Historic Interfaith Meeting: First World Conference of Imams and Rabbis for Peace

From January 3 to 6, 2005 one hundred Imams and Rabbis, surrounded by personalities from all over the world, met in Morocco under the high patronage of His Majesty Albert II and His Majesty Mohammed VI in order to de-legitimise all forms of violence committed in the name of God or of any religious principle. Furthermore the representatives of Jewish and Muslim communities in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and America affirmed their determination to develop dialogues and co-operation between Islam and Judaism.

The Congress ended with the solemn commitment of the religious representatives to persevere on the road of dialogue on which they set out in coming to this congress, in particular through a series of suggested concrete actions. They also pledged not to allow their silence to condone any kind of violent acts committed in the name of their respective religions.


We, leaders, representatives, Rabbis and Imams of Muslim and Jewish religious communities who have assembled from all over the world for the first world congress of Imams and Rabbis for Peace affirm our commitment to strive to end all bloodshed and attacks against innocent human beings that offend the right to life and dignity given by the Almighty to all human beings.

1. We call upon all people to combat hate, ignorance and their causes and to build together a world of peace, rich in diversity, in which all faiths and their practices are respected and protected.

2. We call upon the political leaders of all peoples to work for righteous and peaceful durable solutions around the world and in particular in the Holy Land for the benefit of all peoples and faith-communities who live in the land and hold it dear.

3. We pledge ourselves to pursue a shared goal of respect for human rights for all people and peoples, without which no peace can be possible.

4. We call upon all religious leaders in Jewish and Muslim congregations around the world to devote regular sermons and addresses to their communities on the importance of inter-religious respect and reverence for all human life under all circumstances.

5. We announce the establishment of a permanent joint committee to help implement these commitments and propose programmatic initiatives on a regular basis, in keeping with the proposals presented during the congress and in its spirit for the wellbeing of all peoples.

