Islamic Shura Council of S. CA Condemns the Egyptian Military Junta

Islamic Shura Council of S. CA Condemns the Egyptian Military Junta

(Anaheim, April 29, 2014): The Islamic Shura Council of Southern California is appalled by the injustice imposed by the Egyptian miltiary junta for sentencing 683 people to death, allegedly for attacking a police station. Earlier in March, the Egyptian judiciary had also condemned 529 people to death, 492 of whom were later commuted to life term. “Both of these sentences defy reason and confirms brazen and indiscriminate injustice by the Egyptian regime,” said Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi, Chairman of the Shura Council.

The Shura Council calls upon people of conscience to take action to overturn the death sentences handed down on March 24 and April 28. We also urge the community to demand fair re-trials without recourse to the death penalty for all 1,211 men. These trials and convictions in absentia are grossly unfair and defy justice and confirms repression at a mass scale.


I call upon my fellow Imams to mobilize the congregations through your Friday sermons and urge them to take action, said Sheikh Taha Hassane, Vice Chairman of the Shura Council.  


We also urge the community to call upon the Egyptian Ambassador at 202-966-6342 and the Egyptian Consulate in Los Angeles at 323-933-9700 to overturn the grave injustice meted out to their citizens.