Islamophobia:  Real or Imagined - Article collection - updated 12/29/2011

Islamophobia:  Real or Imagined - Article collection

by Sheila Musaji

The American Muslim has many article collections in its Resources section.  To understand something about Islamophobia in America and the West, first read Islamophobia and Arabophobia: Laying The Groundwork - Us vs. Them which includes many quotes that have been made about Muslims, Arabs, and Islam, and which have received little or no condemnation from the society at large.  For responses by to allegations by specific individuals, and to specific claims, and for the numerous Muslim condemnations and fatwas against violence done in the name of Islam see our Resource section.


The Islamophobia Research and Documentation Project at the Center for Race and Gender has the best working definition I have seen:

The term “Islamophobia” was first introduced as a concept in a 1991 Runnymede Trust Report and defined as “unfounded hostility towards Muslims, and therefore fear or dislike of all or most Muslims.” The term was coined in the context of Muslims in the UK in particular and Europe in general, and formulated based on the more common “xenophobia” framework.

The report pointed to prevailing attitudes that incorporate the following beliefs:

•Islam is monolithic and cannot adapt to new realities
•Islam does not share common values with other major faiths
•Islam as a religion is inferior to the West.  It is archaic, barbaric, and irrational.
•Islam is a religion of violence and supports terrorism.
•Islam is a violent political ideology.
For the purposes of anchoring the current research and documentation project, we provide the following working definition:

Islamophobia is a contrived fear or prejudice fomented by the existing Eurocentric and Orientalist global power structure.  It is directed at a perceived or real Muslim threat through the maintenance and extension of existing disparities in economic, political, social and cultural relations, while rationalizing the necessity to deploy violence as a tool to achieve “civilizational rehab” of the target communities (Muslim or otherwise).  Islamophobia reintroduces and reaffirms a global racial structure through which resource distribution disparities are maintained and extended.

When Muslims raise the issue of the existence of Islamophobia, we are most often accused of trying to stifle dialogue (confused with polemics) or to undermine free speech (confused with incitement), or told simply that we are whining in order to make ourselves into the victim rather than the perpetrator of all that is wrong with the world.  We are even told that Islamophobia is a “myth” or that it is a reasonable position to hold.

Negative perceptions don’t exist in a vacuum - they affect our perceptions, and may lead to prejudice, discrimination, unequal treatment, injustice, and even violence.  When our negative perceptions become entrenched they often allow us to justify and explain away actions that would otherwise be unacceptable.  And, when our focus is only on finding examples the prove our pre-existing point, we tend to see only the negative and nothing positive about the group that we perceive in a negative light.

Whatever you believe about Islamophobia, for many of us (Muslims in America and the West), it is very real and a concern.  This collection of articles about Islamophobia in the society at large will be updated regularly.  It was split from our resource section on Islamophobia in the media on 4/18/08

NOTE:  We have had as part of our Muslim Voices against Terrorism and Extremism resources a section on responses to Islamophobia.  This was in five parts:  - Responses to Claims Made ABOUT Islam and Muslims in General - Responses to Claims Made ABOUT Qur’an Verses, Arabic Terms, Prophet Muhammad - Responses to False Claims ABOUT Muslim Individuals & Organizations & Incidents Involving Muslims - Responses to Actual Extremist Statements & Incidents of Extremism or violence BY Muslims - Responses to Claims Made BY Specific Individuals and Organizations About Muslims.  Because of a restriction in the possible length of articles, we were unable to organize these in a more user-friendly manner.  Our webmaster has now resolved this problem, and we have combined all these five sections into one section.  The entries are alphabetical, and it should now be much easier to locate a response to a particular issue, incident, or individual.  In order to keep load time down for our readers, this single resource will still be divided into two sections:  A to L, and M to Z.  Sheila Musaji 3/5/2010.

- Polls, statistics, and surveys relating to Islam and Muslims
- Claim That All Terrorists are Muslims Ignores History (sections on Christian extremism and terrorism and Jewish extremism and terrorism were divided 4/08)
- Islamophobia - ALARMING STATEMENTS Note, previously divided by year and now consolidated into one collection
- Alarming statements by elected officials and political organizations
- Alarming statements by Christian clergy and organizations
- Alarming statements by Jewish Rabbis and organizations 
- Prejudice, Racist, or Violent Incidents at MOSQUES
- Incidents, hate crimes
- MEDIA, Propaganda & Perception
- Islamophobia: Real or imagined 
- A Long History of Injustice Ignored 
(see also power point presentations)

See also Muslims & Arabs discuss current wave of Islamophobia, Arabophobia, and anti-mosque hysteria  AND type Islamophobia in The American Muslim search engine and 22 pages of entries come up. 


17,000 “Islamic terrorist” attacks exist in fevered Islamophobic brains, Sheila Musaji

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ACT FOR AMERICA (Brigitte Gabriel)
- ACT for America launches media blitz to win yes vote in Oklahoma anti-Sharia ballot 

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- An appeal to the American Arab and Muslim Communities, Sheila Musaji
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- Lowe’s still avoiding a meaningful apology for their lack of commitment to diversity and inclusion, Sheila Musaji
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- Handshaking: Islamophobes Need Class in Etiquette, Sheila Musaji

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America’s promise meant for everyone, Eboo Patel

America’s Middle East Policy Think Tanks:  What Went Wrong?, Institute for Research on Middle East Policy

An Assault On Religious Freedom, Sen. Kevin S. Parker

Zacharia Anani, Sheila Musaji

And who said that Islamophobia isn’t real?, Robert Salaam

Anti-Islamic Sentiment on the Rise


- America’s Ideals Are Being Challenged By Cordoba House Controversy, Sheila Musaji
- Anti-Mosque Coalition’s Website Owned By Neo-Conservative Islamophobe Frank Gaffney, Alex Seitz-Wald
- Conservatives Chew Up Their Own in Battle Over Islamic Community Center, Bill Berkowitz
- Cordoba House:  Hope From the Ashes of Tragedy, Sheila Musaji
- Cordoba House versus Team B:  Key to the Global 21st Century,  Dr. Robert D. Crane
- Mosque debate is not a distraction, Glenn Greenwald
- New York Mosque protest, Richard Bartholemew

- Anti-Muslim rhetoric in weeks leading up to 9-11 anniversary
- Christian Brotherly Love Difficult For Some To Attain
- Islamophobia no longer questioned - even by our elected representatives, Sheila Musaji (includes quotes by many elected officials)
- Incidents of Islamophobia
- Jewish “Ahavah shel achvah” Brotherly Love is Difficult for Some to Attain, Sheila Musaji
- Prejudiced, racist, or violent incidents or vandalism at mosques
- What everyone “knows” about Islam and Muslims for responses to many of the spurious claims

