suspiciously on Air Tran flight 297. Wearing a tee-shirt with Arabic writing on it does not make a person dangerous.  A Madrassah is simply a school.  The zebibah (prayer bruise) on some Muslims foreheads is not a sign of a “commitment to jihad”.  Jihad is not terrorism. Ashura is not a “Muslim blood festival”.  Muslims are not forbidden to have non-Muslims as friends.  The Shahada (declaration of faith) is not  an “expression of hate” that is “closely identified” with terrorism.  The Nuclear Security Summit logo is an atom on a circular path, not an Islamic symbol, the U.S. Missile Defense Logo is not evidence of ‘Submission To Shariah’, and neither is the Flight 93 memorial.  Muslims also died on 9/11.  Barack Obama is not a Muslim, but so what if he was?  (Note: click on the links to see responses to particular claims or incidents

I believe that any human being whose heart and mind are not closed by hate, must see the parallels.  There is no claim about some particular Imam somewhere saying something extreme or just plain stupid that can’t be matched by a Rabbi or a Reverend doing the same.  There is no act of violence carried out by Muslims that can’t be matched by those carried out by Christians and Jews.  There is no community that is free of criminals and hateful people.  There is no more violence in the Qur’an than in the Torah or the New Testament.  There is no religious community that doesn’t have individuals (even individuals who should know better) who attempt to use religion to justify their wrong actions, or who make distorted interpretations of their religion to justify themselves.

Both Jews and Muslims need to step up and be counted, do what they can to marginalize their own extremists, and stop demonizing each other.

In the article Are We the New Jews of Silence?, Remba Gidon points out “Whoever can stop the members of his household from committing a sin, but does not, is held responsible for the sins of his household. If he can stop the people of his city from sinning, but does not, he is held responsible for the sins of the people of his city. If he can stop the whole world from sinning, and does not, he is held responsible for the sins of the whole world.” (Shabbat 54b)

In Islam, standing up for justice must be done even if it is against ourselves, our parents, our kin, the rich or the poor. This is clearly mentioned in the Quran (4:135).

Here are a few comments and movements and incidents that represent the mindset of the extremist segment of Jews, which shows that they also have among them some that have difficulty attaining brotherly love.  This collection also includes statements, interpretations, and texts that might be misconstrued or used to stereotype Judaism unfairly. 

This has been collected only to point out that extremism is not a “Muslim only” phenomenon:


29 Israeli Rabbi’s sign anti-Arab labor ads, face criminal probe

30 Rabbis’ wives urge Israeli women: Stay away from Arab men

50 Israeli rabbis issue ruling forbidding the renting of homes by Jewish Israelis to “non-Jews”.

Jack Abramoff and Sami al-Arian: Lobbyist’s “Charity” a Front for Terrorism, Juan Cole and

Rachel Decter Abrams, a board member of the Emergency Committee on Israel, advocates for the extermination of Palestinians.  When Gilad Shalit was released she said Then round up his captors, the slaughtering, death-worshiping, innocent-butchering, child-sacrificing savages who dip their hands in blood and use women-those who aren’t strapping bombs to their own devils’ spawn and sending them out to meet their seventy-two virgins by taking the lives of the school-bus-riding, heart-drawing, Transformer-doodling, homework-losing children of Others-and their offspring-those who haven’t already been pimped out by their mothers to the murder god-as shields, hiding behind their burkas and cradles like the unmanned animals they are, and throw them not into your prisons, where they can bide until they’re traded by the thousands for another child of Israel, but into the sea, to float there, food for sharks, stargazers, and whatever other oceanic carnivores God has put there for the purpose.  When ThinkProgress’ Ali Gharib an Iranian-American objected to her statements (one of the many commentators objecting to her original post) she said that she’d also “feed HIM and his friends to sharks.”

The ADL suggested that the Shahada (Muslim declaration of faith) was an expression of faith closely identified with terrorism they later apologized - ADL supported Lieberman’s “loyalty oath” - and the Cordoba House and 


Geoffrey Adelman said “Having read the Koran in an authoritative translation, any fair-minded reader would be unable to deny that it preaches violence — not just in an historical setting, but also in a contemporary context.” 
Sheldon Adelson and Islamophobia

Agudath Israel, the Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) denominational body in the United States, issued a cherem—a kind of communal excommunication—against a Rabbi who had given the title of Rabba to an Orthodox woman.  They condemned allowing a woman to be a Rabbi in the strongest terms.

AIPAC spy case

Aish HaTorah’s dedication of a scale model of the Temple on the rooftop of its International Outreach Center just a stone’s through (literally and figuratively) from the Western Wall in Jerusalem  -  They are also the primary force behind the Islamophobic films Relentless, Obsession and The Third Jihad -  This is the same group that developed the Hasbara Fellowships on U.S. college campuses - Aish HaTorah Funded mailing of “Obsession” to 325,000 U.S. Clergy  - Aish Hatorah of Saint Louis sponsored a showing of “Obsession”  advertised in the Jewish Light as a community wide event, and in Jewish in Saint Louis and at the event Robert Cohn, Editor of Jewish Light praised the film and the speaker.  The organizations who were listed as event sponsors in the program were: Aish Hatorah of Saint Louis, Branches of Issachar, Citizens for a Just and Lasting Peace in the Middle East, EMMIS Communications, and Saint Louis Hillel.  - Aish of Philadelphia also hosted the film

American Jewish Committee anti-Muslim ad in NY Times  -  AJC’s anti-Iran efforts 

American Jewish Congress’ ‘Inflammatory’ Claims About Muslims  - AJC’s anti-Muslim statements about the “Shahada” graduation stoles (see also ADC)

Yigal Amir who murdered Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin proclaimed after his arrest that this was justified, even commanded, by the rulings of Din Mosser and Din Rodef, as described in the Jewish religious law, or halacha. 

Rabbi Shlomo Aviner of Gush Emunim said ’‘There is an absolute Torah prohibition against the transfer of any portion of our holy land to foreign rule,.’ -  He said “while God requires other normal nations to abide by abstract codes of ‘justice and righteousness’, such laws do not apply to Jews“.

Lawrence Auster at the preserving western civilization conference said “It is important to understand that what makes Islam dangerous to non-Muslims is not that Muslims are morally bad people. The problem is not that Muslims are bad people, the problem is that they are good Muslims. Our concern is with the religion and the political ideology of Islam, which makes all Muslims dangerous to us, since all Muslims, even if they personally have no aggressive intentions, even if they are personally fine and lovely people, are part of the Islamic community and owe their highest loyalty to Islam. Therefore any increase in the number of Muslims among us means an increase in the power of Islam and the further spread of the Islamic law.”

Yonah Avrushmi, a Jerusalemite Jew, threw a hand grenade at a Peace Now demonstration near the Prime Minister’s office in Jerusalem. The blast killed Emil Grunzweig, one of Peace Now’s leaders, and injured nine others.

Maria Balaban, a Jewish woman in Connecticut is suing her congregation for burying a black woman in the interfaith portion of their local cemetery.  She wants the body exhumed.

Batyam rally in Israel, protestors shout ““Any Jewish woman who goes with an Arab should be killed; any Jew who sells his home to an Arab should be killed.”

Rabbi Yitzhak Batzri, head of the Hashalom Kabbalist yeshiva, and his son Rabbi David Batzri indicted for racist incitement in Jerusalem regarding anti-Arab statements they made during a rally protesting the establishing of a bilingual school for Jews and Arabs in the capital’s Patt neighborhood.  Yitzhak Batzri, said, “The Arabs are donkeys and beasts. They are inferior. What do they want? To take our women. They say we are racist. In reality, they are the wicked and cruel ones. They are imbued with the filth of the snake. There are pure and impure, and they are impure.”  ...  David Batzri said,  “The establishment of this school is an act of abomination and impurity. One can’t mix impure and pure. Of course we must stay apart from all the nations. You must stand in the breach and prevent this. It is forbidden to mix darkness with light. The nation of Israel is pure. The Arabs are a nation of donkeys. They are an affliction, a demon, a pestilence.  “Why, one may ask, did God not create them to walk on all fours, since they are donkeys? The reason is that they must build and clean, but must always understand that they are donkeys. There is no room for them in our schools.”

Beit HaTefutzot, the Museum of the Diaspora Director Claims ‘Mistake’ in Hosting Award for Anti-Muslim, Anti-Obama Group

Michael Ben-Ari of Israel’s Knesset was the voice on an advertisement on the Israeli radio station Reshet Bet to promote a public memorial service for Meir Kahane held by his family. It was also reported that for the first time posters had been placed in many central areas of Jerusalem publicising the event and declaring “We all know now – Meir Kahane was right”.  (Kach and Kahane Chai have been declared terrorist organizations)

Yitschak Ben Gad consul general of Israel to Florida and Puerto Rico, said Muslims will always regard people of other faiths as second-class citizens. “They hate the Christians in Lebanon and they hate the Jews in Israel,”  he said.

David Ben-Shimol, an IDF soldier, shot a rocket he stole from the IDF at a Palestinian bus in East Jerusalem, killing one Palestinian and injuring ten others.

Moshe Ben Zikri of the Jerusalem settlement of Pisgat Ze’ev, attempting to rid the neighborhood of non-Jews

Blessing/Benediction recited each morning by Orthodox Jews “Blessed art Thou, Lord our God, King of the universe, who hast not made me a woman”.  The full text includes three blessings -  “Blessed are you O God, King of the Universe, Who has not made me . . . ” and conclude, respectively, “a goy [Gentile],” “a slave,” and “a woman.”

B’nai Brith Islamophobic ad connecting Islam and the Nazi’s  - and Reality EU anti Muslim group

Rabbi Shmuel Boteach, formerly the Chabad Rabbi at Oxford University says there is a time to hate. - he also made Islamophobic statements against the proposed Cordoba House in NYC

Andrew Breitbart’s Big Peace site re-published a vicious Nazi-style propaganda essay about Muslim inbreeding by Nicolai Sennels

In Brooklyn, New York - The B110 bus travels between Williamsburg and Borough Park in Brooklyn. It is open to the public, and has a route number and tall blue bus stop signs like any other city bus. But the B110 operates according to its own distinct rules. The bus line is run by a private company and serves the Hasidic communities of the two neighborhoods. To avoid physical contact between members of opposite sexes that is prohibited by Hasidic tradition, men sit in the front of the bus and women sit in the back.

Shoshona Bryen of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs said regarding the Cordoba House “It is incumbent on those who want us to believe that the mosque will NOT be a source of religious and civil bigotry to prove that the sources are consistent with the immutable American requirement for tolerance.”

CAMERA (Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America), and Islamophobia - opposition to Boston mosque - and Wikipedia - founder, Charles Jacobs

Eric Cantor said about the proposed Park51 in NYC I think that is the ultimate insensitivity. Anyone looking at that with any common sense would say, “what in the world would be doing fostering some type of system that would let this happen.” Everybody knows America’s built on the rights of free expression, the rights to practice your faith, but come on. The World Trade Centers were brought down by Islamic extremists, uh, radicals who were bent on killing Americans and accomplished that in unimaginable ways. I think it is the height of insensitivity, uh, and unreasonableness to allow for the construction of a mosque on the site of the World Trade Center bombings. I mean, come on.  Cantor was involved in arranging a showing of the anti-Muslim film “Iranium”.  The showing of the movie in the Rayburn House Office Building will be hosted by the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) and a right-wing D.C. Israel lobby group called the Endowment for Middle East Truth (EMET). The RJC invite makes it a point to give “special thanks to Majority Leader Eric Cantor [R-VA] for making this event possible.”  Cantor was also a co-sponsor of a Capitol Hill screening of the film Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West .  Cantor said about Arab culture Sadly it is a culture infused with resentment and hatred.”

Chabad Center hosted Dennis Prager, a radio talk show host who opposed the first Muslim congressman’s right to swear a ceremonial oath on the Quran, has been invited to speak January 24th at the North County Chabad Center in Yorba Linda, Calif. Prager will speak about the Islamic world’s “confrontation with the West.”

Aubrey Chernick and the National Center for Crisis and Continuity Coordination, Islamophobia

Phyllis Chesler compared Tariq Ramadan to Hitler.  She was one of the Islamophobes opposed to the Muslim comic series “The 99”.  She writes about the “Islamification” of America and is concerned that America is becoming “Eurabia”. 

Clarion Fund anti-Muslim efforts - Clarion has a website which is full of anti-Muslim propoganda - Clarion and Obsession film - and Barre Seid - and Koch related Donors Capital Fund

Collective Punishment - Avi Dichter, Israeli Public Security Minister instructed police to demolish the house belonging to the family of an Arab terrorist.  Jewish extremists attempt to destroy the home and go through the village randomly destroying property and terrorizing people.

Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the Wiesenthal Center confirmed the fake Iran yellow badge story to a reporter before it was published.  The story then went viral 

The David Project and Islamophobia - and opposition to Boston mosque

Alan Dershowitz - The honesty of his attacks on Prof. Finkelstein of De Paul University has been questioned.  At the time of Robert Kennedy’s assassination, Dershowitz said:  “It was in some ways the beginning of Islamic terrorism in America. It was the first shot. A lot of us didn’t recognize it at the time.”  Obviously he doesn’t know the difference between a Muslim and a Christian, since Sirhan Sirhan is a Palestinian Christian, not a Muslim. - he wrote an article claiming that the Palestinians ‘Played A Significant Role In The Holocaust’.  He called Richard Goldstone a moser, a Jewish crime punishable by death. 

Elliot Doxer charged with attempting to spy for Israel  10/10

Matt Drudge posted as the title of his webpage on 9/11/2010 “Islam casts a shadow over 9/11”.  Drudge got involved in the ridiculous Missile Defense Agency Logo nonsense and said that it “was similar to an Islamic flag”  Apropos of nothing except a desire to constantly berate Muslims, Drudge posted a photo of a TSA worker frisking a Catholic nun with the capton ““The Terrorists Have Won”.  Drudge posted a link that was titled “‘Very spiritual’ Muslim woman kills 2 in factory shooting… “ which took readers to an article about a workplace shooting.  The fact that the individual was a Muslim had nothing to do with anything. 

Jeffrey Epstein said “Many citizens are beginning to question whether we are currently fighting against radicalized fundamentalists or against the very pillars of the religion that these barbarians embrace. The realization that a major world religion would support the long term geo-political objectives of ruthless terrorist organizations—in particular, advocating world domination through violent conquest and/or genocide against those of other faiths is troubling at best.  ...  Indisputably, Islam is on the move. In terms of growth, it is outpacing every other religion on our soil. One must consider the grim reality that fundamental defects may actually be attributable to the religion itself ...”

Gideon Ezra, an Israeli Cabinet Minister said that Arabs should be used as security guards in Israel because only they have “the sense of smell needed to smell other Arabs, more so than guards who are immigrants from the former Soviet Union.”,%20Gideon%20Levy.htm

Rabbi Saadya Grama, an alumnus of Beth Medrash Govoha Yeshiva in Lakewood, N.J. — has published a book that attempts to employ classical Jewish sources in defense of a race-based theory of Jewish supremacy.  In this book he argues that gentiles are “completely evil” and Jews constitute a separate, genetically superior species.

Danni Eisenman, a settler from Maale Adumim, and Michal Hillel, a student from Jerusalem, together with Gil Fuchs, a soldier, killed a Palestinian taxi driver on the road to Maale Adumim.

Effi Eitam, former Israeli cabinet minister said: “The vast majority of West Bank Arabs must be deported ... We will have to make an additional decision, banning Israeli Arabs from the political system … We have cultivated a fifth column, a group of traitors of the first degree.”

Rabbi Mordechai Eliahu advocates carpet bombing Gaza, says All civilians living in Gaza share collective guilt  -  He said: “According to Jewish war ethics, an entire city holds collective responsibility for the immoral behavior of individuals. In Gaza, the entire populace is responsible because they do nothing to stop the firing of Kassam rockets.”  - and he says that “the life of one yeshiva boy is worth more than 1,000 Arabs”,2506,L-3527410,00.html  -  He also proposed “hanging the children of the terrorist who carried out the attack in the Mercaz Harav yeshiva from a tree.”  - and said “A state that really respects the lives of its citizens would have hanged the 10 sons of the terrorist on a tree 50 amot [25 meters] tall, so that others would see it and be afraid,”  - He also said there is no moral prohibition against the indiscriminate killing of civilians in Gaza.

Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu delivered eulogy for Meir Kahane and said that “there was absolutely no moral prohibition against the indiscriminate killing of civilians during a potential massive military offensive on Gaza” because “all citizens are collectively guilty,” based on readings of Genesis 34 and Kings 9,14.

Safed Chief Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu on the Moriah site (which posts Rabbis responses to questions said that the members of the Jewish terror underground were “completely righteous.” He also said, “I don’t think they are lowly murderers. Heaven forbid! They have already paid their price to society. They sacrificed many years for the people of Israel. Among us, in Judaism, there is justifiable murder. Killing a murderer is justified.”
— Eliyahu and 50 other Rabbi’s issued an edict forbidding Jews to rent or sell property to Arabs or “gentiles”

Rabbi David Eliezrie was one of the organizers of the anti-Muslim protest in Orange County, California which resulted in the shocking bigotry discussed in this article Orange County 2011 or Germany 1933? (includes video)

Steven Emerson said while receiving an award from B’nai Brith “The level of vitriol against Jews and Christianity within contemporary Islam, unfortunately, is something that we are not totally cognizant of, or that we don’t want to accept. We don’t want to accept it because to do so would be to acknowledge that one of the world’s great religions—which has more than 1.4 billion adherents—somehow sanctions genocide, planned genocide, as part of its religious doctrine.”  Emerson is one of the prolific Islamophobes on which TAM has an entire “backgrounder” article here

Paul Erdman said “In the United States it has become politically incorrect in intellectual and political circles to even think in terms of a War between Civilizations. Yet that is precisely what we are talking about here. The Quran is the root source of the escalating Islam terrorism.”

Gideon Ezra, Israeli Cabinet Minister said that Arabs should be used as security guards in Israel because only they have “the sense of smell needed to smell other Arabs, more so than guards who are immigrants from the former Soviet Union.”,%20Gideon%20Levy.htm

Fairbrook Foundation and Islamophobia

Rabbi Yousuf Falay calls for the extermination of all Palestinian males over 13 years old.  “We have to make sure that no Palestinian individual remains under our occupation. If they (Palestinians) escape then it is good; but if anyone of them remains, then he should be exterminated”. 

Five Towns Jewish Times, a Long Island, NY newspaper published an article that defends killing Muslims

Ari Fleischer said about Pres. Obama’s Cairo speech “bottom line — the speech was balanced and that was what was wrong with it. American policy should not be balanced. It should side with those who fight terror.”

Fountains of Salvation, an Israeli Orthodox “family magazine,” suggests that Israel will create death camps for Palestinians in order to wipe them out like Amalek - “It will be interesting to see whether they leave the assembly of the Amalekites [Palestinians] in extermination camps to others, or whether they will declare that wiping out Amalek is no longer [historically] relevant.  Only time will tell…”  This is basically saying Palestinians to the ovens.

Abraham Foxman Anti-Defamation Director Calls Muslim Dialogue a ‘Pipe Dream’ - he said that that dialogue with moderate Muslims is a “pipe dream” because “there’s nobody to talk to.”  He said:  “You are right. ADL’s interfaith section deals at this point with Christian-Jewish relations. We have tried and continue to try to find partners in the Muslim community. So far there are only a few voices willing to dialogue. But I think we need not to embrace them too quickly because we can destroy their role and influence in the Muslim community. We need to let those who value dialogue and respect the various faith communities to strengthen their voice and their role in the Muslim community and then it would be appropriate to engage them in dialogue. Most of the dialogue going on today is in private, without publicity and fanfare, trying to better understand each other and to build for a future of respect and appreciation of each other.”  in an interview with Haaretz 

Rabbi Manis Friedman, of Chabad of Minnesota said he “doesn’t believe in Western morality” and “The only way to fight a moral war is the Jewish way: Destroy their holy sites. Kill men, women and children (and cattle).”  and

Daveed Gartensteen-Ross Daveed Gartenstein-Ross stretches the Mufti of Jerusalem’s aberrational pro-Nazi behavior to include a generalized “Muslim World’s sympathy with the axis alliance”.

Pamela Geller supports neo-Nazi and far right groups **  and her Islamophobic rantings are so numerous that TAM has an entire “backgrounder” article on her **  A few of her comments:  Pamela Geller said “We are witnessing an Islamized America. This is well beyond political correctness. We are enforcing Shariah. We will not insult Islam. That is Shariah. We self censor. That is Shariah. We disrespect ourselves, our nation, so that we might respect Islam. This is dhimmitude.”  She said regarding the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem:  “The dome has got to go. It is sitting atop the great Jewish temple. The dome has got to go. It’s time to push back and stop indulging evil. Evil is made possible by the sanction you give it. Withdraw your sanction (paraphrasing Ayn Rand).”  She also said ‘Islam is a Mental Illness’ .  Regarding the Hutaree she wrote an article titled “Despite Record Levels of Islamic Terror in U.S., FBI raids Christian Groups”, and she referred to the arrests as “In a word, nuts”.  She also said that Gen. Petraeus was pushing “jihadist rhetoric of Islamic anti-semitism”.  She also called Obama “President Jihad” and said about him “America has no clue what she is dealing with. The President of the United States is advancing jihad against the oath of office that he took. If he is agitating Muslims against Jews, will he declare war on Israel?”  Regarding the proposed mosque in NYC she said “What could be more insulting and humiliating than a monster mosque in the shadow of the World Trade Center buildings that were brought down by an Islamic jihad attack?”  “Any decent, American, Muslim or otherwise, wouldn’t dream of such an insult. It’s a stab in eye of America.”  She said “Muslims have no right to invoke Moses and Abraham. This is a delegitimization of Judaism. It is offensive and vile. And while Jesus is not my guy, the same thing goes for him. It is a delegitimization of Christianity. These are not Muslim prophets.” **  -  Her attacks on the proposed Cordoba House in NYC have been vicious ** and **.  She is the executive director of SIOA (Stop the Islamization of America) which the Southern Poverty Law Center has designated as a hate group.  She was one of the promoters of the anti-Muslim hate-fest in Orange County which led to a disgusting display of bigotry that was caught on video **

Beth Gilinsky organized a protest against Cordoba House in NYC

Rabbi Yitzhak Ginzburg, author of a book ( Baruch the man ) glorifying Hebron mass murderer Baruch Goldstein said that revenge and terrorism are purifying.  Jews are encouraged to take revenge against those who harm them to recover their inner power after centuries of humiliation.  Revenge, he argues, “is stressing my positive essence, the truth in my being. . . . It is like a law of nature. He who takes revenge joins the ‘ecological currents of reality.’ . . . Revenge is the return of the individual and the nation to believe in themselves, in their power and in the fact that they have a place under the sun and are no longer stepped on by everybody.”  -  He also said “If you saw two people drowning, a Jew and a non-Jew, the Torah says you save the Jewish life first,”  - and “If every simple cell in a Jewish body entails divinity, is a part of God, then every strand of DNA is part of God. Therefore, something is special about Jewish DNA…If a Jew needs a liver, can you take the liver of an innocent non-Jew passing by to save him? The Torah would probably permit that. Jewish life has an infinite value.”

Caroline Glick takes credit for the “We con the world” video about the Gaza flotilla. 

Eliran Golan, an Israeli Jew from the city of Haifa, planted several homemade bombs in Haifa, targeting local Arab citizens. One of the bombs, planted in a mosque in the predominantly Arab Halisa neighborhood in Haifa, killed an Arab worshipper.

Jonah Goldberg believes that “There isn’t an anti-Muslim climate.” in the U.S. He said about Park51 Here’s a thought: The 70% of Americans who oppose what amounts to an Islamic Niketown two blocks from ground zero are the real victims of a climate of hate, and anti-Muslim backlash is mostly a myth.

Baruch Goldstein an American Israeli doctor opened fire at a mosque and killed 30 Palestinians. also called the Hebron massacre - Hebron massacre (Baruch Goldstein massacred Muslims during Friday prayers at mosque.  Goldstein’s tombstone reads Here lies the saint, Dr. Baruch Kappel Goldstein, blessed be the memory of the righteous and holy man, may the Lord avenge his blood, who devoted his soul to the Jews, Jewish religion and Jewish land. His hands are innocent and his heart is pure. He was killed as a martyr of God on the 14th of Adar, Purim, in the year 5754 (1994). After his death there are annual graveside parties to celebrate Goldstein) - Jenin massacre

Alan Goodman, a U.S. citizen, attacked Palestinians at al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount, killed a Palestinian Waqf guard and injured several Israeli policemen. - - Goodman, went into Al Aqsa with an M-16 rifle and opened fire on worshippers.  In November 1997, the Israeli government releases Goodman. Unrepentant, Goodman boasts, “I fulfilled my mission.” 

Rabbi Shlomo Goren plans to blow up Dome of the Rock

Haaretz’s English language website features a banner ad promoting the anti-Muslim propaganda film, “Third Jihad”.

Habayit Hayehudi Hashalem (The Complete Jewish Household).wants to restore polygamy  7/11

Shmuel Hacohen, a teacher in a Jerusalem college, said: “Baruch Goldstein was the greatest Jew alive, not in one way but in every way…There are no innocent Arabs here…He was no crazy…Killing isn’t nice, but sometimes it is necessary.”

Halacha and non-Jewish law
- lengthy discussion of whether or not it is allowable for a Jew to inform the authorities (gentile) about a criminal act of a fellow Jew according to halacha  - the conclusion states: One view adopts the view that Jewish law has no prohibition to inform once society has a system of laws and justice, rather than institutional banditry, as government was in the middle ages. The other view states that Jewish law allows cooperation with secular law only when Jewish law recognizes that any particular secular law is valid (and that is contingent on the scope of the rule “the law of the land is the law”). The final view posits that Jewish law does not allow Jews to voluntarily cooperate with secular authorities in the punishing of Jews in situations where the substantive punishment meted out is harsher than that imposed by Jewish law itself. All however agree that the excersize of substantive governmental authority is itself valid in the eyes of Jewish law; the question merely is whether one my cooperate in a society where cooperation is not mandatory. 
- discussion of why celebration of Halloween, even giving out candy is forbidden by halacha
Israel’s Foes as ‘Beasts and Insects’
- Discriminatory Practices Rooted in Jewish Law (halacha), Israel Shahak
- Jewish Law (halacha) site says regarding inheritance “The Torah laws of succession state that when a man dies and leaves sons as well as daughters, the sons inherit his estate, whereas the daughters receive nothing. If he only leaves daughters, then the daughters inherit the estate. Additionally, a firstborn son inherits from his father twice as much as any other son.”
- Yaakov Neeman, Israeli Justice Minister, says Jewish Law (Halacha) Must become Binding in Israel.  “Step by step we will bestow religious law upon the citizens of Israel and transform religious law into the binding law of the state,”
- Yigal Amir who murdered Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin proclaimed after his arrest that this was justified, even commanded, by the rulings of Din Mosser and Din Rodef, as described in the Jewish religious law, or halacha. 
- Rabbis declare that the Halacha (Jewish religious law) commands the killing of innocent Palestinian civilians if this helps to save Jews.  The declaration is signed by the heads of the “Arrangement Yeshivot”, the West Bank settlement rabbis and other religious leaders. They were later joined by one of the two chief rabbis (the Sephardic one).
- Rabbinic Council Says Haiti Earthquake due to Homosexuality
- Rabbis connected with a movement to resurrect the Sanhedrin have issued a halachic opinion implying that OC Central Command Maj.-Gen. Yair Naveh deserves to be killed.  They said in their halachic ruling that Naveh was guilty of being a moser, a Hebrew word that can be roughly translated as an informant or traitor. Literally, it means someone who transfers another’s property or person to enemy authorities. The rabbis see the Olmert government as the equivalent of a gentile enemy that “evilly and violently expels and causes mental and physical damage to Jews.”  Maimonides ruled in his Mishneh Torah: “It is permitted to kill a Jewish moser anywhere, even today when rabbinic courts are not permitted to decide on capital punishment matters.”
- Halacha on marrying non-Jews It is forbidden for Jews to have sexual relations with non-Jews, as it says “You shall not intermarry with them; you shall not give your daughter to his son nor take his daughter for your son"14; the sages extended this prohibition to non-marital relations.e But if they become proselytes we are permitted to marry them.
- Halacha forbids marrying a “mamzer” (bastard in Jewish Law)
- Halacha on forbidden marriages

Hasbara Fellowships and Islamophobia

Adam Hasner Florida State House Majority Leader Leaves Chamber During Muslim Led Prayer in 2009.  Hasner was also a “coalition partner” for a “free speech summit”  featuring Geert Wilders.  A local Florida paper reported that he has been criticized in recent months for seeming worried when some Muslims constituents were coming to speak with their representatives in Tallahassee.”

Rabbi Jon Hausman of Ahavath Torah invited Wafa Sultan, a known bigot and loon to speak at their Synagogue.  He is also a friend and associate of Geert Wilders.

Rabbi Avraham Hecht (chief rabbi of Congregation Sh’are Zion in Brooklyn and at the same time president of the Rabbinical Alliance of America, a national organization of 540 Orthodox rabbis) said that surrendering any of the Land of Israel violated halakah (Jewish law), and anyone who did so could be killed as a rodef, “one who pursues a Jew trying to kill him.”  “All I said was that according to Jewish law, any one person—you can apply it to whoever you want—any one person who willfully, consciously, intentionally hands over human bodies or human property or the human wealth of the Jewish people to an alien people is guilty of the sin for which the penalty is death. And according to Maimonides—you can quote me—it says very clearly, if a man kills him, he has done a good deed.”

Rabbi Yehuda Henkin, author of four volumes of halachic responsa entitled Bnei Banim said regarding Lebanese civilian deaths: “Those who are overly compassionate with the cruel will end up being overly cruel with the compassionate,” ... “The Halacha (Jewish law) countenances the killing of non-combatants in times of war,” says Henkin. “There is no excuse for endangering our own citizens or soldiers to protect the lives of civilians on the other side.”

Hillel at the University of South Florida chapter hosted a hate filled seminar during their ‘Israel Week’ featuring Walid Shoebat whose main point seemed to be that “Islam is not a religion”  -  Shoebat and his claims have been completely discredited

Gur Hammel, an Israeli settler from Itamar, used a rock to shatter the head of an elderly Palestinian man while on a hike near the village of Beit Fourik, near Nablus.

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield’s Double Speak on Wiesenthal Center’s showing of “Third Jihad”

Honest Reporting and Islamophobia

David Horowitz sponsors an annual Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week which is virulently Islamophobic -  Robert Spencer’s  anti-Muslim “Jihad Watch” site is also a project of Horowitz’ foundation. - He runs a site called Discover the Network to track “left leaning” individuals and he maintains the Front Page site -  He has regularly been part of McCarthyite attacks on Muslims and Arabs  - His “David Horowitz’s News Real Blog” recently published an article by Jeanette Pryor titled It’s Time to Put the Coffee Down and Eradicate Islam in the West’s-time-to-put-the-coffee-down-and-eradicate-islam-in-the-west/ This article included the passage “It’s time to join the war, not on “terror” (that oh-so soothing illusion,) but on Islam in the West.  Most urgently, we must defend Israel as the frontline in the war against the spread of Islam.”

Hurva Synagogue in Jerusalem

IDF - Tee-shirts Dead Palestinian babies and bombed mosques - IDF fashion 2009
- IDF troops film themselves humiliating bound Palestinian
- IDF “subcontracted” by extremist settlers, Jonathan Cook
- IDF denied Christian pilgrims from visiting Bethlehem during Easter week 2010.
- IDF - Two Staff sergeants indicted for allegedly forcing Palestinian children to open possibly booby-trapped bags
- IDF - murders at Manara Square, Ramallah where Four bystanders were killed, more than 30 wounded
- IDF soldier kills British filmmaker James Miller.
- IDF Trains Muslim-Hating Dogs
- IDF Murder of of Rachel Corrie an American citizen.

- school principal prohibits students from speaking Arabic,7340,L-4005947,00.html
- Israeli Cabinet Approves Loyalty Oath for Non-Jews: ‘Arabs Raus’
- apartheid state
- converting Arabic place names to Hebrew in West Bank
-  Mixed Marriages in a Jewish State
- denies entry to Muslim wife of Jewish Iranian immigrant
- singer lashed 39 times by rabbi for singing 
- hosts anti-Islam conference
- rally for segregation in girls school  and
- rabbi’s say no renting to non-Jews
- set to build a “Museum of Tolerance” on a Muslim cemetery  and -
- spy chief fears Jewish extremist plot
- Orthodox Jewish men harrass women praying at western wall
- Survey: Majority Of Israeli Jewish Youth Could Support Genocide Against Arabs
-  ‘Modesty Buses’ for orthodox women and - ‘Modesty patrols’ in Haredim neighbourhoods have started a vigilante movement that targets those who fail to live up to their moral laws 
- women asked to sit at back of buses
- orthodox protestors spit on female journalist
- Democracy, For Jews Only?
- government engaged in demonstrably false propoganda against the Gaza aid flotilla
- Housing Minister: “Spread of Arab population must be stopped”
- Israeli Expert Says No Peace Possible With Muslim World Ever,7340,L-3304024,00.html
- New Israeli Cabinet Minister Calls for Total Segregation
- Orthodox youths burn New Testaments distributed by Christian missionaries in Or Yehuda, Israel
- Palestinian Christians Barred from Easter Pilgrimage
- racism and violence towards Palestinians in Safed
- woman arrested for wearing a prayer shawl
- woman arrested for carrying a Torah near the wall
- extremists block Palestinians from praying on Temple Mount
- Bat Yam rally: Death to Jewish women who date Arabs
- The rabbi of Safed, a government employee, has decreed that it is strictly forbidden to let apartments to Arabs – including the Arab students at the local medical school.
- Students on trip to IDF base simulated shooting targets with Arab headdress
- Dozens of right-wing Jewish activists marched through Jerusalem and were filmed chanting inflammatory messages and singing provocative songs in the capital, including “Muhammad is dead,” “May your village burn,” “Death to leftists,” and “Butcher the Arabs.”,7340,L-4077292,00.html
- Settlers attack West Bank Mosque and burn Qur’ans
Hebron Attack that killed three Palestinians, including an infant. All the victims were members of the same family, returning home from a wedding.
- Arson Destroys West Jerusalem Baptist Church
- Hebron evictions: Jewish settlers shoot Palestinians
- Injustice Ignored: Timeline of Palestine History
- Irgun terrorist attacks during 1930’s
- Israel bans use of the term nakba (catastrophe) from Arab schools
- Israel Accused of State Terrorism
- Israeli diplomat carrying large amount of explosives arrested in Argentina
- Jewish extremists suspected in attack on Israeli peace activist
- Jewish terrorism in Israel list
- Jewish underground group set off car bombs that crippled two Palstinian mayors, and plannned to bomb five Arab commuter buses and and blow up Al-Aksa Mosque in Jerusalem, partly in hopes of provoking a war so cataclysmic that it would hasten the arrival of the Messiah.  - another extremist group plotted to blow up a Palestinian hospital and a girls’ school in Arab East Jerusalem  and [2]
- Spitting attacks by Orthodox Jews on Christian clergy becoming a daily occurence in Jerusalem
- Haredi modesty patrol members threw acid on a teenage girl for wearing pants  and
- Hundreds of soccer fans crowd Jerusalem mall shouting: ‘Death to Arabs!’
- Israeli textbooks foster hate towards Arabs
- Israeli Supreme Court upholds ban on Palestinians living with Israeli spouses
- thousands of Israelis gathered to protest haredi (ultra-Orthodox) abuses of women and girls in Beit Shemesh
- Women Fight Religious Segregation in Israel
- Israel’s role in terrorism
- The Threat of Terrorism by Jewish Anti-Disengagement Extremists

Israel Hasbara Committee Posts anti-Muslim “you worry me” email  - more on them at

Israel Project’s Secret Hasbara Handbook Exposed

Prof. Raphael Israeli said “LIFE can become untenable when the Muslim population of a non-Muslim country reaches about 10 per cent so Muslim immigration should be capped in Australia.”  - He said, in a speech in Australia:  “You have to adopt some kind of preventative policy. In order not to get there, limit the immigration and therefore you keep them a marginal minority, which will be a nuisance, but cannot pose a threat to the demographic and security aspects of a country.”

Israeli Mayor of Nazareth Illit bans Christmas trees for Christian Palestinians

An Israeli school, Ohel Meir school in Afula in northern Israel allowed a Muslim family to use the school hall for a wedding.  Now parents are demanding that the synagogue at the school be purified from the impurity they think Muslims in the space caused.

Israeli Security Solutions International anti-Muslim group

Israeli settlers attacked Christian Christmas carolers from Bethlehem Bible college

Israeli students express hatred of Arabs,7340,L-4015645,00.html

Charles Jacobs and the David Project against Boston mosque

JDL member posts signs in storefront calling Arabs “pigs” and “murderous scum”  - JDL makes death threats against activist Adam Shapiro - JDL and EDL (British neo Nazis)

Jewish Agency releases anti mixed-marriage ads  and actually asks Israelis to report the name and contact information for Diaspora youth allegedly in danger of assimilating by dating or marrying non-Jews

The Jewish Chronicle published an article by Douglas Murray which said ““A phobia is something irrational, but there’s a very rational fear in being scared of Islam today and wanting to act against it. Of course that doesn’t mean all Muslims are radical.  Islam is not a race, it’s an ideology. It’s not bad to dislike someone for their ideology. That is not racism.”

Jewish Defense Leage (JDL) - - JDL - Two leaders of the Jewish Defense League, Irv Rubin and Earl Krugel conspired to blow up Arab and Muslim institutions in southern California, including the offices of Arab-American congressman Rep. Darrell Issa in California.  The Jewish Defense League was linked with a bomb explosion outside of Aeroflot’s New York City office, and a detonation outside of Soviet cultural offices in Washington. Also a JDL member allegedly fired a rifle into the Soviet Union’s mission office at the United Nations. Two JDL members were convicted of bomb possession and burglary in a conspiracy to blow up the Long Island residence of the Soviet Mission to the UN.  - FBI statistics show that from 1980 through 1985, there were 18 terrorist attacks in the U.S. committed by Jews; 15 of those by members of the JDL  - - Victor Vancier head of the JDL ‘‘terrorist bombings’’ in the New York area since 1984 - ADL backgrounder on this extremist organization

Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs sponsors Walid Shoebat as a speaker at their conference  (see also Hillel)

Jewish Internet Defense Force said in response to an article by a Muslim: “In reality, Islam is like a deadly, contagious disease. Once it invades the mind of its victim, it is capable of transforming him to a helpless pawn that has no choice but to execute what he is directed to do. Of the reported 1.3 billion Muslims in the world, millions are already trapped in the terminal stages of this affliction, while millions of others are rapidly joining them. The people enslaved with the extreme cases of Islamic mental disease are highly infectious. They actively work to transmit the disease to others, while they themselves engage in horrific acts of mayhem and violence to demonstrate their unconditional obedience to the dictates of the Islamic cult.”

A Jewish man who refused to give his name, at a demonstration against a Sheepshead mosque, told a Brooklyn newspaper reporter “If they build a mosque there, I’m going to bomb the mosque.  I will give them a lot of trouble.  They’re not going to stay here alive.”

Jewish Task Force JTF has a viciously anti-Muslim site

Jews Against Obama focuses on his “Muslim” connection and calls Islam a despicable and racist death cult

Judaism 101 site says “Under Jewish law, a man can divorce a woman for any reason or no reason. The Talmud specifically says that a man can divorce a woman because she spoiled his dinner or simply because he finds another woman more attractive, and the woman’s consent to the divorce is not required. In fact, Jewish law requires divorce in some circumstances: when the wife commits a sexual transgression, a man must divorce her, even if he is inclined to forgive her.  ...  The position of husband and wife with regard to divorce is not an equal one. According to the Talmud, only the husband can initiate a divorce, and the wife cannot prevent him from divorcing her. Later rabbinical authorities took steps to ease the harshness of these rules by prohibiting a man from divorcing a woman without her consent. In addition, a rabbinical court can compel a husband to divorce his wife under certain circumstances: when he is physically repulsive because of some medical condition or other characteristic, when he violates or neglects his marital obligations (food, clothing and sexual intercourse), or, according to some views, when there is sexual incompatibility.”

