Hathout, Dr. Hassan

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Dr. Hassan Hathout was born in Shebin El Kom, Egypt in 1924 and graduated from Cairo Medical School in 1948.
He completed post-graduation medical training in obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, and later co-founded the Kuwait Medical School.
He is the former Professor of OBGYN at the University of Kuwait.
Dr. Hathout came to America in 1989 with his physician wife, Salonas, in order to make Dawah to the American people. His interest in this stemmed from the amount of negative distortions that were present in America at that time and has since served the Islamic Center of Southern California.
He had joined the struggle in Palestine and subsequently wrote a book, The Memoirs of a Physician in Palestine. His latest book in the English language is titled, ” Reading The Muslim Mind “.
Dr.Hathout currently lives in Pasadena, CA where he is the Director of Outreach at the Islamic Center of Southern California.
He also lectures tirelessly around the world, communicating a progressive Islamic ideology.
He is a gynecologist, a Board Member of the magazine, ҒThe Minaret.