Anti-Muslim Rhetoric Undercuts Moderates, Salam Al Marayati 

Anti-Muslim Is Anti-American, Salam Al Marayati


- Islamic Sharia and Jewish Halakha Arbitration Courts, Sheila Musaji
- Oklahoma Anti-Shariah Law Defunct, Geller Predicts Revolution, Charles Johnson
- - A Real Sharia Law Promoter for Peter King to Investigate, Jeremy Scahill
- Anti-Sharia Advocates: We’ve Not Yet Begun to Fight, Tim Murphy
- The Anti-Shariah Movement and Jewish Law, Jacob Bender
- Anti-Sharia Law: A Solution In Search Of A Problem, Daniel Mach and Jamil Dakwar
- The Archbishop of Canterbury and the Sharia Debate, Sheila Musaji
- The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Trouble with Shariah, Yahya Birt
- Are Opponents of Shariah Anti-Islam?, Farzana Hassan-Shahid
- Are Sharia Laws and Human Rights Compatible?, Emran Qureishi & Heba Ezzat
- Challenge to Islamic Jurisprudence, Robert D. Crane
- Clearing the fog of Shariah, Daisy Khan
- Creeping Sharia ‘Team B’ Report Presented To Congress, Matt Duss
- Demagoguery and Sharia: Reviving an American Tradition Eric L. Lewis
- Discussion of Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf’s views on Sharia, Enver Masud
- Exploring Ties Between Halacha and Shariah: Despite Rifts, Ancient Legal Codes May Offer Common Ground,  Ben Sales
- For critics of Islam,“sharia” becomes shorthand for extremism, Michelle Boorstein
- Forget ‘Ground Zero Mosque’, It’s the Great Sharia Conspiracy, Daniel Luban
- Fox & Friends crops Rauf’s CFR comments to fearmonger about Sharia law, Justin Berrier
- The future of Shariah, Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na’im
- GOPer can’t define, but wants to ban, sharia law, Justin Elliott
- Higher Objectives of Islamic Law (Maqasid ash-Sharia), Mohammed Hashim Kamali 
- Pete Hoekstra, Shameless Buffoon, Steve Benen
- Hoekstra’s “epic grandstanding”, Jason Linkins
- How to talk about Shariah in Oklahoma, Eboo Patel
- Hypocritical Freakout over Shari’ah, but Not Biblical Law, Sarah Posner’ah,_but_not_biblical_law/
- International Humanitarian Law: Western Innovation Or Islamic Breakthrough, Mahmoud Mobarak
- Introduction to Shariah and Fiqh,
- Interview with Imam Feisal on Sharia, Laura Sheahen
- Is religious law dangerous? Consider Jewish law, Rabbi Adam Chalom
- Is Sharia law reconcilable with modernity?, Sh. Ali Gomaa 
- Islamic Finance: A Question of Law or Justice?, Dr. Robert D. Crane
- Islamic Law:  A Thematic Primer on Human Rights, Dr. Robert D. Crane
- Islamic Sharia and Jewish Halakha Arbitration Courts, Sheila Musaji
- Islamic (Sharia) Government, Ahmed Hulusi
- The Issue of Usury and Interest in Islamic Faith and Law, Dr. Abdulaziz Sachedina
- It’s time to lay the sharia bogeyman to rest, Mehdi Hasan
- Legal Rationality vs. Arbitrary Judgement:  Re-examining the Tradition of Islamic Law, S. Parvez Manzoor rife with anti-
- Meet Wyoming’s Anti-Shari’ah Crusader, Sarah Posner
- Thomas More Law Center’s claim of Sharia Law in Dearborn defies reality, reason
- Muslim Americans and Shariah
- Origins of Islamic Law
- The philosophy of Sharia - the Clear Path, Faraz Rabbani
- Re-examining primary and secondary sources of Shariah, Farzana Hassan-Shahid
- Religious Laws Long Recognized By U.S. Courts, Barbara Bradley Hagerty
- Setting the Record Straight on Sharia, An Interview with Intisar Rabb, Sally Steenland
- Sharia - collection of articles
- Shariah and Contemporary Issues, By Dr. Adbul Basit
- Sharia and Fiqh: Understanding Ijtihad, Abu Munir Winkel
- Shariah and Religious Absolutism, Farzana Hassan
- Sharia is not the problem
- Shariah Law Explained, BBC special report
- SHARIAH: Legacy of the Prophet:  The Role of Human Rights in Islamic Law, Dr. Robert D. Crane
- Sharia and day to day existence, Dr. Sherman Jackson
- Sharia in America, how Islamic laws change, Dr. Sherman Jackson
- The sharia myth sweeps America, Amy Sullivan
- Sharia threat bandwagon just keeps rolling on: Peter King’s hearings, Sarah Posner
- Showdown Over Shari’ah at Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference , Sarah Posner
- Source Methodology in Islamic Jurisprudence, Taha Jabir al’Alwani,
- South Dakota Considering Ban on Courts Using “Foreign Religious or Moral Code”“foreign-religious-or-moral-code”/ 
- Tennessee bill would jail Shariah followers
- Tennessee bill not good law
- Tennessee Sharia law ban, Elizabeth Tenety
- Tennessee Legislation demonstrates ignorance, promotes hate
- Tennessee lawmaker would make practicing Islamic law a felony
- Tennessee’s Anti-Muslim Bill is an American Disgrace, Daniel Tutt
- They Call the Scam ‘Sharia’,  William Norman Grigg
- Ulama, Hegemony and Reform, Chandra Muzaffar, 
- Umar Faruq Abd-Allah says U.S. and Islamic Law Congruent
- Understanding the Four Madhabs, Abdul Hakim Murad,
- Unity Through Schools of Thought, Abdal Hakim Murad
- Unintended consequences of anti-Sharia legislation, Muqtedar Khan
- The Week in Sharia: Elvis Retreats, Texas Reloads, Tim Murphy  - The - - Week in Sharia: Texas Has Its Sputnik Moment
- Welcome to the Shari‘ah Conspiracy Theory Industry, Sarah Posner
- Allen West on Frank Gaffney’s radio program discussing anti-Sharia proposals
- What Sharia law actually means, Justin Elliott
- What Shariah Law Is All About, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf
- Why Shariah?, Noah Feldman
- Who Decides Right or Wrong, Tariq Ramadan
- Who Owns Islamic Law?, David Glen
- Will Muslims impose Sharia?, Dr. John Esposito
- Who’s Afraid of Shariah? , Sumbul ali-Karamali
- Why Sharia, Noah Feldman
- Would Oklahoma anti-Sharia law violate Native American tribal treaties?

Apostasy and Freedom of Faith in Islam, Sheila Musaji
- -Is Killing An Apostate in the Islamic Law?, Dr. Ibrahim B. Syed

Are Muslims the enemy within?, Sheila Musaji

Michele Bachmann Endorses Call for Anti-Muslim Inquisition, Daniel Luban

The Battle of the Films - Obsession and Fitna Versus Schism, Sheila Musaji

Bent on Confusing the Public about Islam:  The Far Right Exploits Rifqa Bary’s Case to Distort Islam, Louay Safi

Glenn Beck and Pamela Geller Shamelessly Attack Memory of Norway Terror Victims, Sheila Musaji

Bare Naked Islam:  Celebrating and encouraging violence against Muslims, Sheila Musaji 

The Big Lie About ‘Islamic Fascism’ , Eric S. Margolis

Bigotry toward Muslims and Anti-Arab Racism Grow in US, Juan Cole

Blaming Islam:  Examining the Religion Building Enterprise, Louay Safi

Baron Boddisey of Gates of Vienna: Islamophobia Manifesto Clearly Lays Out Plot Against Muslims, Sheila Musaji 

Breaking the Vicious Circle of Anti-Americanism and Islamophobia, Louay Safi

Herman Cain Needs to Read the Constitution of the U.S., Sheila Musaji

Campbell’s Soup surrenders to Islamic juggernaut, Justin Elliott

Ergun Mehmet Caner Another Fake Ex-Terrorist, Sheila Musaji (with article collection)

CENTER FOR SECURITY POLICY (Frank Gaffney, Mapping Sharia)
- Center for Security Policy background
- Center for Security Policy Sharia Reports a Threat to American Ideals, Sheila Musaji (with article collection)

The Charlatans have taken over 9/11, Reza Aslan 

Challenging Ignorance on Islam: A Ten-Point Primer for Americans, Gary Leupp

Aubrey & Joyce Chernick and the Fairbrook Foundation, Sheila Musaji

Phyllis Chessler, Sheila Musaji

Citizens for National Security and Rep. Allen West Bring Islamophobia to Congress, Sheila Musaji
- Citizens for National Security: I Have… In My Pocket… A List of Members of the Muslim Brotherhood…, Spencer Ackerman

Civil rights and the Patriot Act (TAM article collection)

Claim that all terrorists are Muslims ignores history, Sheila Musaji

Clarifying Islam - The Remedy for islamophobia, Shaikh Kabir Helminski

Clash/Dialogue of Civilizations - Orientalism (TAM article collection)

The Connection Between Zionism & Organized Islamophobia – The Facts (money trail)


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- Lawyers Fight for Habeas Rights, Frida Berrigan
- Military Police State: Why is the Senate so determined to allow the U.S. military to arrest and detain U.S. citizens?
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- Restoring Habeas Corpus, Geoffrey R. Stone
- The Right of Habeas Corpus: A Truly Fundamental Human Right, Isaac M. McPhee
- Senate Votes To Let Military Detain Americans Indefinitely, White House Threatens Veto, Michael McAuliff
- U.S. Senate Votes for Indefinite, Unconstitutional Detention
- Victory: U.S. Supreme Court Affirms Habeas Corpus Rights For Detainees, The Rutherford Institute
- Why is habeas corpus important?, Josh Clark
- Why is Halliburton Building Internment/Detention Camps?, Sheila Musaji

Henry Cooper background, Rightweb

Stephen Coughlin: Islamofascist Nonsense, Larry Johnson

CPAC’s anti-Muslim film festival, Justin Elliott

Nonie Darwish, Sheila Musaji (with article collection)

Deep roots of Islamophobia, James Brooks

Delta Airlines Discovers the Depths of Islamophobic Fear Mongering, Sheila Musaji

Do Bible Verses on Rifle Scopes Represent Christianity?, Sheila Musaji

Steven Emerson and the Investigative Project, Sheila Musaji (with article collection)

European Islamophobia Finds A Home In The U.S., Reza Aslan

Exploiting fear and insecurity, James Zogby

Feminism, Colonialism and Islamophobia: Treacherous Sympathy with Muslim Women, Leila Ahmed

Fighting Words: The Abuse of Islam in Political Rhetoric, Liaquat Ali Khan

Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association Wants to Deport American Muslims, Sheila Musaji

Hugh Fitzgerald of Jihad Watch, Sheila Musaji (with article collection)

Fjordman/Jensen “doesn’t want to be associated” with Breivik, Sheila Musaji

Flight 93 memorial is proof of what?, Sheila Musaji

For Shame! Fear Is Back, with a Vengeance, James Zogby

Fox & Friends crops Rauf’s CFR comments to fearmonger about Sharia law, Justin Berrier

Fox Promotes NSS “Islamic Crescent Logo” Conspiracy Theory, Richard Bartholomew

Free-speech hero or an anti-Islamic publicity hound? Geert Wilders is coming to America., Mark Hosenball

Brigitte Gabriel and ACT for America, Sheila Musaji (with article collection)


- All Bigoted Islamophobic Roads Lead to Frank Gaffney, Richard Allen Smith
- At War with Islam
- FBI Leaking To Neocon Conspiracy-Theorist Frank Gaffney?
- Gaffney: The left and Islamists are both “advancing the takedown of America”,
- Gaffney: The President ‘May Actually Still Be’ A Muslim
- Frank Gaffney: Obama Duped America Like Hitler Duped Chamberlain
- The Gaffney Report aka ‘The Return of Dr Strangelove’, Abdul Cader Asmal
- Frank Gaffney’s Obsession with Sharia, Sheila Musaji (with article collection)
- Frank Gaffney’s Center for Security Policy Sharia Reports a Threat to American Ideals, Sheila Musaji (with article collection)
- MPAC’s Response to Frank Gaffney’s Slander
- The Pathetic Desperation of the Anti-Kagan Campaign

Dave Gaubatz and the “Muslim Mafia”, Sheila Musaji (with article collection)


- American patriot or extremist firebrand?, Robert Chalmers
- Anti-Islam Nut Geller Sees an Enemy in Rick Perry
- CPAC Hate Fest (Jihad: the political third rail)
- Frequent Fox Guest Geller Deemed Too “Disruptive” For Texas Hotel
- Geller and the Lifeboat Foundation: Stealth Attack on Science?, Richard Loosemore
- The Secret Stealth Jihadi Meat Conspiracy, Charles Johnson
- Geller And Spencer Using Links To Norway Terrorist For Fundraising Campaign, Ali Gharib
- Pamela Geller Announces New “Coalition” (SIOA, SIOE, AFDI, etc.), Richard Bartholomew
- Pamela Geller Associate John Jay Openly Calls for Mass Murder, Charles Johnson 
- Pamela Geller Attempts to Make a Point, Muslims Shrug (SIOA/AFDI/Atlas Shrugs), Sheila Musaji (with article collection)
- Pamela Geller, biggest Islamophobic bigot of 2010
- Pam Geller Blasts Muslims and Media ‘Knaves’ at Tea Party Convention
- Geller calls SPLC post on Atlas Shrugs a “Goebbels-like propaganda campaign” 
- Pamela Geller, Clinical Paranoid, Jeffrey Goldberg
- Pamela Geller Discovers a “Stealth Jihad” Eid Celebration for Special Needs Kids, Sheila Musaji
- Pamela Geller Discovers Muslim Thanksgiving Turkey Plot, Sheila Musaji
- Pamela Geller Uncovers Islamist/Leftist Goebbels-Style Propaganda Machine, Sheila Musaji
- Geller Hallucinating Again (on design for Muslim center in NYC)
- Pamela Geller, in her own words
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- Pamela Geller, profiting off of Islamophobia
- Pamela Geller, queen of Muslim bashers, Daniel Quinn
- Pamela Geller Ready to Start Holy War Over Mistranslated Bumper Sticker, Danios of Loonwatch
- Pamela Geller’s Latest False “Blood Libel” Claim, Sheila Musaji (denying anyone said “only good Muslim is a dead Muslim)
- Pamela Geller’s New Book (Stop the Islamization of America): Communist Bookstore Clerks And “Secret Halal Meat”
- Pamela Geller’s Pretty Hate Machine, Terry Krepel
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- Pamela Geller Turns Hollywood ShootingTragedy Into an Islamophobic Hate Fest, Sheila Musaji
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- Another hotel turns away Pamela Geller and anti-Shariah group
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- How a Lunatic, Racist Blogger Is Fanning Hate Against Muslims—With the Help of Our Dumb Media, Joshua Holland,_racist_blogger_is_fanning_hate_against_muslims_—_with_the_help_of_our_dumb_media/
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Khalil Gibran International Academy, Racism and a Campaign of Resistance


- Anti-Muslim Sentiments Are Strongest Amongst Republicans and People Who Trust Fox News
- Are the Republican Presidential Wannabes the new Imperial Wizards?, Dr. Abdul Cader Asmal
- At Allen West-Sponsored Event, Group Paints Thousands Of Muslims As Terrorists, Ryan J. Reilly
- Bankrupt in Ideas, US Republican Contenders Demonize Islam for Political Gain,%20US%20Republican%20Contenders%20Demonize%20Islam%20for%20Political%20Gain.htm
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- Congressman Criticizes Election of Muslim (New York Times)
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- Clue to Republicans: This is Why Most Minorities Don’t Vote For You, Stephen Kral
- Conyers blasts GOP lawmakers’ accusations of Muslim ‘spies’,  Michael O’Brien
- Crowd in GOP big tent doesn’t include many Muslims
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- Fear of a Republican Muslim: An attempt to create a new GOP group causes widespread backlash, Justin Elliott
- Florida. House GOP Leader Adam Hasner Hosts Event Denying Religious Freedom
- Fox Trumpets CAIR Conspiracy Theory Charges Made by Author with Anti-Islam History
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- Islamophobia on parade at GOP debate
- Jewish Democrats blast Republicans for targeting Muslims
- Rachel Maddow Exposes Anti-Islam Extremists in Congress
- Meet The Man Behind The Intern Spy Wars: Muslim Mafia Author Dave Gaubatz, Justin Elliott
- Members of Congress Blast Claims That Muslim Interns are ‘Spies’, CAIR
- Montgomery Democrats Issue Letter Condemning Local GOP Extremist Speaker
- More Than Half Of Republicans View Muslims Unfavorably
- Muslim bashing doesn’t win elections, Sephan Salisbury
- Muslim-bashing the GOP’s sell?, Barry Lynn
- Muslim Republicans And The GOP
- Muslim Students Challenge Allen West’s Anti-Islamic Speaker on Capitol Hill
- The Muslims Are Coming! (with video), Dean Obeidallah
- Muslims, Keep Out: The Republican campaign against a Ground Zero mosque, William Saletan
- Muzlem infiltrators in Congress!?, Jeff Siddiqui
- Rep. Sue Myrick’s hearing on the Muslim Brotherhood, Sheila Musaji
- Rep. Sue Myrick Backs Anti-Islam Hate Group
- New York primaries: Which anti-Islam Republican will win?, Alex Pareene
- Orange County 2011 or Germany 1933?, Sheila Musaji
- Republican Lawmakers Leading Witch Hunt Against Muslim Group
- Republican Muslims Refuse To Enable GOP Hate Campaign
- Republican’s anti-Muslim letter sparks outrage—anti-Muslim-letter-sparks-outrage
- Republicans Whip Anti-Muslim Hysteria While Gainesville Pastors Plan Readings From Quran in Response to Planned Burning, Jim White
- Talking with Republican Muslims, Mona Eltahawy
- Unfounded Accusations Against Muslim Interns Both Offensive and Stupid
- U.S. Right Wing and GOP Presidential Candidates Spreading Paranoid Anti-Muslim Hysteria as Part of Take-Over Strategy, Max Blumenthal
- Virginia Lawmaker’s Remarks on Muslims Criticized (Washington Post)
- Why the GOP embraced Islamophobia, Joe Conason
Why Does the GOP Seek to Silence American Muslims?, Ahmed Rehab
- Why the GOP embraced Islamophobia, Joe Conason
- Yet More Republican Racism: Iowa Republican Steve King insults blacks and Muslims

John Guandolo, terrorism “expert”, Sheila Musaji

Hate speech, propaganda alive and thriving, Scott Richard Lyons


- David Horowitz’s Blog Spouting Propaganda as Usual on Sharia
- David Horowitz and the Freedom Center, Sheila Musaji (with article collection)
- David Horowitz’s “academic” standards: Under fire, right-wing campus watchdog admits Colorado exam story is phony after accusing Media Matters of slander
- David Horowitz and the Politics of Ad Hominem Distortion, Tim Wise
- Horowitz Condemns CPAC for Purported Islamist Ties
- David Horowitz’ ‘Indoctrination’
- David Horowitz Awareness Week: Islamo-Fascism Comes to Columbia,  A.C. Bowen
- David Horowitz’ Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week, An Idea Whose Time Has Passed, Sheila Musaji
- Horowitz’ Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week III - “Annual” 6 month event bombs again, Sheila Musaji
- David Horowitz at University of Massachusetts says Palestinians are Nazis
- David Horowitz’s blog spouting propaganda as usual
- Horowitz Calls Jimmy Carter a “Jew Hater”
- Horowitz on campus, Dave Lindorff
- David Horowitz Provokes Extreme Response with Anti-Arab Remarks at UCSB
- Horowitz’s Seattle Bus Ad: Taking Leave of His Senses, Richard Silverstein
- Horowitz: Teachers’ Unions Leading the “Infiltration of Islamic Jihadist Doctrines Into Our K-12 School Systems”

How Islam bashing got cool, Deborah Caldwell

Ed Husain: The ‘Islamist’ bogeyman

Raymond Ibrahim and the Middle East Forum, Sheila Musaji

Inexcusable Tolerance for Religious Extremism in America, Fedwa Wazwaz

Interns: Feud Grows Over Muslims White House Staffers, Shahed Amanullah

Interview with Kay Sokolowsky: Racism Dressed Up As Criticism of Islam, Raymond Schack

Is there an Islamic problem?, M. Shahid Alam

Islam in the Media:  Neo-Orientalizing Images, Sonja Hegazy

Islamophobia Can Be A Useful Term, Sheila Musaji

Islamophobia does not represent American values, Sheila Musaji

Islamophobia in the Presidential Elections, Malik Mujahid

Islamophobia:  Insight Into the Prejudice Muslims and the Religion of Islam Face in the U. S., Karen L. Hernandez-Andrews

Islamophobia and Arabophobia: Laying The Groundwork - Us vs. Them , Sheila Musaji

Islamophobia Manifesto Clearly Lays Out Plot Against Muslims, Sheila Musaji 

Islamophobia, Panic and Public Media, Patricia Zimmerman,_Panic_and.html

Islamophobia Undermining Civil Liberties at Home, Louay Safi 

Islamophobia: A Call to Confronting a Creeping Disease, Louay Safi 

Islamophobia: A new word for an old fear (5 parts), Imam Dr Abduljalil Sajid

Islamophobia does have consequences, Sheila Musaji (with article collection on Breivik attack in Norway)

Islamophobia Machine Targets American Muslims, Nihad Awad

Islamophobia no longer questioned - even by our elected representatives, Sheila Musaji (includes quotes by many elected officials)

Islamophobia, Real or Imagined? (TAM article collection)

Islamophobia:  Insight Into the Prejudice Muslims and the Religion of Islam Face in the U. S., Karen L. Hernandez-Andrews


- The anti-Muslim inner circle, Robert Steinback
- “Fear Inc., the Roots of the Islamophobia Network in America”, CAP
- Fear, Inc. Report, Center for American Progress

- Anti-Muslim Blogger Pamela Geller Lashes Out At Islamophobia Report: ‘Pile Of Dung Masquerading As Research’, Eli Clifton
- Exposed: Right-Wing Think Tanks and Bloggers Conducted Secret 10-Year Campaign to Fan Fear of Muslims, Jim Lobe
- Fear, Incorporated: Who’s paying for all that Islamophobic paranoia?, Stephen M. Walt
- FEAR INC! Millions Being Spent To Spread Islamophobia Fear & Hate Of Muslims, Keith Olbermann video!
- Fear, Inc.: America’s Islamophobia Network, George Zornick
- Fear of Islam, A Study, Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite
- Fighting the defamation of Muslim Americans, Wajahat Ali
- Former Mitt Romney Staffer Chris Slick Revealed As Key Player Behind Nationwide Islamophobia Push, Scott Keyes
- Fox Invites Anti-Muslim “Expert” Steven Emerson To Lash Out Against Islamophobia Report
- Fox News Watchers Consistently More Likely To Have Negative Views Of Muslims, Alex Seitz-Wald
- Fox News Islamophobia spoofed by the Onion News (video)
- The Great Fear, Max Blumenthal,_the_great_fear_
- How an obscure conservative memo reveals the creeping Islamophobic threat to democracy, Max Blumenthal
- Interview with Wajahat Ali on Fear Inc. report by Tim Murphy, video
- Islamophobia Inc. Targets GOP Muslims Too, Steve Clemons
- Islamophobia Network’s Robert Spencer: CAP Report Is Part Of ‘Islamic Supremacist Propaganda Machine’, Faiz Shakir
- Islamophobia Network’s David Horowitz Responds To ThinkProgress By Calling Us ‘Fascistic’, Faiz Shakir
- Islamophobia:  Real or Imagined - TAM article collection
- Map of the Day: The Anti-Sharia Panic, Tim Murphy
- Meet An Islamophobia Network Funder: Richard Scaife, Eli Clifton
- Meet An Islamophobia Network Donor: The Lynde And Harry Bradley Foundation, Eli Clifton
- Millions Donated To Islamophobic Groups Since 2001, Ryan J. Reilly
- New Report Details Funding Sources Behind Anti-Muslim Fearmongers, Robert Steinback, SPLC,
- New Report Identifies Organisational Nexus of Islamophobia, Jim Lobe
- New report maps the roots of Islamophobia, Justin Elliott
- REPORT: $42 Million From Seven Foundations Helped Fuel The Rise Of Islamophobia In America, Faiz Shakir
- Report aims to map funding to anti-Islamist groups, Michelle Boorstein
- Report On Islamophobia Highlights Role Played By Right-Wing Media
- Report Reveals Underpinnings of Islamophobia in the U.S., Dilshad D. Ali
- The Sharia Paranoia Industry is very lucrative, Adam Serwer
- The Struggle Of Islamophobia, Imam Khalid Latif
- Who funds all the Muslim baiting?, M.J. Rosenberg
- Who Gets Paid to Make America Hate? The Roots of the Islamophobia Network, Haroon Moghul