Egmont Palace - January 6, 2005


Mr. Abdul Rahman ABAD Officiel spokesman of the council of Palestinian’s Ulemas Sheikh Ahmed ABADDI Director of islamic affairs in Morocco Master of Theology Kimzanbay ABDURAHMANOV Imam hatib Docteur Youn賠ABERKANE vice-President of Terres d’Europe Rabbin David ABRAHAM Talmud Torah Teacher professeur Khalid ABU-RAS Professor in Arabe litrature Mr Mohammad ABUMOKH Director General of Al-Qasemi Academy Monseigneur Emmanuel ADAMAKIS Metropolitain of France Dr Lateef ADEGBITE Secretary General of the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs Sheikh Senad AGIC Imam of Bosniak communities in North America Sheikh Pr Dr Ahmed AKG܎Dܚ Dean of islamic university of Rotterdam Ari ALEXANDER Sheikh Abdul Kareim ALZORBA Imam of the dome of the Rock Rabbi Roberto ARBIB Director of “Yiun” academy Mr Chief Rabbi Yacov ARIEL Chief Rabbi of Ramat Gan Mr Nafez ASSAILY Director of the ?Library on Wheels ? association Professor Mehmet AYDIN Lecturer at the Faculty of Theology, University of Ondokuz Mayis. Professeur Mahmoud AZAB Professor titular in Islamology at the National Institute of Orientales Civilizations Mr Mohamed Moui. AZIZA Monsieur Andr頁ZOULAY Counselor to His Majesty King Mohammed VI Mr Chief Rabbi Joseph AZRAN Chief Rabbi Av Beth-Din of Rishon Letzion Chief Rabbi Eliyahu BAKSCHI DORON Harishon Letzion Chief Rabbi of Israel Monsieur Paul BALLANFAT Chief of Turkish-Persian Studies at the Lyon III university professeur Foad BDIR Manager of Islamic college Monsieur le pr鳩dent Rachid BENMOKHTAR President of the Al Akhawayn University Anass BENMOUSSA Cheikh BENTOUNȓ Monsieur Rachid BENZINE Grand Rabbin Laurent BERROS Rabbi of Sarcelles Rabbi David BIGMAN Rosh Yeshiva Head of Talmudic Academy Monsieur Mohamed BOULIF President of the Executive office of the Belgium Muslims Rabbi Dr. Naftali BRAWER Rabbi in charge of the interreligious relations for the Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom Rabbi Daniel BRENNER Director of the Center for Multifaith Education Auburn Theological Seminary Monsieur Patrice BRODEUR Titular of a Canada Research Chair: Islam, Pluralism and globalization Sheikh Abdul Aziz BUKHARI Sheikh Of the Naqshabandian Sufi Method and Head of Uzbeke Community in Jerusalem Archpriest Vsevolod CHAPLIN Archprist, representant Alexis II, Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Madame Pascale CHARHON Sheikh Hassan CHIZENGA Secretary of Ulamaa Council of Tanzania Chief Rabbi Shear Yashuv Yoseph COHEN Chief Rabbi of Haifa. President of Rabbinic Court and President of the Ariel Institute Monsieur Moﳥ COHEN President of the Jewish Consistory of Paris Monsieur Jean Arnold DE CLERMONT President of the french protestant federation Monsieur Albert DE PURY Professor of biblical sciences at the University of Geneva P貥 Christian DELORME Catholic priest Monsieur Brahim DERAWI Vice-Pr鳩dent of the Moroccan Associations Federation in Europe Monsieur Doudou DIȎE Special Reporter on contemporary forms of racism, xenophobia and intolerance Son Excellence Monsieur Bernard DORIN Embassador of France Rabbi Cllr Aba M DUNNER Executive Director of the Conference of European Rabbis Mr Chief Rabbi Pinhas EDERY Chief Rabbi of Givataim Rabbi Joseph H. EHRENKRANZ Executive Director of the Center for Christian-Jewish Understanding of Sacred Heart University Professeur Mohamed EL AYADI Teacher of islamic problematics Rabbi Messod ELHADAD Judge at the rabbinical court of Jerusalem Dr. Avraham ELQAYAM Head of the Slomo Moussaieff Center for Kabbalah Research in Bar Ilan University Sydney ENGELBERG Rabbi Isaac FARHI Rabbi and Kashrut Supervisor Monsieur Paul FENTON Professor at the Sorbonne University and at the Jerusalem University Professor Reuven FIRESTONE Professor- Medieval Judaism and Islam- Hebrew Union College- Jewish Institute of Religion Madame Arlette FONTAN Professor in Philosophy and ISTR co-founder Rabbin Fran篩s GARAϠRabbi at Geneva Monsieur Mamadou GASSAMA President of the AMISF of Sarcelles Chief Rabbi Josef GLIKSBERG Chief Rabbi of Givataym Monsieur Gadi GOLAN Israel Ambassador Rabbi Doctor Alon GOSHEN-GOTTSTEIN Director of the Elijah Institute Sayyed el Cheikh Abd al-Wadoud GOURAUD Imam of Milan Al-Wahid Mosque Rabbi Irving Yitz GREENBERG President, Jewish life Network/ Steinhardt Foundation Rabbin Marc Rapha묠GUEDJ President of the interreligious Foundation Racines et sources ? ? Monsieur Le Grand Rabbin Albert GUIGUI Chief Rabbi of Bruxelles Samahet el Mufti Saleh HABIMANA Mufti of Rwanda Rabbi Menachem HACOHEN Chief Rabbi of Romania Mr Chief Rabbi Rabbi Yosefe HADANE Chief Rabbi of Ethiopian Jews in Israel Mr Avner HARAMATI Facilitator Madame Gita HAZANI Co-director of the Mosaica Center for Inter Religious Cooperation Professor Abdelwahab HECHICHE Professor at Tempa University Madame Tania HEIDSIECK Theologist, searcher in biblic and koranic hermeneutic Sheikh Hamad HILMI Imam of Kfar Ilout Professor Ephraim ISAAC Director of Semitic Studies Institute Jamal ISSA OLP press Office Mr Safder JAFFER Actuary and Chairman of the Islamic Education Board, World Federation Islamic Center Sayyed el Sheikh Syed Agha JAFRI Shia Muslim Community Leader Rabbi Shmuel JAKOBOVITS Director of the jakobovits Torah Institute Contemporary issues Rabbi Howard JOSEPH Rabbi of Spanish Portuguese Synagogue in Montreal Monsieur Hammadi KADDOURI vice-president of the Muslims Federation of Sarcelles Mrs Patricia KAHANE Rabbi Doctor Elie KAHN Head of the Ein Hanetziv Yeshiva Sayyed Nadeem Abbas KAZMI Head of International Development Professor Dr Mahmud Erol KILIC Professor of Sufism at Marmara University Imam KONE IDRISS KOUDOUSS President of the Imams National Conseluor Monsieur Ahmed KOSTAS Regional Delegate for Islamic Affairs in Rabat, Morocco Doctor Esmail KOUSHANPOUR Emeritus Professor, Northwestern University- Executive Director of the Islamic Cultural Center, Northbrook. Mr. Daniel KROPF Facilitator Rabbin Rivon Richard KRYGIER Rabbi of the Massorti Community of Paris, Adath Shalom. Mr Chief Rabbi David Baruch LAU Chief Rabbi of Modiin Rabbi Binnyamin LEHMAN Rabbi of the Har Etzion Yeshiva Chief Rabbi Joseph LEVI Rabbi of Florence Professor Barry LEVY Dean, Faculty of Religious Studies- McGill University Rabbi Ronen LUBITCH Rabbi of Nir-Etzion Hojat al-Islam Muhammad MAHALLATI Yarshater Research FellowFormer Ambassador of Islamic Republic of Iran in U.N. Sayyed el Cheikh Yacob MAHI Professor or islamics religious at Ath鮩e Royal L鯮ardo da Vinci Brussel’s Sheikh Ghassan MANASRA Co- Director Mosaica center for Inter-religious Cooperation Sayyed el Sheikh Saliou MBACKE Inter Faith Action for Peace in Africa Mr. Eliyahu MCLEAN Pursuer of Peace, Interfaith advisor of the Sulha Peace Project Mr Chief Rabbi Michael MELCHIOR Chief Rabbi of Norway Mr Chief Rabbi Bent MELCHIOR Chief Rabbi of Denmark Sayyed el Cheikh Dahou MESKINE General Secretary of the Council of French Imams Sayyed el Cheikh Mohamed Slaheddinne MESTAOUI Tunisian Deputy, Member of the High Islamic Council Mr Edward MILLER Chairman of the project Vision of Abraham Monsieur Emile MOATI General delegate of Abraham brotherhood Dr. Kamran MOFID Researcher/Consultant on Globalisation and Inter_ faith Dialogue Sheikh Ali Bin Hj MOHAMED Member council of Islamic Religious Council of Singapore Dr. Muhammad MUQODDAS Chairman of Muhammadiyah University Sheikh Yussuf MURIGU Vice Chairman of Supreme Muslim Council of Kenya Sheikh Abdishukur NARMATOV Imam of Mosque in 7th micro-region in Bishkek; President of “Altyn-Muun” foundation Doctor Mitkal NATOUR Lawyer specialsed in Islamic Affairs Mr. President Adamou NDAM NJOYA Plenipotentiary Minister / M.P. Amb Mayor of Foumbah Sheikh Ahmed Khalifa NIASSE Vice President of National Assembly of S鮩gal Reverend Dr. Vladimir NIKIFOROV University Chaplain and Lecturer in Ethics Doctor Evgueni NOVIKOV Researcher, Senior Fellow for the Islamist Project, Center for Security Policy Sayyed el Sheikh Rakhmatilla OBIDOV Main Imam-khatib of Shaykhontahur district H.R.H. Honorable Justice Abdulkadir ORIRE Executive Secretary General of the Jama’atu Nasril Islam Dr Abdulaziz OTHMAN ALTWAIJRI General (ISESCO) Monsieur Marc Alain OUAKNIN President of the association “Des Penseurs dans la Cite ” Associate Professor at the Bar Ilan University(departement of comparative litterature) Cheikh Tareq OUBROU Imam of Bordeaux H.E. Mr Alvaro OZORES Special Spanish Ambassador to