Kach Movement weapons cache A cache of weapons discovered hidden in caves in the West Bank has raised extra alarm bells among Israel’s internal intelligence service because the terrorists are Jewish extremists.The weapons were stolen from the army by members of the same movement that tried to blow up an Arab girls’ school in Jerusalem two years ago using a trailer packed with explosives.  Fox News Aug. 16, 2004   -  Kach attacks ferry in Cyprus.  - Noam Federman former leader of the Kach party involved in many acts of terrorism see also Meir Kahane

Ben-Ami Kadish, a mechanical engineer at a U.S. Army facility in New Jersey was arrested on charges of relaying secrets to Israel from 1979 to 1985, including nuclear secrets. 4/08

Rabbi Meir Kahane founder of Kach and Kahane Chai terrorist organizations still won a seat on the Israeli Knesset  His suporters praised the Gaza massacre and called the killings at Bein Hanoun in Gaza in which 18 Palestinians were killed “holy”.,7340,L-3326400,00.html  - Kahane supporters also gathered at Ground Zero in 2010 for an anti-Muslim rally

Rabbi Colonel Eyal Karim of the Israeli IDF implied that rape is allowed in war.  When asked a question about this he said “The wars of Israel […] are mitzvah wars, in which they differ from the rest of the wars the nations wage among themselves. Since, essentially, a war is not an individual matter, but rather nations wage war as a whole, there are cases in which the personality of the individual is “erased” for the benefit of the whole. And vice versa: sometimes you risk a large unit for the saving of an individual, when it is essential for purposes of morale. One of the important and critical values during war is maintaining the army’s fighting ability […] As in war the prohibition against risking your life is broken for the benefit of others, so are the prohibitions against immorality and of kashrut. Wine touched by gentiles, consumption of which is prohibited in peacetime, is allowed at war, to maintain the good spirit of the warriors. Consumption of prohibited foods is permitted at war (and some say, even when kosher food is available), to maintain the fitness of the warriors, even though they are prohibited during peacetime. Just so, war removes some of the prohibitions on sexual relations (gilui arayot in the original – YZG), and even though fraternizing with a gentile woman is a very serious matter, it was permitted during wartime (under the specific terms) out of understanding for the hardship endured by the warriors. And since the success of the whole at war is our goal, the Torah permitted the individual to satisfy the evil urge (yetzer ha’ra in the original -YZG), under the conditions mentioned, for the purpose of the success of the whole.”

MK Yaakov (Katzele) Katz of the National Union and chairman for the Knesset committee to examine the problems of the foreign workers,  proposal for migrants and refugees: Labor camps

Bennie Katzover, a leader of the Samaria settler group said Israeli democracy must be dismantled and in its place a halakhic state, based on Jewish law, should be established.  ***

Joe Kaufman, a Florida anti-Muslim extremist with a long history of seeking to marginalize and disenfranchise the American Muslim community and its institutions. He has in the past promoted the views of the terrorist organizations Kach and Kahane Chai and praised the Kahane terror group and its founder Mier Kahane on a forum of the radical Jewish Defense League in Florida. ***
—  In 2006, Kaufman joined forces with an anti-Islam preacher in Florida to block the expansion of a mosque in Boca Raton. “This mosque should not exist on American shores,” said Kaufman.  In 2003, Kaufman was forced to remove a link to on his website after CAIR exposed his efforts to promote the terror group. That same year, the Washington Post reported that the United States added to its list of foreign terrorist organizations,,, as aliases for the Jewish group Kahane Chai or Kach, which is suspected of organizing attacks on Palestinians.” ***
— Kaufman also made false accusations against a Muslim youth group. 
— He has advocated a nuclear holocaust against Muslims in response to 9/11 ***
— He called Muslims who plan on holding a Family Day at an amusement park on September 12th “insensitive” to the memory of 9/11.  However, he also attacked this event back in 2007 when it was being held on October 14th.  ***
—Kaufman and Americans Against Hate ***
— Kaufman objected to a local Florida CAIR group adopting a street to clean up litter ***

The King’s Torah, Rabbinic text or call to terrorism?  - being endorsed by state employed rabbi’s  see also Rabi Itzhak Shapira

Kiryas Joel is a Hasidic Jewish enclave in New York.  Congregation Yetev Lev of the village posted signs at the village’s entrance – in both English and Spanish – asking outsiders to cover their legs and arms, use appropriate language and maintain gender separation in public.  — there have been questions about whether or not the village violates the establishment clause of the Constitution of the U.S. 

The Koch Brothers’ Vast Right-Wing Media Conspiracy

Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook said in praise of war: “When war breaks out, the power of the Messiah is aroused. The time of the nightingale has arrived; she sings in the boughs. The wicked ones disappear from the world, the earth is perfumed, and the voice of the turtle-dove is heard in our land.”  - Rabbi Kook the Elder, the revered father of the messianic tendency of Jewish fundamentalism, said, “The difference between a Jewish soul and souls of non-Jews—all of them in all different levels—is greater and deeper than the difference between a human soul and the souls of cattle.”

Rabbi Simcha Kook of Rechovot and the Rabbis of the Israeli Chief Rabbinate say no to a Christian-Jewish Conference.  The rabbis ruled that these efforts are actually part of a long-running campaign to bring Israeli-Jews to believe in Jesus.  Events of this nature have been banned in the past by Torah giants throughout the generations, and they are forbidden.”

Dr. Martin Kramer, a fellow at Harvard’s National Security Studies Program, has posted a speech he delivered at a Herzliya Conference in Israel in which he urged solving the Palestinian refugee problem by population control i.e “stopping pro-natal subsidies to Palestinians with refugee status.” In other words, starve the Palestinians so they don’t have babies and, he seems to be saying, starving the babies so they don’t grow up.  and

Charles Krauthammer  - He said that the Qur’an inspires terrorism.  He also said regarding the Virginia Tech massacre:  “What you can say, just—not as a psychiatrist, but as somebody who’s lived through the a past seven or eight years, is that if you look at that picture, it draws its inspiration from the manifestos, the iconic photographs of the Islamic suicide bombers over the last half decade in Palestine, in Iraq and elsewhere.  That’s what they end up leaving behind, either on al Jazeera or Palestinian TV. And he, it seems, as if his inspiration for leaving the message behind in that way, might have been this kind of suicide attack, which, of course, his was. And he did leave the return address return “Ismail Ax.” “Ismail Ax.” I suspect it has some more to do with Islamic terror and the inspiration than it does with the opening line of Moby Dick.”

Lawrence Kulak article calling for murder of innocent Muslims

Rabbi Levanon from the West Bank issued a ruling that women may not run for political office or mix with men and bans women from voting

Mark Levin hosts the syndicated radio program “The Mark Levin Show.” Levin has frequently contributed legal opinions to “The Rush Limbaugh Show” and “The Sean Hannity Show,” where Hannity nicknamed him “The Great One.”  Levin was opposed to the Park51 Center in NYC. 

Rabbi Shlomo J. Lewis of Atlanta’s Etz Chaim (Conservative) synagogue anti-Muslim sermon 

Avigdor Lieberman’s anti-Palestinian statements

Shamai Leibowitz, an FBI Hebrew translator, was arrested in May 2010 for revealing restricted information consisting of five reports classified “secret” to an unidentified blogger. He confessed—explaining that he had been trying to reveal illegal activity—repented, and was sentenced to a minimum term of 20 months in prison. He has now been released. There was considerable speculation over what Leibowitz, a left-wing, Israel-born dual national, had actually revealed

Rabbi Moshe Levinger, the leader of the Gush Emunim denounced by U.N. Commission on Human Rights as a racist!OpenDocument  - he supports the deportation of those Palestinians who do not obey Jewish law to the surrounding Arab countries.

Bill Levinson has an article Key Talking Points to Demonize Militant “Islam”.  The problem with this is that his methods and examples do demonize all Muslims

Nathan Lewin wrote an article in which he said “What if Israel and the United States announced that henceforth the perpetrators of all suicide attacks would be treated as if they had brought their parents and brothers and sisters with them to the site of the explosion? Suicide killers should know that they will take the lives of not only themselves and the many people they don’t know (but nonetheless hate) in the crowd that surrounds them when they squeeze the button that detonates their bomb, but also the lives of their parents, brothers, and sisters. The nation whose civilians are killed or maimed should, by “targeted assassinations” or other means, be free promptly to execute the immediate relatives of the suicide bombers. This consequence would, I believe, deter most suicide killers - many of whom now anticipate that not only will they be rewarded in a world-to-come, but that their immediate families will be honored and granted lavish benefits on this earth. ... Finally, can Jewish law and tradition accept this seeming punishment of innocents? The Torah commanded the total eradication - including women and children - of certain nations (Amalek being a singular illustration) because of the continuing threat its members presented to the survival of Israel. When there is no other deterrent, self-defense entitles one to take measures that are ordinarily unacceptable.”  Nathan Lewin is a prominent Washington, D.C, attorney and Jewish community leader  , he is an attorney who has spoken in front of the U.S. Senate  (note: this article seems to have been removed from the site, but references to the article are still available)

Isi Leibler said “Whereas all three major monotheistic religions incorporate elements of militant piety and violence, Islam, with its unique jihadism, today represents the most violent doctrine.” 

Rabbi Dov Lior, Top Yesha rabbi issues a halakhic ruling saying that Jewish law forbids renting houses or apartments to Arabs or employing them - he also said Jewish couples should’t use non-Jewish sperm because a baby born through such an insemination will have the “negative genetic traits that characterize non-Jews.” 

“Lobby for Jewish Values”, a rabbinical group, recently began to take action against restaurants and hotels that intend to put up Christian symbols in Israel for Christmas. “We are considering making public those business establishments that put up Christian symbols for the Christian holidays and will call to boycott them,” said the lobby’s chairman, Ofer Cohen.

Jackie Mason called “the whole Muslim religion” a “murderous organization” that teaches “hate, terrorism and murder.”

Michael Medved said about Muslims Quite naturally, the people who look favorably on Islam feel unconcerned over its ancient teachings or loathsome perversions in benighted corners of the globe, and focus instead on the law-abiding, patriotic, family-loving Muslims who have established benign communities throughout the United States. But even the decent people who reside in those communities rightly worry that their impressionable off-spring may become too religious, too zealous in their fervent commitment to The Prophet and his teachings.  Medved wrote The spiritual leader of the proposed Islamic Cultural Center near Ground Zero insists that the true problem is extremism, not Islam itself. “The real battlefront today is not between Muslims and non-Muslims,” declared Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf to the Council on Foreign Relations, “but between moderates of all faith traditions against the extremists of all faith traditions.”  This ignores the huge differences –both quantitative (Islamic radicals are vastly more numerous) and qualitative (Muslim fanatics endorse uniquely murderous rhetoric and deeds) – between extremists in one faith tradition and all others. ...  Reservations about Islam, and even fears of the Muslim faith’s influence on the world at large, don’t constitute paranoia or intolerance. These concerns represent an honest and reasonable response on the part of a significant segment of the public to a serious global challenge to the values that Americans hold most dear.

