Harris, Rabia Terri

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RABIA TERRI HARRIS, Coordinator of the Muslim Peace Fellowship . MPF was founded to Permit isolated Muslims with a deep personal commitment to nonviolence and harmony to locate each other and exchange views ׷ Search out Muslim individuals and groups already involved in peace and justice work and make their efforts more visible in the larger community and the media Help such individuals and groups coordinate at the national level ׷ Provide training in nonviolent conflict resolution for jama`ahs in our endangered inner cities Target local situations that could respond to trained intervention by concerned Muslim peacemakers ׷ Organize Muslim humanitarian aid for threatened communities worldwide Formulate Islamic positions in support of human rights, unity in diversity, and upright and ethical political action ׷ Communicate with Muslims and non-Muslims about the essentially Islamic character of such positions Give moral support to our daily pursuit of tawhid.

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