Islamic (Sharia) Government

Islamic (Sharia) Government

I want to share my opinions with you, because of the subject of “Islamic government” in a heartfelt and important letter that reached me. Due to this subject, people will suffer in their future for not properly using their limited energy that Allah gave them!

Here is the letter:

“May peace be upon you, dear Master. My mail is a bit long but, please read it. I am a young person who is following your articles and trying to realize some truths from them thanks to you. But I am undecided about some subjects. I want to ask you a question about this article of yours published at

Dear Master, you have said here that, there is no need for Islamic government. For heavens sake, even though tens of Muslims are being murdered in the world even now and there is not a powerful Islamic government, I do not understand the reason of this. I think our purpose should be naturally to fight for the sake of Allah. You say that Islam is a system declared for humans, not for governments or states, but how could we talk about Islam if the state the person lives in does not practice the government of Allah? No doubt, “having faith” is most important for us before all. But why should we be content with only having faith if we can have the chance of living Islam much more? For instance, I am unable to talk about Islam. They label me as a “reactionary”; they call me supporter of Sharia. That is not a lie, I am for Sharia. I feel responsible to practice what Sharia requires. But I want others who are unaware of this, to learn this too. Now, wouldn’t this article of yours push some people at least to the state of uncertainty, who followed the order “Fight till the religion belongs to Allah”? Why did RasulAllah found an Islamic government, if there were no need for it? They could have lived Islam in the existent order. Besides, Allah would not have send on us the laws of Islam. I think that this subject is very important. I am asking you to inform me about it. I also thank you for reading my mail. May peace of Allah be upon you! Have good days.”
Should an Islamic (sharia) state or government be set up?

What kind of a government would it be?

Is there an example of it on earth?

Who is going to govern the Islamic government?

Just let me tell you of some period of time from my past…

I am just 18; I have just entered these subjects. I have read the bare word interpretation of hadithes and the Koran. A state of love and energy overflowing! Capsized emotions and reflections! Leave aside holding a woman’s hand; I do not even dare to look at a woman! With that excitement, I am shouting from my window to neighboring ladies about wearing covers over their heads! I am growing a beard and wearing a headdress; yet looking at people wearing hats disdainfully.

With that excitement, I am writing articles in support of Sharia to a magazine of that time called “New Independence” under different nicknames, with subjects like Sharia should be put into practice, etc.

At that time, I also started reading the authors like Abdulkadir Geylani, Hadji Baktash Wali, Ghazali, Ibrahim Hakki Erzurumi, Ýmam Jafar Sadik who sought and wrote on the intellectual aspects of Islam, that is Sufism (Tasawwuf). I noticed that the subject should be assessed rationally, not by rote memorization. Thanks to the masters of Sufism, I have realized a totally new aspect of Islam. I saw the real purpose of Islam! All my practices have changed then. I went through a lot of realizations. My point of view has completely changed and at the age of twenty I wrote my book called “THE REVELATIONS” which conveyed my perception at that time… Since than, my perspective has never changed!

When I lived through such realizations and had that understanding, I observed that the “original Sharia” is quite a great deal different from what is served to us today as the “Sharia” by Muslim societies living in the world.

In original Islam, there are more human rights than what today’s secular practices offer! Unless there is active violence to others, Islam leaves the person alone with his own faith and does not force or punish!

It was very clear that the rules that were practiced at the era of Mohammed, the Rasul and Nabi of Allah, were a great deal different from the perception of Muslimism practiced at the periods after him.

The snowball of Sharia built on fatwas (religious opinions of people who are considered “officials”) which are consisted of countless personal explanations, had turned finally into an avalanche when arrived in our present time!

In the past, there has never been an Islamic government after Hadhrat Ali passed away. There have always been sovereignties or dictatorial regimes! Before him, there had not been a concept of government at all. Tribal lives were tried to be turned into a kind of governmental life. There is just a similarity of name between today’s and yesterday’s government perceptions!

Only disappointment will be reached with hearsay religious information.

For centuries, people have carried on their sultanate by making people accept the Islam that they thought and told as if “original Islam” with the power they gained.

“Original Islam” is Koran and Hadithes.

False acceptance of today, however, consists of “the Koran + Hadithes + Comparative Islamic Law (qiyas) + Common perception of society (ummah).”

This is where the mistake starts.

Everything that the Koran or the Hadithes do not include is a “personal interpretation” or “FATWA” and does not bind anyone in the name of RELIGION.

Above all, it is the greatest of cruelties for people trying to push them to practice someone’s personal explanation (fatwa) about a subject not found in the Hadithes or the Koran, in a manner as if it is a religious rule!

Let us leave the past aside for a while…

Is there any “Islamic government” on earth which is based on only the Koran and Hadithes? THERE IS NOT!

If a person’s perception of Islam or his faith was relevant to an Islamic State or a Sharia government, then there would not be anyone on earth today who had faith or who accepted Islam! But, thousands of saints (awliyah) live in countries today governed by “non-Islamic regimes”!..

How could we humiliate Islam by relating the governments to Islam, that are consist of narrow minded people with limited vision, who have regional perceptions of Muslimism because of their particular religious sects, paths and communal perceptions (madhab, tariqah, jamaah); who accept all believers as “non believers” if they have differing perceptions than theirs? How could we allow belittlement on Islam because of those kinds of governments?

Exaltedness of Islam is free of slander because of the mistakes of human nature!

Will “those mentalities” who do not accept others as Muslims if they do not share their own paths, their communities, and consider women without veils as non-believers, establish an Islamic Sharia government and rule the societies with sticks and knives?!

According to which religious sect, path or community will an Islamic government be founded?

And so, how many people will rule over how many others saying “in the name of Allah and Religion”? Can you even imagine the result of all this?

What kind of a unity or ruling of that unity could you ever talk about while Muslims today are grouped in perception differences by excluding each other, or laying traps behind each other, and while they have such a mind set that bring bans to the books of authors which do not share their ideas?

Let us be honest, and give up deceiving ourselves! Let us get rid of thinking inside the borders of our village and learn to view and assess globally!

Know it for sure that if the RENOVATOR (master spirit of the age), with the epithet of Mahdi, will not come out as a commander on his white horse with an army equipped with extraordinary powers, the expectation of an “Islamic government” will not go beyond a pure dream that expends people’s energy in wrong way.

I have written it in 1985 that there will not be a Mahdi as people fancy to emerge. I have also written the RENOVATOR might have started to fulfill his function at the very date (1400-1410). For years now, people’s expectations of Mahdi revealing himself in Hajj turn out to be nothing each year. As long as the Saudi sultanate goes on, I do not think that person will make himself public! This is my personal opinion. Those who have life to live will inshallah (Allah willing) see how right I am on this subject too.

If the Renovator has been carrying out his duty since 1980 or 1985, fulfilling his function, then since that time, what has he been keeping himself busy with? What’s he doing at the moment?

See the truths of your day well!

Islam spread on earth via people of love, who observed and experienced the truth of the matter, not by narrow minded religious scholars (!?) who have formalistic perception and brains like robots, who cannot go beyond repetition of what they memorized!

We should try to conquer the hearts, not the governments!

Fighting for the sake of Allah means, acknowledging what the religion is, and warning people in the same manner as RasulAllah did! That means telling, explaining people in what, why and how the faith should be, in the language that they can understand, not seeing them as a flock to be herded!.

Our era is the era of serving people to save their faith. It is the era of addressing them in the language and in the manner they understand! No message could be given to the society with speeches or books written in a language that even the experts have trouble understanding!

RasulAllah was not a “Muslim of appearance and clothing” in his era! Caring about people’s clothing is a trait of primitive minds! Primitive ones try to impose bans on each others’ clothes! RasulAllah was respectful to the traditions and customs of the idolater society that he lived in, when the subject matter was irrelevant to the Religious truths! This is a clear example for us!