MEMRI and Islamophobia

Mercaz Harav extremist Yeshiva teaches that “non-Jews living under Jewish law in Eretz Yisrael (Land of Israel) must either be enslaved as water carriers and wood hewers, or banished, or exterminated.”  -  Rabbis at Mercaz Harav yeshiva in Jerusalem granted rabbinical approval to avenge Jerusalem yeshiva attack by an attack on a senior official at the Temple Mount mosque (who had nothing to do with the yeshiva murders).,7340,L-3518000,00.html  -  Yeshiva Mercas HaRav accused of teaching hatred of Palestinians

Rabbi Yona Metzger wants to move the Gazans to Sinai.  This would amount to ethnic cleansing.
He also thanked Bush for war against Iraq 

Rabbi Marzel, leader of the Jewish National Front party and was affiliated with Meir Kahane & acting spokesman for Kach terrorist organization for 10 years. He called on his supporters to kill journalist Uri Avnery, and called for a religious war against homosexuals.  He also said “The Temple Mount belongs to the Jews; it is forbidden to give in.”

Benny Morris in an interview with Haaretz defended the 1948 expulsion of Palestinians and said ““There are circumstances in history that justify ethnic cleansing.”

The Museum of Tolerance screened the Islamophobic film “The Third Jihad”

Yaakov Neeman, Israeli Justice Minister, says Jewish Law (Halacha) Must become Binding in Israel.  “Step by step we will bestow religious law upon the citizens of Israel and transform religious law into the binding law of the state,”

NY synagogue, Israeli settler leader calls for assassination of Abbas– and tax-deductible contributions 

Rabbi HaRav Yitzchak Nissim, the Chief Sephardic Rabbi of Israel said in 1968, “The Land of Israel was, with its borders, defined for us by Divine Providence. Thou shalt be, says the Almighty, and there it is. No power on earth can alter that which was created by Him. In this connection it is not a question of law or logic, neither is it a matter of human treatment or that sort of thing.”

Olmert Says Israel’s Goal Is to Ensure a Jewish Majority,7340,L-3248515,00.html

Rabbi Shmuel Pappenheim,  editor of the Eida Haredit’s weekly magazine “Ha’eidah” and the Rabbinical Court in Israel held a special session and discussed placing a pulsa danura on those who have a hand in organizing a gay march.  (this is a curse of death)

Marty Peret’s blog “Spine” on Muslim population [1] - on Fort Hood massacre [2] - comment on Arabs [3] (Glenn Greenwald) - comment “Muslim life is cheap” and suggestion that Muslims shouldn’t come under first amendment 4, [4a] (Kevin Flower) - Peretz’ bigotry [5] (Glenn Greenwald)

Rabbi Jaacov Perrin said during his eulogy of Baruch Goldstein “One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail” ((New York Daily News, Feb. 28, 1994, p.6)

Daniel Pipes - This is a fellow that has had so much to say about Islam, Muslims, and Muslim organizations in the U.S. (all of it negative) that there is no point in doing more than pointing out a few of the responses that have listed in the past to his claims.  ... Daniel Pipes article attacking Khaled Abou El Fadl [1],  “Identifying Muslim Moderates” [2], and [3] (Sheila Musaji)  and 4 (Louay Safi), and response to Daniel Pipes attack on The American Muslim logo [5] (Sheila Musaji) and [6] (Jeremy Henzell-Thomas), and collection of articles on religion building [7], on Pipes’ position on Palestinian right of return [8] (Habib Siddiqui), on Campus Watch [9] (Valerie Saturen),  nomination to USIP by President Bush [10],  Pipes and the Mujahedeen-e Khalq (MEK) [11], Pipes history [[12]], interview with Andrew Potter [13] (Sheila Musaji).  He is on the advisory board for the ENDOWMENT FOR MIDDLE EAST TRUTH.  FAIR Smearcaster report on Daniel Pipes.  Pipes also stands with Geert Wilders  - He also attacked Debbie Almontaser and the Khalil Gibran Academy  -  Says all Muslims are to be feared.  11-07 In an article in Commentary magazine he recommends “vigilant application of social and political pressure to ensure that Islam is not accorded special status of any kind in this country.” (Commentary, November 2001)  The “special status” Pipes refers to includes ordinary religious accommodations for Muslims in the workplace and “inclusion of Muslims in affirmative-action plans.” In that same article, Pipes wrote: “The Muslim population in this country is not like any other group……they harbor designs for this country that warrant urgent and serious attention.”  Pipes said: “Conversion to Islam substantially increases the probability of a person’s involvement in terrorism.”  Pipes also said “There is no escaping the unfortunate fact that Muslim government employees in law enforcement, the military and the diplomatic corps need to be watched for connections to terrorism.” - Pipes’ article “Islamism 2.0” which is a disturbing article in which he calls violent terrorists like bin Laden, followers of Islamism 1.0 and people like Keith Ellison and Tariq Ramadan, followers of Islamism 2.0 which according to Pipes is non violent, but only strategically so, and much more dangerous. - In a 1990 article “The Muslims Are Coming, The Muslims Are Coming”, Daniel Pipes could only come up with what now seems like a lame comment on Muslim hygiene:  “Fears of a Muslim influx have more substance than the worry about jihad. West European societies are unprepared for the massive immigration of brown-skinned peoples cooking strange foods and not exactly maintaining Germanic standards of hygiene.”  Pipes has also warned (American Jewish Congress, 10/21/01) that “the presence, and increased stature, and affluence, and enfranchisement of American Muslims” entail “true dangers” for American Jews.  Pipes also said regarding the Khalil Gibran school “learning Arabic in itself promotes an Islamic outlook.”  He said he supported such a school in principle because the country needs native-born Arabic speakers. But Pipes warned that in practice, “Arabic language instruction is inevitably laden with pan-Arabist and Islamist baggage…”

Bernie Planck said “There are Jewish lemmings today who have deluded themselves into believing that Islam is no threat to Judaism; that the fear of Islam, or Islamophobia is unjustified intolerance.”  He also said: “Muslims, all Muslims, are a threat to Western Civilization: simply because they will not assimilate.”  - Bernie Planck of Planck’s Constant on J Blog Central (Jewish Blog) said “I do not hate Muslims, however I do fear Islam. I present anti-Muslim jokes to ridicule Islam, the Quran, and Mohammed. I do so in the hope of helping those who do not realize that being a Muslim is exactly the same as being a Nazi. I fear that what is happening with the Islamization of Europe will happen here.”  He said “Army sniper Staff Sergeant Jim Gilliland, who has an estimated 55 to 65 kills in less than five months, has set a new record for the longest confirmed kill in Iraq at over three-quarters of a mile. 1 down, 1 billion to go. Of course, if all the Muslims in Europe and America were to kindly get out, it would make it easier for us to get rid of all of Islam.”

Polygamy - One man, seven wives, eight children… And two more on the way. Is this Britain’s most bizarre family?—And-way-Is-Britains-bizarre-family.html 

Poll in Israel - Fifty percent of Jewish Israeli high-schoolers believe that Arab Israelis should not be granted the same rights as their Jewish counterparts, according to a new Ma’agar Mohot poll of 536 15-to-18-year-olds.  Furthermore, Arabs should be prevented from running for Knesset, 56 percent of the Jewish children said.  Fifty percent of the Jewish youngsters who defined themselves as religious said the “Death to Arabs” slogan was legitimate.

Dennis Prager at war with Muslims - He said that Keith Ellison should not be allowed to take his oath on the Qur’an, and “he should not be allowed to do so—not because of any American hostility to the Koran, but because the act undermines American civilization.”  and further “Insofar as a member of Congress taking an oath to serve America and uphold its values is concerned, America is interested in only one book, the Bible. If you are incapable of taking an oath on that book, don’t serve in Congress.”  He also said “Devotees of multiculturalism and political correctness who do not see how damaging to the fabric of American civilization it is to allow [newly-elected Congressman Keith] Ellison to choose his own book need only imagine a racist elected to Congress. Would they allow him to choose Hitler’s “Mein Kampf,” the Nazis’ bible, for his oath?”

Burt Prelutsky wrote on World Net Daily, “But here on planet Earth, Islam is a religion whose mullahs preach sermons of death to the infidels. And just in case you haven’t noticed, that includes everybody who doesn’t spend several minutes every day bowing down to Mecca.”

Purim party in Israel 2010 praises Baruch Goldstein  - Militant Jews gathered at the grave of Baruch Goldstein to celebrate the sixth anniversary of his massacre of Muslim worshippers in Hebron.

Rabbi calls on congregation at Maryland Mosque to hate

Rabbinical Council of America issued a statement calling on the Israeli military to be less concerned with avoiding civilian casualties on the opposing side when carrying out future operations. (not to be worried about civilian deaths)  Israel Too Worried About Civilian Deaths

Rabbinical Council for Peace tells U.S. Ambassador: Time to ‘Go Biblical’ with Arabs

Rabbi’s protest construction over Jewish cemetary in Lithuania - although Israel goes ahead with plan to build a Museum of Tolerance on a Muslim cemetary in Israel.

Racist anti-black rally in Tel Aviv (video)

RED HEIFER - Red Heifer: How Religious Nutballs Could Start WWIII, Justin Raimondo - Red Heifer and the Third Temple - Red Heifer, Holy Cow?, Chuck Missler - Red Heifer Born in Israel - Red Heifer Cloning - Red Heifer Mystery - Red Heifer Days

The Republican Jewish Coalition was responsible for mailing anti-Muslim film “Obsession” Reform rabbis and other Jews and

Rabbi Jack Riemer, founding chair of the National Rabbinic Network, and Bill Clinton’s rabbinic counsel during his presidency, has, in his weekly Torah commentary on parsha B’shallah, declared Islamic fundamentalism to be Amalek.  (The ones the Old Testament said to totally destroy or annihilate)

The “Rogue Jew” wrote on Mens News Daily.  “Some people think every city should hold a privately organized Koran flushing festival every year on September 11. During this festival we can take a few hours to mourn the human losses at the hands of such a corrupt, violent faith and enumerate historical atrocities inspired by this sad excuse for a holy book.” (article contains offensive illustrations)

Israeli Chief Military Rabbi” Brigadier General Avi Ronzki gave soldiers fighting in Gaza a pamphlet telling them to show no mercy and saying that civilians were not innocent

Radio host Mike Rosen said about the proposed Cordoba House/Park 51 project in NY I think they should be allowed to build it followed by the hijacking of an Iranian plane right into that building and blow it to smithereens.

