Hassaballa, Dr. Hesham A.

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Hesham A. Hassaballa
Gender: male
Industry: Science
Occupation: Pulmonary/Critical Care Physician
Location: Chicago : Illinois : United States
About Me
Hesham A. Hassaballa is a Pulmonary and Critical Care physician currently practicing in the greater Chicago area and has been a Beliefnet columnist since 2001. Dr. Hassaballa is also a columnist for the Religion News Service, and he has written extensively on a freelance basis, being published in the Chicago Tribune as well as other newspapers around the country and around the world. He is author of the essay “Why I Love the Ten Commandments,” published in the book Taking Back Islam (Rodale), winner of the prestigious Wilbur Award for 2003 Best Religion Book of the Year by the Religion Communicators Council. He is also co-author of the forthcoming book, “The Beliefnet Guide to Islam,” to be published by Doubleday in 2006. In addition to writing, Dr. Hassaballa helped found the Chicago chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations and has served on its executive board. He also serves as co-chair of the Media Relations Committee of the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago.