HURRICANE KATRINA - collection of articles

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The articles are posted in the order they were received.  The most recent at the end of the list

Aid Offered By Muslims Around the World

, Sheila Musaji
Warnings Ignored, Flood Defense Budget Slashed to Pay for Wars, Geoffrey Lean
You’re On Your Own, British Victims of Katrina Told, Mark Townsend
Daley Shocked As Feds Reject Aid
Why Is the Red Cross Not In New Orleans
Katrina’s Wrath, America’s Shame, Norma Sherry
Criticism Mounts As More Than 10,000 Feared Dead, Gary Younge
Guardsmen Halt Evacuation at Superdome
Some Afterthoughts on Hurricane, Bush, and Possible End of Days Scenario, William Bowles
For They That Sow the Wind Shall Reap the Whirlwind, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
FEMA Directing Donations to Rev. Pat Robertson
One More Thing America
The Story of the Hurricane Cowboy Who Fiddled While New Orleans Drowned, Amanda Lang
Why New Orleans Is In Deep Water, Molly Ivins
World Stunned as U.S. Struggles With Katrina, Andrew Gray
How New Orleans Was Lost, Paul Craig Roberts
After Focusing on Terrorism, homeland Security Was Unprepared for Katrina, Lara Jakes Jordan
Open Letter to Bush From the New Orleans Times Picayune
Haves, Have-Nots Play Out in New Orleans, Brad Parks
New Orleans Braces for Staggering Death Toll
Areas Hit By Katrina Remain Under Threat of More Hurricanes This Year, Matt Crenson
Halliburton Subsidiary Taps Contract For Repairs, Lolita Baldor
The Dispossessed of New Orleans, David Usborn
Receeding Floodwaters Expose the Dark Side of America, Jonathan Freedland

Hurricane Katrina Government Guide to Resources

The Battle of New Orleans, David Vest
Government Officials Play Blame Game, Scott Shane
Texas Governor Orders Refugees Moved to Other States
Do You Know What It Means To Lose New Orleans?, Anne Rice
An Ill Wind, Paul Harris
How the Free Market Killed New Orleans, Michael Parenti
Impeach Bush Now Before More Die, Paul Craig Roberts
New Orleans: A Geopolitical Prize, George Friedman
Bush Visit Halts Food Delivery, Michael Krupa
Met By Despair Not Violence, Scott Gold
Hurricane Katrina, God, and Social Morality, Rabbi Michael Lerner
Clinton:// Government Failed the People
When the Saints Don’t Go Marching In, E.J. Graff
FEMA Opts Out of Reality
The Real Costs of a Culture of Greed, Robert Scheer
The Poverty of Our Nation…and the Poverty of Our Politics, Mark Naison
ISNA Urges Muslim Americans to Provide Aid to the Victims of Hurricane Katrina, Islamic Society of North America
Wake Up America, Sharon Alexander
Funeral Director Deploys to Hurricane Region, Clint Confehr
Foreign Assistance Begins Flowing to US Hurricane Victims, David Gollust
Saudi Arabia Urges OPEC to Cover Shortfall in Crude, Javier Blas
The Economic Consequences of New Orleans, Stephen Paley, Ph.D.
Barbara Bush: Things Working Out ‘Very Well’ for Poor Evacuees from New Orleans, Editor & Publisher
Viewpoint:// New Orleans Crisis Shames US, Matt Wells
Muslim Comedy Show Benefits Katrina Victims

Rabbi:// Hurricane Punishment for Pullout, Zvi Alush
Nations Await Answer to Katrina Aid Offers, Karl Ritter
US Officials Defend Response to Foreign Aid Offers, Sue Pleming
World press: Katrina ‘testing US,’ BBC Monitoring
After Katrina: The Toxic Timebomb, Andrew Gumbel and Rupert Cornwell
Receding floodwaters expose the dark side of America - but will anything change?, The Guardian
Timeline Shows the Depths of Callousness Bush & Co. Displayed After Katrina Hit, Jackson Thoreau
Winds, Yes; Of Change? Not Likely, No Direction Home, Chris Floyd
Barbara Bush: It’s Good Enough for the Poor, John Nichols
George Bush, David Caruso, and Katrina: Why Now Is Precisely the Time for Finger-Pointing, Arianna Huffington
Katrina and the Coming World Oil Crunch, Michael T. Klare
Rescuers Get Tough With Hurricane Holdouts, Yahoo News
FEMA Chief Waited Until After Storm Hit, Ted Bridis
Cuba Given Cold Shoulder Over Aid Offer, Sue Pleming
Katrina & the End of Illusions, The Storm Passes - or Has it Only Just Begun?, Justin Raimondo
Seeking Justice, of Gods or the Politicians, Edward Rothstein
News, Muslim Hurricane Relief Task Force
A look At Katrina Aid From Other Countries, KCAL 9, Los Angeles

When the Press Comes Marching In, William A. Cook
Blackwater Mercenaries Deploy in New Orleans
German Plane With Katrina Aid Turned Back
Point Those Fingers, Paul Krugman
Power to the Victims of New Orleans, Naomi Klein
Second Amendment Nixed in New Orleans, Kurt Nimmo
No Direction Home, Chris Floyd
It’s Accountability Time, Scott Ritter
The Post-Katrina Era, George Lakoff
Why America Can’t Cope, Andrew Stephen

Riptide of the Brownshirts, Power Grab in New Orleans, Paul Craig Roberts
Muslim Organization Pledges More than $1 Million in Vouchers, Housing and Food to Hurricane Victims, Life for Relief and Development
We Had to Kill Our Patients, Caroline Graham and Jo Knowsley
From Federal Failure Arises More Federal Power, Paul Craig Roberts

FEMA Bussing Error, The Wall Street Journal
FEMA, La. Outsource Katrina Body Count to Firm Implicated in Body-Dumping Scandals, Miriam Raftery
DHS and Michael Chertoff, Joshua Micah Marshall
News From Behind The Facade, John Pilger
On the Alert for a Category-1 Recession, Gary North
Senate Kills Democratic Attempt to Establish Independent Katrina Commission, Lara Jakes Jordan
All Eyes on Halliburton as Contacts Turn into Contracts, Oliver Morgan
Disaster Plan: More Centralized Government, Novakeo
Up in Flames, Ryan Parry

New Orleans: A Geopolitical Prize, By George Friedman
GOP Fiscal Policy and Katrina, How to Turn a Natural Disaster into a Man-Made Catastrophe, Jason Leopold
Muslims Donate More Than a Billion Dollars for Katrina Relief, muslimsweekly
Muslim Organizations not Listed in the List of Charities for Katrina Relief Donations, Abdul Malik Mujahid

Republican Congressional Candidate Hopes Katrina Victims Don’t Move Back, The Huffington Post

Are We Going To Listen To Katrita?, Dr. Hesham Hassaballa