- The Great Islamophobic Crusade, Max Blumenthal
- Great Muslim Scare, Lawrence Davidson
- Internet crusaders target all Muslims, not just extremists, Colm O’Broin
- Is The Islamophobia Industry Shutting Down A Cartoon Superhero Show?, Alyssa Rosenberg
- Islamophobes Attack CAP Fear Inc. Report - More Sound & Fury Signifying Nothing, Sheila Musaji
- Islamophobia Machine Targets American Muslims, Nihad Awad
- Jihad against Islam, Robert Steinback
- Manufacturing the Muslim menace
- Memos Reveal Anti-Muslim Group’s Early Efforts To Bring Islamophobia Into The Mainstream (Frank Gaffney, Clarion, money trail)
- On Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, and Other Jihadists, Jeffrey Goldberg
- The advance of the anti-Muslim movement across America, Paul Woodward
- Islamophobia Machine Targets American Muslims, Nihad Awad
- The Terror Industry And Anti-Jihadism, Who Benefits?, Richard Silverstein
- Who’s Who of the Anti-Muslim/Anti-Arab/Islamophobia Industry with detailed responses to the work and claims of the key Islamophobes

- Anti-Islam rhetoric today bears a disturbing resemblance to past anti-Jewish rhetoric, Aisha Musa
- Arabs and Muslims Are Victims of Anti-Semitism, James Zogbyǧion=0&article=44346&d=5&m=5&y=2004
- Instructive Parallels between Christian anti-Semitism and Islamophobia, Paul Williams
- Islamophobia and Antisemitism: Same message, different minority, Colm O’Broin
- Never Again For Anyone: Right wing Zionists attempt to muzzle Holocaust survivor speaking for Palestinian rights, Adam Horowitz
- The New Anti-Semitism: Recent attacks on Islam in the United States echo old slurs against Jews, Daniel Luban
- The New Anti-Semitism: Recent attacks on Islam in the United States echo old slurs against Jews, Daniel Luban
- The Next Holocaust, Ziauddin Sardar

- “Fascist-Islamophobia”: A Case Study in Totalitarian Demonization (5 parts), Dr. Robert D. Crane
- Islamic Fascists?/ Islamo-Fascists?:  Deceptive Labels & Propaganda are Counterproductive, Sheila Musaji (with article collection)
- Muslims Who Fought Against the ‘Real’ Fascists & Nazis, Sheila Musaji
- Resources for Responding to Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week, Sheila Musaji
see also David Horowitz)

Charles Jacobs and Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America CAMERA and David Project

Zuhdi Jasser and AIFD - Identified by Rep. King as the Ideal American Muslim Leadership, Sheila Musaji

Rev. Terry Jones of Dove World Outreach Christian Center, Sheila Musaji (with article collection)

Alan Keyes and the Oak Initiative, Richard Bartholomew

Sam Kharoba (fake counter-terrorism trainer), Meg Stalcup & Joshua Craze


TAM has an article The American Muslim Community and Rep. Peter King’s “Islamic” Radicalization Hearings which has a great deal of background on Peter King and these hearings, and an extensive article collection.  We also have a series of articles breaking down various aspects of the hearings:
Peter King’s Hearing: What Was the Point? discussing the content of the hearings, with a collection of articles written after the hearing ended. 
Peter King’s Civics Lesson for American Muslims which has a collection of anti-Muslim statements by elected representatives and government officials made during and before the hearings. 
Existing reports and studies on radicalization in the American Muslim Community and Polls, Surveys, and Statistics Relating to Islam and Muslims  with actual hard evidence so lacking in the hearing. 
Response of Civic Organizations and Interfaith Community to “Muslim Radicalization” Hearings  
Elected Representatives & Government Officials Who HAVE Questioned Islamophobia with quotes from elected representives and government officials attempting to counter the bias of this hearing both during and before the hearing. 
- Peter King’s hearing: witness testimonies - allegations but no facts
- Zuhdi Jasser and AIFD - Identified by Rep. King as the Ideal American Muslim Leadership
- Does Rep. King’s IRA/Terrorist Connection Matter?
Answers to Peter King’s Claims About the American Muslim Community which lays out all of his claims and allegations and provides detailed answers to each.  (e.g. Do Muslims cooperate with law enforcement?  Do Muslims speak out against terrorism and extremism?  Are most Muslims terrorists?  Are 80 to 85% of mosques run by radicals?  Have American Muslim organizations responded to the issue of radicalization?  Are mosques the source of radicalization?  etc.)
- The scope of Rep. Kings Hearings Creates Homeland “in"Security
- Rep. King and the “Prislam” Hearing
- Peter King’s Fourth Hearing Targets Muslims in the Military

