Helminski, Abdul Kabir

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ABDUL KABIR HELMINSKI was the publisher of Threshold Books for twenty years, a company which specialized in quality translations of sacred literature, especially those from the Islamic tradition. He is the author of two books, Living Presence and The Knowing Heart, as well as eight translated collections, especially focusing on the work of Jalaluddin Rumi. His books have been translated into Spanish, Italian, Dutch, German, and Turkish. He has an M.A. in psychology and a Ph.D. (honorary) in literature from Selcuk University, Konya, Turkey. For more than twenty years, Kabirs focus has been developing and sharing a contemporary approach to Islamic concepts and practice, both within the Islamic community and outside of it. To this end he and his wife Camille also founded the Threshold Society, a non-profit educational corporation, which has offered seminars, retreats, and cultural events to tens of thousands of people. In 2001 Kabir was the first Muslim to deliver the prestigious Wit Lectures on spirituality at Harvard Divinity School, which will be published as a book by The Paulist Press.

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