World Jewry Sheikh Yahya Sergio Yahe PALLAVICINI Vice-president of the Islamic Religious Community of Italy (COREIS Italiens) Sheikh Abdalwahid -Felice PALLAVICINI Sheikh and President of the Islamic Religious Community (CO.RE.IS)of Italy Rabbi Salomo PAPPENHEIM Director of educational Institution Madame Fariba PETERS-HACHTROUDRI President of the Moha Association Boris PINCUS President of the American Association of Central Asian and Caucasian Countries Mr. Alberto QUATTRUCCI Secr. Gen. for Interreligious Dialogue and Public Events- Sant’Egidio. Mr Bashy QURAISHY Chairman of the European Network Against Racism Mr Chief Rabbi Shmuel RABINOWITZ Chief Rabbi of the Western Wall and the Holy Sites in Israel His Holiness Sri Sri RAVI SHANKAR Director of the International Association for Human Values Mr Kamel RAYAN Head of the Aqsa association Javier Herman Lopez ROJAS Sheikh Abdu-samad ROMERO ROMAN Director of the Faculty of Andalusian Studies Chief Rabbi David Shlomo ROSEN International Director of Interreligious Affaires at the Jewish Commitee. International President, World Conference, Religions for Peace Rabbi Naftali ROTHENBERG Rabbi of Har Adar Rabbi Chaim Zwi ROZWASKI Rabbi RD of the Jewish Community of Berlin Imam Dr. Abduljalil SAJID Imam of Brigthon Monsieur Le Grand Rabbin Abba SAMOUN Chief Rabbi of Troyes and Champagne-Ardennes Directeur Kharis SAUBYANOV Adninstration of Rassia Mufties Council Sheikh Talal SEDIR Palestinian authority representative for interreligious affairs Monsieur Abraham SɇAL Rabbin Michel SERFATY Rabbi of Ris Orangis Delegate of the French Consistoire for Inter-religious Affairs Mr Daniel SHEK Chairman of BIOCOM Rabbi Abraham SHERMAN Member of Hight Rabinical Court of Jerusalem Mr Sydney SHIPTON Co-ordinator of the three faiths forum Mr Chief Rabbi Shlomo SHLUSH Chief Rabbi of Haifa and president of rabbinical Court of Haifa Grand Rabbin Ren頓amuel SIRAT Director of the Unesco Chair for Inter-religious dialogues Professeur Faouzi SKALI LAMI anthropologiste,Doctor in Religious Sciences Grand Rabbin Ari Abraham SMADJA Rabbi of Ramat Shlomo Rabbi Awraham Shalom SOETENDORP President- European Region- world union of progressive Judaism Rabbi Daniel SPERBER President of the Institute for Higher Torah Education at Bar Ilan University Docteur Adolphe STEG Representant for the Rotschild Foundation Rabbi Alvin M. SUGARMAN Rabbi Rabbin Claude SULTAN Rabbi of Troyes, Director of the rabbinic Institute of Troyes, France Monsieur David SUSSKIND Honor Chairman of the lajewish communitary center of Belgia Docteur Ahmed TAOUFIQ Minister of Habous and Islamic Affairs Sir Aaron TAPPER Co-Executive Director Abraham’s Vision Monsieur Luc TAYART DE BORMS Director of the Baudoin Foundation Herv頨Haroun) TEBOUL Mr Omer Faruk TURAN Monsieur Ahmed Abd al-Sabur TURRINI General Director of CO.RE.IS Monsieur Bernard UGEUX Director of the I.S.T.R. of Toulouse Doctor Muhammad Suheyl UMAR Director of the Iqbal Academy Pakistan Rabbi Alan UNTERMAN Synagogue Minister and University Lecturer in Religious Studies Jean VANIER Dr. William F. VENDLEY Secretary General of world conference of religious for Peace Professor Gian Piero Ahmad Abd-al Waliyy VINCENZO Director of cultural services for the CO.RE.IS Catherine VON FLUE Professor Akhtarul WASEY Hony. Director, Dr Zakir Husain Institute of Islamic Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia Madame la Directrce Karen WEISBLATT Directrice du “TransAtlantic Institute in Brussels Rabbi Eliezer WEISZ Rabbi of Emer Hefer Canon Andrew WHITE Head of the Coventry Cathedral Center for Peace and reconcilliation Mr Oded WIENER Director General of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel Ambassador Ali YAHYA Director project for Peace Mr Chief Rabbi Hadad YESHOUA Chief Rabbi of the Sepharadic communauty of Milano Monsieur Mohamed YOUSSEF General secretary of the High Counsel of Ulama in Morocco Rabbi EfraﭠZELMANOVITCH Chief Rabbi of Mazkeret Batia Sheikh Mouhamed ZIBDEH Islamic Judge in Jerusalem Rabbi David ZILBERSHLAG President of social organization for needy people Sheikh Kadi Dawoud ZINI Judge of Akko

Information from the website HOMMES DE PAROLE at http://www.hommesdeparole.org/