The Language of Islamophobia, Jeremy Henzell-Thomas


- ACLU: FBI Guilty of Massive Racial Profiling Operations, Adam Serwer
- ACLU report on FBI and surveillance
- ACLU Lens: FBI Using Biased Counterterrorism Training Materials
- ACLU: Mapping the FBI: Uncovering Abusive Surveillance and Racial Profiling
- ACLU rep troubled by pervasive anti-Muslim prejudice in FBI
- ACLU says FBI uses profiling against Muslims, other minorities, Jerry Markon
- Al-Qaida not a fringe opinion among Muslims, Shoebat tells South Dakota security conference
- American Muslims welcome Senate inquiry into accuracy and effectiveness of counterterrorism training, Sheila Musaji
- Answers to Peter King’s Claims About the American Muslim Community, Sheila Musaji
- Anti-Muslim Bigot and Fanatic Robert Spencer Explains Islam to the FBI and the Tidewater Joint Terrorism Task Force, Robert Dreyfuss
- Anti-terror lessons of Muslim Americans, Duke University study
- Anti-Terrorism Training Draws Scrutiny (The Washington Times)
- Attorney General Holder: FBI Hurt Terror Fight With ‘Violent Muslim’ Training, Spencer Ackerman
- Attorney General Holder firmly committed to eliminating anti-Muslim training
- CAIR Decries Anti-Muslim Police Trainers
- CAIR Seeks Probe of Anti-Islam Bias in Military Training
- CIA FBI NYPD spying on American Muslims
- Civil rights and the patriot act (TAM article collection)
- Coalition to Challenge NYPD Use of Anti-Muslim Film,%20March%2026,%202011,%20Coalition%20to%20Challenge%20NYPD%20Use%20of%20Anti-Muslim%20Film.htm
- Coalition Letter to Director Mueller
- Collins, Lieberman demand answers on anti-Muslim police trainers, Esther Kaplan,_lieberman_demand_answers_on_anti-muslim_police_trainers
- The Consequences of Islamophobia, in the U.S. and Abroad, John Esposito
- Counterproductive Counterterrorism: Counterproductive CounterterrorismHow Anti-Muslim Bias is Undermining America’s Homeland Security, MPAC
- Dangerous Lessons in Islamophobia at the FBI, Julian Sanchez
- Documents show NY police watched devout Muslims, Adam Goldman
- Does Course on Islam Give Law Enforcers Wrong Idea? (Seattle Times)
- Does the FBI Teach Agents that Mainstream Muslims are “Terrorist Sympathizers?”, Don Byrd
- Existing reports and studies on radicalization in the American Muslim Community (TAM article collection)
- FBI ends up offending Muslims at outreach workshop, Emily Heffter
- FBI: US attorney general invokes state secrets privilege in suit Calif. Muslims filed against FBI
- FBI defends invitation to Robert Spencer
- FBI ‘Islam 101′ Guide Depicted Muslims as 7th-Century Simpletons
- FBI Lesson Plan: Muslims Are Terrorist Sympathizers, Will Oremus
- FBI Recommended ‘Complete Idiot’s Guide,’ Anti-Muslim Books To New Agents
- FBI teaches new recruits to read ‘anti-Islam’ books
- FBI Teaches Agents: ‘Mainstream’ Muslims Are ‘Violent, Radical’, Spencer Ackerman
- FBI defends invitation to Robert Spencer
- FBI: Anti-Muslim Bigot and Fanatic Explains Islam to the FBI and the Tidewater Joint Terrorism Task Force, Robert Dreyfuss
- FBI: Okay, Fine, We’ll Do Something About That Anti-Muslim Training, Adam Serwer
- F.B.I. Scrutinized for Amassing Data on American Communities, Charlie Savage
- FBI Suggests Anti-Muslim Ideologue Robert Spencer As Recommended Reading, Ryan Lenz
- FBI to Expand Domestic Surveillance Powers as Details Emerge of Its Spy Campaign Targeting Activists, Amy Goodman
- FBI Training Materials Treat “Islam” As The Enemy, Adam Serwer
- FBI: The New FBI Powers: Cointelpro on Steroids, John W. Whitehead
- FBI Using Anti-Muslim Literature To Train Counterterroism Agents, Doug Mataconis
- FBI’s Key Muslim Ally, Mohamed Elibiary: Bigoted Briefings ‘Make My Job Harder’, Spencer Ackerman
- FBI’s new investigative guidelines raise concerns, Pete Yost 
- FBI Leaking To Neocon Conspiracy-Theorist Frank Gaffney?
- Federal Bureau of Idiocy, Justin Raimondo
- Federal Funds For Counterterrorism Training Pay For Anti-Muslim Instructors, Ryan J. Reilly 
- William Gawthrop, The FBI Trainer Promoting War Against Islam, Paul Woodward
- William Gawthrop, FBI Analyst: Aim For Islam Like Air Shafts On Jihadists’ Death Star (VIDEO), Ryan J. Reilly
- William Gawthrop, WND’s Terrorism Expert Now Training FBI Agents, Ryan J. Reilly
- How the NYPD Slipped Blanket Surveillance of American Muslims Past the Courts—and the People, Aziz Huq
- How we train our cops to fear Islam, Meg Stalcup and Joshua Craze
- The Idiot’s Guide to Foreign Wars (Iraq Edition), Adam Weinstein
- If you want to screen Muslims as potential terrorists, you’ll have to target blacks, William Saletan
- Individuals on FBI Terrorist Watchlist Not Targets of Investigation, Jesselyn Radack
- Is the Obama Administration Serious about Anti-Muslim Demonization in Law Enforcement?, Thom Cincotta
- Islam-Bashing Bigots Train Counterterrorism Agents
- Islamophobia, Real or Imagined (TAM article collection)
- Justice Department Official John Marsh: Muslim ‘Juries’ Threaten ‘Our Values’, Spencer Ackerman
- Peter King’s Civics Lesson for American Muslims, Sheila Musaji
- Manufacturing the Muslim Menace
- Mapping Sharia Project Goes Beyond Islamophobia to Raving, Paranoid, In(SANE)ity!, Sheila Musaji
- Meet William Gawthrop: ICTOA Promotes Another Counter-Terror “Expert”, Richard Bartholomew
- Muslim Americans and Law Enforcement Partnerships, MPAC
- Muslim-Basher Trains U.S. Military Personnel in Kentucky
- Muslim Groups: FBI Response to Islamophobia Scandal Not Good Enough, Adam Serwer
- Muslims targeted in U.S. terrorism cases, report says, Raja Abdulrahim
- New Concern About Bias in Counterterror Training (NPR), Dina Temple-Raston
- New Documents Reveal FBI’s Islamophobic Counterterrorism Training, Eli Clifton
- NY Muslims feel targeted despite alliance promise, Eileen Sullivan
- NYCLU Charts Rising Anti-Muslim Trends in NY State
- NYCLU mosque white paper - religious freedom under attack
- NYPD Cops’ Training Included an Anti-Muslim Horror Flick 
- NYPD ethnic tracking included citizens
- NYPD Spied on U.S. Citizens Without Any Evidence of Crimes
- NYPD’s Cooperation With CIA Lacks Effective Oversight, Civil Liberties Groups Say, Matt Sledge
- Security and Trust vs. Suspicion and Scapegoating, Hesham Hassaballa
- Senate Committee Stresses Need for Greater Partnership Between Law Enforcement and Muslim Americans, MPAC
- “Senators Seek Accurate, Effective Counterterrorism Training” (Senate Committee on Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs)
- The Shocking Way US Cops Are Trained to Hate Muslims
- South Dakota Police Hear that Islam is “Inherently Violent”, Richard Bartholomew
- Teaching police to fear Islam, Alyona Show (video)
- Terrorism Training Casts Pall Over Muslim Employee, Dina Temple-Raston
- Thompson panel says targeting Muslim Americans will backfire
- Top Secret America a Washington Post study 
- That Islamophobic FBI Training Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg, Adam Weinstein
- Unit’s Autonomy May Be Why FBI Missed Bias, Dina Temple-Raston
- US counter-terrorism training ‘presents Islam as inherently violent’, Ed Pilkington
- What Does the F.B.I. Know About Islam?, Amy Davidson
- Where is the U.S. Government Getting It’s Information on Islam and Muslims?, Sheila Musaji
- White House Releases “New” Counter-terrorism Strategy, Sheila Musaji
- White House intervened to block notorious Islamophobes addressing security conference
- Why Zionists promote anti-Muslim law enforcement trainings, Alex Kane
- - Writers Cited in Breivik Manifesto Have Spoken at US Military Colleges as Anti-Terrorism Experts. Chris Rodda
- Your Taxes Fund Anti-Muslim Hatred, Chris Hedges

Liberty University Law Exam Question on Notorious Kidnapping Case Pressured Students to Choose “God’s Law” over “Man’s”, Sarah Posner

Will McCants: How a clueless “terrorism expert” set media suspicion on Muslims after Oslo horror, Benjamin Doherty

Mainstream Muslim Voices Overwhelmed by Negative Perceptions, Allison Moore

Mapping Sharia Report In(SANE)ity Redux, Sheila Musaji
- Mapping Sharia Project Goes Beyond Islamophobia to Raving, Paranoid, In(SANE)ity!, Sheila Musaji (Shari’a and Violence in American Mosques by Mordechai Kedar and David Yerushalmi)
- Mapping Sharia in America Project, Richard Bartholomew
- Mapping Shari’a in America Project, Yes, Just a bunch of nut cases but….

