Jamal, Ahmad

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Name : Ahmad Jamal
Period : 1930 - 
Biographical detail :  The American jazz pianist with ten hands.

Jamal has been on the jazz margins for over four decades and his powerful chemistry of romantic angst and virtuosic urbanity brought hits with an early smooth-jazz public in the 1950sӔ  in 1958 he stayed on the best selling list for 108 weeks.

Jamal֒s playing is still as peremptory as drumming, as clear and quick as flowing waterӔ and an astonishing renaissance over the past decade in which he has erupted again like a long-dormant volcano.Ӕ

Ahmad Jamal, formerly Fritz Jones, raised in Pittsburgh, is a dapper and decisive-looking man and who has got just about every style going. His influence on fellow jazz-musician has been subtle and substantial.

  (Compiler : M. Nauman Khan / Ghulam Mohiuddin)