Rabbi Yisrael Rosen, director of the Tsomet Institute said: “All of the Palestinians must be killed; men, women, infants, and even their beasts.”  In an article published by numerous religious Israeli newspapers and run by the liberal Haaretz on 26 March, Rosen asserted that there is evidence in the Torah to justify this stand. Rosen, an authority able to issue religious opinions for Jews, wrote that Palestinians are like the nation of Amalekites that attacked the Israelite tribes on their way to Jerusalem after they had fled from Egypt under the leadership of Moses. He wrote that the Lord sent down in the Torah a ruling that allowed the Jews to kill the Amalekites, and that this ruling is known in Jewish jurisprudence.

Rabbi Isaac Rosenbaum arrested for organ trafficking  - at least 5 other New Jersey rabbi’s arrested as part of this organ trafficking ring - total of 44 arrested on corruption and money-laundering charges

Sid Rosenberg an Imus anchor said referring to Palestinians ”They’re all brainwashed, though. That’s what it is. And they’re stupid to begin with, but they’re brainwashed now. Stinking animals. They ought to drop the bomb right there, kill ‘em all right now.”

Allyson Rowen-Taylor, a Jewish activist in L.A. at an interfaith screening for the film A Mighty Heart he likened CAIR’s involvement to “David Duke co-sponsoring ‘Schindler’s List.’” “The only reason they like this film is because it’s about a dead Jew,” he said.

Jennifer Rubin defended Rachel Abrams anti-Palestinian rant.  Before any facts were in Rubin blamed Muslims for the Norway massacre.

SANE Society of Americans for National Existence and David Yarushalmi - SANE released a policy paper that in part stated: “Whereas, adherence to Islam as a Muslim is prima facie evidence of an act in support of the overthrow of the US. Government through the abrogation, destruction, or violation of the US Constitution and the imposition of Shari’a on the American People . . .  It shall be a felony punishable by 20 years in prison to knowingly act in furtherance of, or to support the, adherence to Islam.” 2/2007   - more on SANE here

Rabbi Hershel Schachter of Yeshiva University called for the murder of the Israeli Prime Minister

Michael Savage - On the July 2 edition of his nationally syndicated radio show, discussing the recent terror-related arrests in Britain, radio host Michael Savage said, “[W]hen I see a woman walking around with a burqa, I see a Nazi,” adding, “That’s what I see—how do you like that?—a hateful Nazi who would like to cut your throat and kill your children.” Savage also said that when a Muslim woman wears a burqa, “She’s doing it to spit in your face. She’s saying, ‘You white moron, you, I’m going to kill you if I can.’ ” 7/2/07 and [2]  “I’m not gonna put my wife in a hijab. And I’m not gonna put my daughter in a burqa. And I’m not gettin on my all-fours and praying to Mecca. And you could drop dead if you don’t like it. You can shove it up your pipe. I don’t wanna hear anymore about Islam. I don’t wanna hear one more word about Islam. Take your religion and shove it up your behind. I’m sick of you.”  “What kind of religion is this? What kind of world are you living in when you let them in here with that throwback document in their hand, which is a book of hate. Don’t tell me I need reeducation. They need deportation. I don’t need reeducation. Deportation, not reeducation. You can take C-A-I-R and throw ‘em out of my country. I’d raise the American flag and I’d get out my trumpet if you did it. Without due process. You can take your due process and shove it.” “What sane nation that worships the U.S. constitution, which is the greatest document of freedom ever written, would bring in people who worship a book that tells them the exact opposite. Make no mistake about it, the Quran is not a document of freedom. The Quran is a document of slavery and chattel. It teaches you that you are a slave.”  10/27/07 Michael Savage on The Savage Nation, discussing a caller’s statement that “Muslim fundamentalists” are “walk[ing] around Northern Virginia as if they own the place,” Michael Savage asked, “Why would a nation that is as evolved as America, and as liberal as America is socially, want to bring in throwbacks who are living in the 15th century?” He also asked: “What is the societal benefit of bringing in throwbacks, some of whom are no doubt terrorists, and some of whom are gonna produce children who will become terrorists?” 9/08 Savage said “Arabs aren’t really human and most Americans would just like to drop a nuclear bomb on them - any of them”. .  He also called Arabs “non-humans” and “racist, fascist bigots”; asserted that Americans would like to “drop a nuclear weapon” on any Arab country; and that “these people” in the Middle East “need to be forcibly converted to Christianity” in order to “turn them into human beings.”  Michael Savage declared that in order to “save the United States,” lawmakers should institute “an outright ban on Muslim immigration” into the country. Savage also recommended making “the construction of mosques illegal in America, and the speaking of English only in the streets of the United States the law.”  - Michael Savage called for “kill[ing] 100 million” Muslims. . .  Savage told listeners that “intelligent people, wealthy people ... are very depressed by the weakness that America is showing to these psychotics in the Muslim world. They say, ‘Oh, there’s a billion of them.’ ” Savage continued: “I said, ‘So, kill 100 million of them, then there’d be 900 million of them.’ I mean ... would you rather us die than them? - On the October 23, 2006, edition of his radio show, Savage said of Ethiopians: “The people down there have flies around their eyes,” adding, “I never went into an Ethiopian restaurant. The Ethiopians come here to eat American food.” Earlier in the broadcast, while discussing Ramadan and the continued violence in Iraq, Savage suggested that Islam is “a bloodthirsty religion that’s practiced over there by a bunch of throwbacks, and we’re gonna to kill ‘em.” Savage called for the United States to say: “That’s it, we’re leaving them; we’re killing them.” Michael Savage Compared reports that incoming Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) “won’t swear to uphold the oath of office on the Bible, but on the Quran instead” to “[a] witch get[ting] elected” and saying “she’s gonna only be sworn in with her hand over a pentagram.” Savage called Ellison’s reported decision to be sworn in with a Quran “the tyranny of the psycho, whacked-out minority.”  Savage also said “I tell you right now - the largest percentage of Americans would like to see a nuclear weapon dropped on a major Arab capital. They don’t even care which one ... I think these people need to be forcibly converted to Christianity. It’s the only thing that can probably turn them into human beings.”  and  During the 2008 campaign, Savage said “Now we have an unknown stealth candidate who went to a madrassa in Indonesia and, in fact, was a Muslim.” Seeking to get “the facts,” Savage insisted that “[w]e have a right to know if he’s a so-called friendly Muslim or one who aspires to more radical teachings.”

Laura Schlessinger called Muslims “murderers” on her nationally syndicated radio program.

Debbie Schlussel said: “Tough luck, Muslims.  Despite your endless whining, dogs will sniff you, anyway (if the stench doesn’t kill ‘em).” 6/08   Schlussel also said in an article titled “Barack Hussein Obama: Once a Muslim, Always A Muslim” and posted on her website, that because Sen. Barack Obama’s middle name is Hussein, his late, estranged father was of Muslim descent, and he has shown interest in his father’s Kenyan heritage, Obama’s “loyalties” must be called into question as he emerges as a possible Democratic presidential candidate.  II.  She was one of the most hateful in her comments on Whole Foods having a Ramadan promotion, about which she said And, now, there is the Ramadan crap, solely for monetary reasons.  Yes, like ALL other American corporations, Whole Foods is whoring itself out to Islam for profits.  And as more and more Muslims populate America through immigration and high birth rates, more and more corporations will shill for jihadist interests.  It’s that simple.  We’ve already seen it with Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and others.  And now this from Whole Jihad Foods.  She had a problem with Muslims offering aid to Joplin Tornado victims.  She wrote a viciious diatribe insulting the victims of Anders Breivik’s terror attack in Norway.  A Muslim winning the Miss USA pageant for Schlussel was the beginning of the end for “our” civilization, and a sign of the “Islamo-pandering climate in which we’re mired.”  She, like Pamela Geller was outraged that Rachel Ray wore a paisley scarf in a Dunkin Donuts ad.. 

Seattle Jewish Federation Plans Anti-Iran Conference

Rabbi Yigael Shandorfi, leader of a religious academy at a settlement outpost of Nahliel, said…the message to President Obama…is that this is Jewish land. He did not use the president’s name, but an insulting Hebrew slang for a black man and the phrase “that Arab they call a president.”

Rabbi Itzhak Shapira has been arrested for allegedly firebombing a mosque.  - Rabbi Shapira published a book entitled The King’s Torah in which he claimed that it was permissible under Jewish law for a Jew to kill a non-Jewish civilian (including a child). The book, called Torat ha-Melekh (“the Teaching of the King”) deals with the killing of Goyim. It says that in peacetime, Goyim should generally not be killed – not because of the commandment “Thou shalt not kill” which, according to the book, applies to Jews only, but because of God’s command after the Deluge (Genesis 9:6): “Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed, for in the image of God made he man.” This applies to all Goyim who fulfill some basic commandments.  However, the situation is totally different in wartime. And according to the rabbis, Israel has been at war since its foundation, and probably will be for ever more. In war, in every place where the presence of a Goy endangers a Jew, it is permitted to kill him, even though he be a righteous goy who bears no responsibility for the situation. It is permitted – indeed, recommended – to kill not only enemy fighters, but also those who “support” or “encourage” them. It is permitted to kill enemy civilians if this is helpful for the conduct of the war.  -  He also advocated the expulsion or genocide of all male Palestinians above the age of thirteen.  - He also said “It is permissable to kill the Righteous among Nations even if they are not responsible for the threatening situation,” he wrote, adding: “If we kill a Gentile who has sinned or has violated one of the seven commandments - because we care about the commandments - there is nothing wrong with the murder.”  - he also encouraged the use of Palestinians as human shields  -  preaches slaughter of gentile babies

Ben Shapiro said Militant Islam isn’t a tiny minority of otherwise goodhearted Muslims. It’s a dominant strain of evil that runs rampant in a population of well over 1 billion.  Enough with the psychoanalysis. They don’t hate us because of Israel. They don’t hate us because of Kashmir. They don’t hate us because we have troops in Saudi Arabia or because we deposed Saddam Hussein. They don’t hate us because of Britney Spears. They hate us because we are infidels, and because we don’t plan on surrendering or providing them material aid in their war of aggressive expansion.  He said Israeli’s like to build.  “Arabs like to bomb crap and live in open sewage”

Rabbi Nachum Shifren writes that student protesters at U.C. Irvine weren’t just “rude, and disrespectful students” but they “are the front line of an army of Muslims that is waiting patiently to take over and subvert our country. ... This will be a hard bullet for America to bite, but we are at war with Islam! Those who deny this are quislings or fifth-columnists — and very often, university professors and chancellors. With strong leadership, there would be no notions of “academic freedom” for those who come here to subvert and destroy. ”  The rest of his comments are lengthy and Islamophobic.  -  Shifren says EDL is salvation of the west from “Muslim dogs”  He also said “This will be a hard bullet for America to bite, but we are at war with Islam! Those who deny this are quislings or fifth-columnists — and very often, university professors and chancellors. With strong leadership, there would be no notions of “academic freedom” for those who come here to subvert and destroy.” 

Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the “Lubovitcher Rebbe” who headed the Chabad movement and wielded great influence in Israel as well as in the U.S., explained that, “The difference between a Jewish and a non-Jewish person stems from the common expression: ‘Let us differentiate.’ Thus, we do not have a case of profound change in which a person is merely on a superior level. Rather, we have a case of ‘let us differentiate’ between totally different species. This is what needs to be said about the body: the body of a Jewish person is of a totally different quality from the body of [members] of all nations of the world…A non-Jew’s entire reality is only vanity. It is written, ‘And the strangers shall guard and feed your flocks’ (Isaiah 61:5). The entire creation [of a non-Jew] exists only for the sake of the Jews…”  (Note:  Schneerson received a congressional medal of honor from the United States.  The bill passed both Houses by unanimous consent, honoring the Rebbe for his “outstanding and lasting contributions toward improvements in world education, morality, and acts of charity”. )

Prof. Moshe Sharon said,7340,L-3304024,00.html there was “no possibility of peace between Israel and the Palestinians whatsoever, for ever”.  He also said “The root of the problem between us and the Arab world is Islam.”

Shomrin Jewish Patrol group in Baltimore beats up young black man who “didn’t belong” in their neighborhood

Rabbi Naftali Silberberg says “Although we do not follow this dictum, technically speaking, a girl may be betrothed the moment she is born, and married at the age of three.2 A boy may betroth and marry at the age of thirteen.”,2485/What-is-the-minimum-age-of-marriage-according-to-Jewish-law.html - He also said regarding polygamy “The Torah does not forbid a man from having multiple wives. Abraham, Jacob, David and Solomon are notable examples of biblical figures who wedded more than one wife.”

Gene Simmons, the rock star called Islam “a vile culture that treats women worse than dogs.”  Gene Simmons, the rock star called Islam “a vile culture that treats women worse than dogs.”

SIOA,  Stop Islamization of America group says “SIOA’s mission is to educate the American people about the political doctrine of Islam, its history, Sharia (Islamic Law), and Jihad. SIOA believes that Sharia Law is incompatible with our Constitution and Bill of Rights”.  (founded by Pamela Geller & Robert Spencer)

Rabbi Soloveitchik says sometimes “It is a mitzvah to hate!”

Shaul Spitzer, A Hasidic teenager in New York was sentenced to seven years in prison for a firebomb attack that badly burned a neighbor during a religious dispute in an insular Jewish enclave.  He said attacked the man because he defied New Square’s grand rabbi by worshiping with nursing home residents rather than at New Square’s main synagogue.

Mark Steyn said “The “Cartoon Jihad” might have been explicitly devised as a scientific experiment to provoke the greatest degree of infidel capitulation for the most footling pretext.” 

Stop the Islamization of America anti-Muslim group

Synagogues in U.S. host neo-Nazi, Geert Wilders -  Ahuvath Torah synagogue invoted Wafa Sultan

Talmud views non Jews as animals or sub human

Rabbi Yaakov Teitel, a West Bank rabbi from Florida released a book giving Jews permission to kill Gentiles who threaten Israel. - He also distributed leaflets in a religious neighborhood of Jerusalem praising a deadly shooting attack on gays and lesbians. Teitel is accused of murdering two Palestinians in separate attacks in 1997 while he was visiting Israel and, according to the police, acting out of revenge for Palestinian suicide attacks. He told police investigators he was “God’s emissary in Israel.”  He is also accused of the attempted murder of an Israeli teenager from a family of so-called Messianic Jews who are Jewish but also believe Jesus is the resurrected Messiah, as well as a well-known, left-wing Israeli academic. In both cases, he allegedly used crude homemade bombs to attack his victims.  He has admitted his guilt to all the charges, police said, and he appears to have acted alone.

Tel Aviv presents: Municipal program to prevent Arab boys from dating Jewish girls

TEMPLE MOUNT MOVEMENT TO REBUILD THIRD TEMPLE - Temple Mount Faithful Movement - Struggle for the Temple Mount, - Trouble on the Temple Mount - Rebuilding the Jewish Temple in Christian Zionism - Temple in Jerusalem
Temple Mount Faithful, Jewish Extremists Try to Lay Cornerstone for ‘Third Temple’ at Temple Mount  -  Temple Mount Israel’s Security Minister has warned that right-wing Jews are intending to attack the Temple Mount, the most religiously sensitive site in the Middle East. 

Rabbi Moshe Tendler of Yeshiva University delivered the eulogy at Meir Kahane’s funeral.

- Ultra-OrthodoxChastity patrols assaulting women in Jerusalem,7340,L-3586142,00.html 
-Sephardim, Ashkenazim, and Ultra-Orthodox Racism in Israel, David Shasha
-  Orthodox Jews rally for segregation of Jewish children from Sephardic Jewish children at a girls school in Israel
- Axe-wielding ultra-Orthodox Jews went on a rampage in a Jerusalem neighbourhood, wounding a Palestinian taxi driver, destroying his vehicle and setting dumpsters on fire.

Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America publishes booklet claiming that the Vatican teaching Hezbollah how to kill Jews [1]

U.S. female rabbi’s anger orthodox Jews by praying out loud at wailing wall

Rabbi Amnon Yitzhak founder of the Shofar organization aimed at bringing Jews “back to religion” (hazara betshuva), has made it his recent mission to fight against musical performances for both men and women.  A singer who performed in front of a “mixed audience” of men and women was lashed 39 times to make him “repent,” after a ruling by his self-described rabbinic court.

Rabbi Yovadia Yosef (former Israeli Chief Rabbi) called for the annihilation of Arabs (he has referred to Arabs as evil, damnable, and vipers)  In the wake of Hurricane Katrina he said,  “Tragedy struck the United States because of our government’s support of Prime Minister Sharon’s plan to disengage from the Gaza Strip.” Then, he added: “There are terrible natural disasters because there isn’t enough Torah study. . . . Black people reside [in New Orleans]. Blacks will study the Torah? [God said,] ‘Let’s bring a tsunami and drown them.’”  He also said that Holocaust victims were the reincarnated souls of sinners, called Palestinians “snakes,” branded a supreme court justice an “enemy of the Jew,” and declared “it is permissible to kill” anyone who “thinks evil thoughts about yeshiva students. - He also harshly criticized Islam as a religion and described it as an “ugly” faith.  - he said non Jews exist only to serve Jews  and - “Goyim [non-Jews] were born only to serve us.” Explaining why God allowed non-Jews long lives, he added: “Imagine that your donkey would die, you’d lose your income. [The donkey] is your servant. ... That’s why he [the gentile] gets a long life, to work well for the Jew.”  - He has written that it is permissible for Jews to kill Gentiles including children and babies who threaten Israel or break the commandments  Rabbi Yosef also called on Jews to pray for the destruction of Iran

Rabbi Shalom Dov Wolpe likened Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and other ministers to collaborators with the Nazis, saying that by law they should be executed.

Rabbi Naftali Tzvi Weisz and his assistant Moshe Zigelman, both of Brooklyn, were arrested Wednesday on charges that they arranged and profited from accepting inflated charitable donations that saved the donors millions of dollars in federal income taxes.

“We need an Islamic reformation,” Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz confided on the eve of the US invasion of Iraq last year, “and I think there is real hope for one.”

Rabbi Tzvi Yehuda said ’‘The chosen land and the chosen people comprise one completed, divine unity, joined together at the creation of the world and the creation of history.’‘

David Yerushalmi of SANE calls for a “war against Islam” -  “On the so-called Global War on Terrorism, GWOT, we have been quite clear along with a few other resolute souls. This should be a WAR AGAINST ISLAM and all Muslim faithful…At a practical level, this means that Shari’a and Islamic law are immediately outlawed. Any Moslem in America who adopts historical and traditional Shari’a will be subject to deportation. Mosques which adhere to Islamic law will be shut down permanently. No self-described or practicing Muslim, irrespective of his or her declarations to the contrary, will be allowed to immigrate to this country…”  see also SANE.  In a 2006 article for The American Spectator, Yerushalmi wrote: “Muslim civilization is at war with Judeo-Christian civilization…The Muslim peoples, those committed to Islam as we know it today, are our enemies.”  In another article, Yerushalmi wrote: “Instead of a promise of victory, Sura 24:52 must be made ashes in the mouths of Muslims. A seemingly unending air control campaign over enemy territory is the way to continually remind the Muslims of their subordinate status and the impotence of Allah without becoming mired in the quagmire of counterinsurgency.”  He also wrote that he “has staked out an approach which is to Know the Enemy by declaring the enemy historical, traditional, and authoritative Islam.” (More on Yarushalmi here

Yesha Rabbinical Council Rabbis call on the IDF to ignore Christian morals and “exterminate the enemy in the north and the south.”  This same Yesha Rabbinical Council said that “according to Jewish law, during a time of battle and war, there is no such term as ‘innocents’ of the enemy.”,7340,L-3283720,00.html

Yeshiva - Jewish religious school in Britain refuses to accept a student whose mother was a convert to Judaism.  JFS is the largest orthodox school in Britain with 2,000 students

Yeshiva in Israel refuses to accept Sephardic students  Haredi yeshiva’s in Israel refusing to accept students who are newly orthodox or to accept Sephardic students,7340,L-3247973,00.html

Abraham Yoffe, a former Israeli Army general and a founder of the Movement for the Whole Land of Israel, ’‘the will of the people is expressed in war. That is the whole Torah.’‘ 

Etan Natan Zada opens fire on a bus in Israel and killed the driver and 3 Arab passengers and wounded 22 other passengers

Rabbi Moshe Zigelman of Los Angeles refuses to testify in court against fellow Jews in a tax evasion case.  Zigelman is citing the ancient Jewish doctrine of mesira, a prohibition for Jews against informing on other Jews to secular authorities.

Zionist Extremist Hate Crime Against Rabbi Michael Lerner: 3rd Attack on His Home in California and the limits of “freedom of the press”

Originally posted 8/9/2009