Margins and mainstreams, Asma Barlas

Media rife with anti-Muslim rhetoric in weeks leading up to 9-11 anniversary

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), Sheila Musaji (with article collection)

The Misinformants: What ‘stealth jihad’ doesn’t mean, Lisa Miller

Moderate Muslims Under Siege, Khaled Abou El. Fadl

Moral Maturity of Two Year Olds: Reward and Punishment Mentality of Muslims, Pamela Taylor

Muslim Demographics, dumbest Muslim plot ever (with article collection), Sheila Musaji

Muslim Voices Against Extremism and Terrorism, many article collections

The Nature of Evil and Mimetic Warfare Against Islam:  “Gnosticism” and “Traditionalism” as Weapons, Dr. Robert D. Crane 

NeoCons Make Unapologetic Call for McCarthyism against Muslims

Neoconservatives hate liberty as much as they love war, Glenn Greenwald

Neocon Pundits Malign American Muslims: All Faiths Must Face their Demons, Louay Safi

(Non) Muslims against Sharia (fake organization)

Nuclear Security Summit Logo Is Proof of What?, Sheila Musaji

- Israelis, McCain Neocons Behind Anti-Islam “Obsession” DVD, Kurt Nimmo
- Obsession:  Deja Vu! Never Again?, Jeff Siddiqui
- Obsession:  Radical Judaism’s War With Islam, Sheila Musaji 
- Obsession: a history, Sheila Musaji

Christine O’Donnell removes bigot blogger Geller’s endorsement from website, Alex Pareene

The only acceptable racism left: Islamophobia, Malik Mujahid

Orange County 2011 or Germany 1933?, Sheila Musaji (with video)

The Paranoid and Abhorrent Obsession with Muslims in the Media, Jeremy Henzell-Thomas


- Daniel Pipes Brings Weak Sauce: Sharia, Halakha, and Double Standards; Part 1 
Separation of church and state - article collection
- Daniel Pipes and the Middle East Forum (MEF) Islam 2.0 and Islamophobia 3.0, Sheila Musaji (with article collection)
A Response to Daniel Pipes’ Allegations (regarding the American Muslim logo), Sheila Musaji
A Response to Daniel Pipes’ Allegations (regarding the American Muslim logo), Jeremy Henzell-Thomas
A Response to Daniel Pipes (on Pipes’ views on the Iraq War), Irfan Khawaja
Blacklisting of Professors, Sheila Musaji
Blaming Islam:  Examining the Religion Building Enterprise, Louay Safi
Burkas, Bikinis, and Bigotry, Sheila Musaji
Campus Watch are damned liars, Hussein Ibish
Campus Watch just can’t stop lying, Hussein Ibish
Clarion Fund
Clogged Pipes 
Fascist Leaves Daniel Pipes “Elated”
FAIR backgrounder on Pipes
The great Islamophobic Crusade, Max Blumenthal
Hardliners in Search of Moderate Muslims, Louay Safi
Harvard Jihad Speech Controversy, Sheila Musaji
Identifying Christian Moderates, Austin Cline
Islamophobia and Arabophobia: Laying The Groundwork - Us vs. Them, Sheila Musaji 
Militant Islam Reaches America (Daniel Pipes), Professor John Esposito
The Muslims Are Here!  The Muslims Are Here!, Sheila Musaji
The Myth of Modern Jihad, Robert Wright
Neocons embrace Islamic terror group, Danny Postel
Pipes Admits NY “Madrassa” claim was “a bit of a stretch”, Richard Bartholomew
Pipes and Abou el Fadl, Marc Lynch
Daniel Pipes and Campus Watch, Valerie Saturen
Daniel Pipes, Smearcasters report
Daniel Pipes and His Inflammatory Comment about Palestinians, Loonwatch
Daniel Pipes and the Mujahedeen-e Khalq (MEK)
Daniel Pipes Brings Weak Sauce: Sharia, Halakha, and Double Standards, Loonwatch
Daniel Pipes nomination to USIP
Daniel Pipes relied on disputed LA Times article to revive Obama-Muslim falsehood
Daniel Pipes’ schemes (USIP appointment)
Daniel Pipes tracks our nation’s traitorous professors so you don’t have to, Valerie Saturen
Daniel Pipes Strange Understanding of Radical Religious Ideological Movements, Sheila Musaji
Daniel Pipes, Sirhan Sirhan, Obama, and the Avon Lady, Sheila Musaji
Daniel Pipes’ Witch Hunt at a Public School, Steve Rendall and Isabel Macdonald 
Promoting Islam in the Public Schools?, Sheila Musaji
RELIGION BUILDING:  Daniel Pipes the New Voice of Moderate Islam?, Sheila Musaji
Religious Right Warns English-Arabic School ‘Incubator’ for Terrorists 
Right Web backgrounder on Pipes
Spat between McCarthyites: Daniel Pipes vs. Israel Academia Monitor 
Sen. Specter Withdraws from Pipes Anti-Muslim Conference, Richard Silverstein
Those Danish Muhammad Cartoons (Pipes interview with Jyllands Posten), Gary Leupp
The Truth About Daniel Pipes, MPAC-DC
What a shocker! Brandeis welcomes Daniel Pipes, but Norman Finkelstein still left wondering 
Will the Extreme Right Succeed?: Turning the War on Terror into a War on Islam, Louay M. Safi 
Zombie Lie: Right Still Clinging To Decade-Old Fabrication About Radicalized Mosques

Policy Exchange, SANE and the ‘vital importance of controlling the Arabs’, Tom Griffin 

Polls, reports & studies: Existing reports and studies

Dennis Prager vs. the First Amendment, Sheila Musaji

Predatory Orientalism: What Went Wrong?, M. Shahid Alam 

Prejudice, racist, or violent incidents against mosques (by state)

Progressive radio show in NY serves up neocon moonshine about Islam, Philip Weiss

Propaganda, the internet and the media: from CounterJihad to the Decent Left, Tom Griffin

Protocols of the Elders of Islam, Shahed Amanullah

Psychoanalyzing the Tsunami of Islamophobia, Dr. Robert D. Crane 

RAND Corporations Ungracious Strategy For a Civil Democratic Islam: Muslims Searching For Partnrs, Javeed Akhter

Religion and violence: another look at Islamophobia and anti-Semitism, Hussein Ibish

Religion Building (TAM article collection)

Religious bigotry then and now, Gary Leupp

Responses to Islamophobia, Arabophobia, and Extremism (TAM article collection) A to L — M to Z

Right-Wing Media Continue Muslim Brotherhood Fearmongering By Targeting Moderate Judge appointed to Egyptian Constitutional Council

Review: Documentary “America at a Crossroads”, Rafia Zakaria

Right-Wing Media Hype Mosque Study Co-Written By Anti-Muslim Activist With History Of “Bigotry”

Right-Wing Nuts: “Obama is a Mooslim, Convert Mooslims”

The Right’s Anti-Islam Extremists, John Guardiano

Rise of the religious right in the Republican party

Pat Robertson continues fight against halal food

Henry Rochejaquelein:  Robert Spencer Discovers Another Mystery “Expert”, Sheila Musaji

Guy Rodgers and ACT for America, Sheila Musaji

Sad, Old and Out of Touch: The Identity Crisis of Islamophobes, Jeremy Henzell-Thomas

- Anti-Islam Group (SANE) is Also Anti-African American, CAIR

Phyllis Schlafly and the Eagle Forum, Sheila Musaji

Debbie Schlussel “Out-hates"Glenn Beck and Pamela Geller, Sheila Musaji

Selective Hearing of Muslim Voices Against Extremism and Terrorism, Sheila Musaji

Separation of church and state - article collection

SIOA Stop the Islamization of America
- ADL backgrounder on SIOA
- SIOA: A tale of two bus ads, Sheila Musaji
- SIOA co-founder: kill your liberal relatives and all Muslims
- SIOA: New Anti-Islam Group, Same Old Faces, Richard Bartholomew
- SIOA Stop Islamization vs One Law for All and Harry’s Place, Richard Bartholomew
- SIOA: Dogs, Donkeys and Women, Oh My!, Eli Clifton 