It is one thing to reject and disagree with the wrong, unfair applications of existing governments whose goals may be directed with faithlessness, and it is another thing to waste one’s lifetime for the sake of applying some other wrong practices in place of others.

How could you expect a solution for greater problems from people who cannot comfort society by enacting an article of law that will accept purse-snatching as “seizure” for years?

See the realities of the world that you live in! Do not fool yourselves! The price of this will be the highest price to pay!

Study carefully, who the same center is, that pushes either the “leftists” or “people of Sharia- wishers” with narrow minded speeches for years behind closed doors in Turkey, and who reached their aims at that period! See where, in which line the revolutionists who believed those speeches are today!

As years passed, the perception of “Religion” degenerated in Turkey because of various reasons; the brains who were blocked by insufficient and stencil knowledge obtained from secret Koran courses and parishes, and who know nothing other than their “right”s, have taken over the positions that direct the society in the name of religion!

In reality, the greatest veils in front of Islam is not the government, but the religious courses and parishes that educate religious scholars(!) who, alas, imagine people will die and vanish and sprout from earth in the hereafter!

People, for their own sakes, need to urgently interrogate and research religion on their own from scratch!

Life keeps rolling and is being exhausted quickly. Time is flowing quickly. You can only gain your eternal life while you are in this world; this is your only and last chance!

The problem is not an “Islamic government” in Turkey; it is the deliberate suppressions of the true knowledge about Islam.

Religion cannot be taught by making people memorize only one perception, one interpretation!

Expressing the REAL ISLAM does suit neither the government, nor the society of tariqa nor the religious parishes!

Why is that so?

This should be questioned and thought through, in my opinion.

No religious function can be done to earn money! When done, its name is trading not a service to the Religion!

Religion is not an occupation (job)! It cannot be!

If one’s job is Religion, then his business is trading!

Religion can be used to make money, or for other worldly interests, but the result of that will be nothing other than disappointment.

They who create a “god” in their minds might see everything permissible in accord with their will. But the world of people who understood “ALLAH” as Hazrat Mohammed explained and what he has brought, is a totally different world!

Life of this world is TEMPORARY!

Jesus did not let to be deceived by Barabbas who had wanted to use him for politics!

The reason is that, he was a person of “ALLAH”… He knew that what is important for people is the “eternal afterlife”!

He let them serve, with worldly activities as they are created for!

How interesting are the feelings of the people who have not understood what Sharia actually is, but request it for the government!

In reality, there is only one reason for the misunderstandings on all these subjects:

Not considering the warnings and signs of the Koran as a whole with the practices of RasulAllah together; going over the issue with only one chosen verse or hadith! Supposing the interpretations memorized at parishes or at the secret courses to be original RELIGION!

If only the government let everybody tell their opinions freely on TV… Then the society would understand and assess everything just as they notice the “tele-comedian theologians”. However, there is no permission even for this! Because, in most countries, there is no freedom of expressing what you think!

The real freedom is being able to express freely what one thinks about! This is experienced in civilized and developed societies! It is also the head of all freedoms!

The way is long… Life is short. There are severe earthquakes and collapses, meteors on the way! The third world war is at the door… Dajjal is waiting! The Renovator spirit is fulfilling his own aim without making himself public!

It is possible to leave this world without reaching the truth (haqiqat), without knowing ALLAH and comprehending the system and order set by ALLAH and without getting ready as required by the system and order properly!

The purpose of living on earth is to set off to eternal life by exploring and living out the potential powers belonging to Allah within our essence. If we cannot achieve this, we will be scattered at the journey we will have started in the grave that we are put alive!

In the grave, there are three questions which will be asked to you: “Who’s your Rabbi? Who’s your Nabi? What’s your book?” There won’t be any question about whether you help people reach guidance by founding a Sharia government!

We should think very thoroughly on the verses: “If we’d wished for it, all people would have received guidance” and “you are not the one to force them!”

The subject is much broader, but it should be kept short not to bore…

RasulAllah has set our principle:

“Make it easy not harder; make it loved not hated!”

May Allah facilitate it.

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