Islam Calls for the Sanctity of all Life

Islam Calls for the Sanctity of all Life

The Islamic Shura Council of Southern California is appalled by the ongoing sectarian barbarism in Iraq and its neighboring countries.

“Islam calls for the sanctity of all life and safety of every person. Actions that contradict this principle are a sin and a crime in Islam,” said Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi, Chairman of the Islamic Shura Council.

Military might or political maneuvering cannot repair the colossal failure of human conscience but a changed heart that feels for a fellow human being can. The blessed month of Ramadan offers that opportunity for Muslims of all persuasions to reflect, heal and restore themselves and their environments.

The Islamic Shura Council calls upon the Masajid and Imams to play an active role in helping their respective congregations and communities in reaffirming mutual respect as best expressed in this Muslim Code of Honor.

Among the code’s guidelines are banning the practice of takfir, judging other Muslims as nonbelievers, and forbidding hateful speech about the beliefs and revered figures of all branches of Islam. We call on all communities to embrace this model of working together for mutual respect and harmony and we ask God, the Most Merciful, to grant us the wisdom to work for it.

Islamic Shura Council of Southern California

The Islamic Shura Council is an umbrella organization of Mosques & Muslim organizations serving the Muslims of Southern California. Since 1995, the Council continues to foster the spirit and culture of “working together” at all levels in one of the most diverse and largest Muslim populations in the country.

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