Some profit from anti-Muslim fear, Bob Smietana

Source Methodology in Islamic Jurisprudence, Taha Jabir al’Alwani,

Specter Embraces Pipes Islamophobia, Richard Silverstein


- Death to Islam Website and Robert Spencer, Sheila Musaji
- The Ludicrous Lies of Robert Spencer (in defending Geller), Charles Johnson
- Robert Spencer and the Big Lie About “Islamic” Terrorism Threat, Sheila Musaji
- Robert Spencer Attacks Interfaith Leaders, Imam Mohamed Magid and Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, Jacob M. Hausner
- Robert Spencer: 14-year old girl’s JROTC scarf might undermine the U.S. Army’s “singleness of purpos, Sheila Musaji
- Robert Spencer publishes Nicolai Sennels’ Nazi Style Propaganda, Sheila Musaji (cousin marriages, “inbreeding”)
- Robert Spencer: TSA worker’s scarf an “Islamic Supremacist dare”?, Sheila Musaji
- Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller Discover Another Story That Never Happened, Sheila Musaji (attack on Philip Geraldi)
- Spencer & Geller Discover Muslim Vehicular Jihad Plot, Sheila Musaji 
- Spencer & Geller fantasize about Muslim rapists in Norway, Sheila Musaji
- Spencer & Geller make false claim, but Charges Against Catholic University Crosses Were Not Made by Muslims, Sheila Musaji
- Spencer & Geller Turn Belgian Shooting Tragedy Into an Islamophobic Hate Fest, Sheila Musaji
- Robert Spencer & Pamela Geller Turn Another Tragedy Into an anti-Muslim Hate Fest, Sheila Musaji (Christmas murder in Texas)
- Spencer, Geller Smear Giraldi, Paul, Scott Horton
- Spencer, Geller, Yerushalmi, Gaffney: Attempt to Conceal Evidence of “Truth-Telling”, Sheila Musaji
- Spencer & David Horowitz Justify Their Islamophobia by Claiming It Doesn’t Exist , Sheila Musaji
- The politically incorrect guide to Robert Spencer, Sheila Musaji

Spreading Awareness or Smearing a Religion?, Gary Leupp

The Subversive “Arab”, “Islamic” Doughnut Ad, Sheila Musaji

- Wafa Sultan and Former Muslims United, Sheila Musaji
- Wafa Sultan’s Lost opportunity
- Wafa Sultan: Reformist or Opportunist?

Tea Party Patriots Wallow in Muslim-Bashing Gutter with Geller, Leah Nelson

On Team B-ing, Spencer Ackerman

Terror Attack in Norway Linked to Right Wing Islamophobes, Sheila Musaji

- Bigger, Badder Jihad Plot in ‘Obsession’ Rebooted, Ali Gharib and Eli Clifton
- The Clarion Fund’s Second Dud: The Third Jihad, Loonwatch
- Coming Soon: More Fearmongering With Obsession Sequel, Nick POatler
- Conservatives Stoke Fear of Fifth Column, Sarah Posner
- Islamophobia, From Screen to Capitol Hill, Sarah Posner
- Museum of Tolerance screens Third Jihad, Richard Silverstein
- never again? Simon Wiesenthal Center to screen Islamophobic film “The Third Jihad”, Aziz Poonawalla
- New anti-Muslim DVD ‘The Third Jihad’ released this week: A protocols of the elders of Islam?
- Not all Muslims are terrorists, but ..., Dr. Hesham Hassaballa
- Not all terrorists are Muslims, M. Shahed Alam
- The NYPD, the CIA, and “The Third Jihad”, Sheila Musaji
- Who is behind Relentless, Obsession and The Third Jihad?, Sheila Musaji

Tradition or Extradition, Shaikh Abdul Hakim Murad

Tom Trento, Florida Security Council/United West Organization, Sheila Musaji

Ulama, Hegemony and Reform, Chandra Muzaffar, 

Umar Faruq Abd-Allah says U.S. and Islamic Law Congruent

The Utility of Islamic Imagery in the West:  An American Case Study, J.A. Progler

We cannot afford to maintain these ancient prejudices against Islam, Karen Armstrong,,1874786,00.html

We Need An Intelligent Response to Islamophobia, Farish A. Noor

WEBSITES that are useful in fighting Islamophobia
- Bartholomew’s notes on religion
- Fake ex Muslims
- Islamophobia Today
- Islamophobia Watch
- Loonwatch
- Media Matters for America

Western Perceptions of Islam, Roots of Misperception (5 parts), Ibrahim Kalin

West’s Religious Bigotry Towards Islam Is a Matter of Policy, Abid Mustafa

What everyone “knows” about Islam and Muslims, Sheila Musaji (responses to common false claims)

White House Iftar Provokes the Islamophobic Lunatic Fringe, Sheila Musaji 

When You’re a Statistic - How Do You Respond?, Hamza Yusuf

Which is the extremist threat in America: Muslims or Islamophobes, Shahed Amanullah 

White House Iftar Provokes the Islamophobic Lunatic Fringe, Sheila Musaji

Who Inspired Anders Breivik?, Justin Raimondo

Whole Foods Almost Acknowledged American Muslims as Human Beings, Sheila Musaji

Why Is Simon & Schuster Spreading the Wild Conspiracy Theories of an Unhinged Islamophobic Blogger?, Elon Green (Post-American Presidency book)

Will the Extreme Right Succeed? :: Turning the War on Terror into a War on Islam, Louay Safi

Woolsey’s World War IV Comments Reveal Truth About War on Iraq, Stan Moore

Bat Y’eor and the Eurabia conspiracy theory

- David Yerushalmi and (in)SANE, Sheila Musaji (with article collection)
- ADL backgrounder on David Yerushalmi: A Driving Force Behind Anti-Sharia Efforts in the U.S.
- Anti-Semitic White-Supremacist Orthodox Jew Tries To Ban Islam In US, Bruce Wilson
- Devout Jewish Fascist, Richard Silverstein
- House Republicans pal around with anti-Muslim, anti-Black racist David Yerushalmi, Alex Kane
- How Many Muslims Contributed To New Right-Wing ‘Team B’ Report On Islamic Sharia Law? None, Matt Duss
- Yerushalmi:  Neocon ‘Team B’ Author: ‘Islam Was Born In Violence; It Will Die That Way’
- GOP House Members Call for Investigation of Muslim Political Activity, Glenn Greenwald
How Members of Congress Are Advancing Anti-Muslim Hysteria to Push a Radical Legal Agenda, Liliana Segura
Lawmakers target Islamic Sharia law, Marc Caputo
Lawyer Who Promotes Anti-Sharia Laws Publishes New Study on Islamic Extremism: David Yerushalmi Is Adept At Edging His Ideas Into the Mainstream, Paul Berger
Mapping Shari’a in America Project, Yes, Just a bunch of nut cases but….
Meet the White Supremacist Leading the GOP’s Anti-Sharia Crusade, Tim Murphy
Meet the nutter behind the Sharia Report, Daniel Luban
Policy Exchange, SANE and the ‘vital importance of controlling the Arabs’, Tom Griffin 
Propaganda, the internet and the media: from CounterJihad to the Decent Left, Tom Griffin
SANE: An Islamophobic group attempts to banish Islam from the U.S.,  Abdus Sattar Ghazali
Sharia panic factory, Justin Elliott 
Shout down the Sharia myth makers, Abraham Foxman
Spies, Lies from “Mapping Sharia” Group Hit Dar Al-Hijrah, Tariq Nelson 
States Move To Ban Islamic Sharia Law: NPR interview with Yerushalmi and Intisar Rabb
Tennessee’s Anti-Muslim Bill is an American Disgrace, Daniel Tutt
This Is Who They Listen To, Adam Serwer 
Uncovering US Anti-Shari`ah Roots
Who is David Yerushalmi, CAIR


Originally published 8/2005