Roland Shirk Thinks Muslim Environmentalists Part of Sinister Plot to Colonize the West?

Sheila Musaji

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Roland Shirk Thinks Muslim Environmentalists Part of Sinister Plot to Colonize the West?

by Sheila Musaji

Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch site has just published another article by “Roland Shirk” titled Mister Green Deen.  This article takes anti-Muslim paranoia to a new level.  (Since the departure of Hugh Fitzgerald from Jihad Watch, a new mystery man has appeared in his place — someone named Roland Shirk about whom, like Fitzgerald, there is also no information to be found elsewhere.)

It seems that for some folks, anything Muslims do is suspicious and has an ulterior motive.  In these sick minds, it is not possible for any Muslim to do anything that is good and decent.  It is not enough for them to spend their lives searching out any statement or action by any Muslim anywhere that is reprehensible so that they can report on it and generalize it to all Muslims — they must also attempt to impugn the motives of any positive statement or action by any Muslim.  They live in a black and white, us versus them, absolute good versus absolute evil world.  And, Islam and Muslims are “them” and “absolutely evil”.

In this remarkable screed, Shirk sees the recently released book Green Deen: What Islam Teaches about Protecting the Planet, by Ibrahim Abdul Matin as being the most recent attempt by devious Muslims to take over the planet.  According to Shirk, the book is part of

a provocative new front in the dawa offensive: the attempt of certain Muslims to package their faith as the best philosophical basis for a sound stewardship of the planet.

He quotes an article by Mark Musser

Who is Ibrahim Matin? Here’s where things get interesting. As Musser notes:

Matin works in New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s environmental planning department as a policy advisor for New York City’s long term sustainability, and was one of the Muslims promoting the idea that the new mosque being considered near Ground Zero should be a green one. In fact, Matin devotes one whole chapter of his book to “Green Mosques” and provides a list of environmentally friendly practices that can and should be implemented at each local mosque.

Musser notes a wider offensive on the part of American Muslims to repackage Islam as ecologically responsible, as a means of making connections with Islam’s Western allies of convenience: progressives and leftists. Musser pounds on the table a bit, calling this outreach an “unholy alliance that threatens our future but which escapes the attention of media.” My first instinct was to think this was a little bit overblown; I’ve seen plenty of books by members of various faiths that explored how their tenets could be squared with the fruits of secular reason—attempts to reconcile Catholicism and pluralism, Christianity and capitalism, Judaism and internationalism, and so on. Is it necessarily sinister for Muslims to try to come to some similar arrangement?

Shirk then makes his own comments on Musser’s thesis

I’d forgotten, as too many people do, the fundamental difference between Islam and other faiths, its self-imposed rigidity and essential immunity to new information. The stark, untouchable core of that religion is pure revelation, with no room for reason as an authoritative interpreter. Indeed, even the traditions of interpretation that arose around the Qur’an were frozen in amber centuries ago—as Robert Reilly, among others, points out. There is no more Islamic philosophy or even theology, only mysticism and jurisprudence—or as the unsympathetic would have it, fantasy and force. That doesn’t offer a very promising field in which the seeds of new movements, which claim to be derived from secular reason, are likely to flourish.

Shirk then quotes Musser again, spouting all sorts of anti-Muslim drivel, at great length, including an attack on Rep. Keith Ellison who wrote the forward to Matin’s book.  Shirk then comes to his own conclusion

And that is where Islam comes in. Muslims find leftists natural allies at breaking down the self-defense mechanisms evolved by Western countries, so they can accomplish their project of colonizing the West. Leftists find in Muslims energetic foot soldiers and voters, natural “victim” groups who can be made the beneficiaries of bureaucratic interventions, and also a handy stick with which to threaten their enemies: Don’t pass X law, or you’ll have riots in the streets of Paris and Amsterdam, and the violence that occurs will be your fault, because you provoked it. Painting Islam as “eco-friendly” seems to me like just another way to yoke together two movements (Islam and the Left) that are fundamentally at odds, but are willing to work as one against a common enemy: the free, residually Christian West.

As always, the comments made by Jihad Watch readers are very telling of the mindset of those who follow and believe the nonsense printed on that site.  Here are just a few of those comments:

Tziona says:  Islam, eco-friendly!? The religion that turned “the bread basket of Rome” (the coastal plains of North Africa) into semi-desert… some kind of joke!?    The lunar calendar that Islam rotates around makes Muslims the worst farmers in the world, and this in turn makes Islamic countries fundamentally economic failures (their collective ass has only been saved - and then some - by the West’s dependance (sic) on oil).  Wealthy Muslims have of course always used their wealth to create wonderful private gardens, but ‘inshallah fatalism’ lets the fellaheen exploit only what nature provides regardless of man’s intervention, Islam doesn’t inspire man to intervene and nurture nature’s capacity to impove (sic).

Jaladhi says: It’s amazing how far Muslims have infiltrated in the Us state and Federal governments and the they influencing the policies of our clueless politicians. We need a thorough house cleaning at all levels only that can save this nation!

Lilredbird says:  ...  Hey, they can join up with Ellison and Obama BFF Van Jones and start a new campaign: Sharia Law for Mother Nature! Go Green or Face a Fatwa! Behead Those Who Use Plasic (sic) Bags!    Stupidity, it would seem, truly has no limits.

Nighthawk says:  This is nothing but Taquiyya (sic) aimed at the clueless tree hugger. Once they succeed in taking over the world, they will not give a rats ass about the environment anymore and turn the world into a waste dump.


These folks are so full of hatred that they are probably beyond reason.  However, the issue of the Environment & Ecology in Islam is one that has been discussed in depth by Muslims who are concerned about our moral and ethical responsibility for stewardship of the earth.  TAM has a lengthy article collection on this topic.  For the enlightenment of Mr. Musser and Mr. Shirk, here is that collection:

“And We created from water every living thing.”  Qur’an 21:30

“Make not mischief on the earth” Qur’an 2:11

“Mischief has appeared on land and sea because of (the meed) that the hands of men have earned, that (God) may give them a taste of some of their deeds: in order that they may turn back (from evil).”  Qur’an 30:41

“There is not a moving creature on earth, or a bird that flies with its wings, but they are communities like you (humans).  We have neglected nothing in the Book; then unto their Lord they shall (all) be gathered.” Qur’n 6:38

Muslims are instructed to look after the environment and not to damage it:

Devote thyself single-mindedly to the Faith, and thus follow the nature designed by Allah, the nature according to which He has fashioned mankind. There is no altering the creation of Allah.
Qur’an 30:30

This is part of a Muslims responsibility to God:

Allah is He Who raised up the heavens without any pillars that you can see. Then He settled Himself on the Throne, and constrained the sun and the moon; each one pursues its course during an appointed term. He regulates it all and explains the Signs in detail, that you may have firm belief in the meeting with your Lord. He it is Who spread out the earth and made thereon firmly fixed mountains and rivers, and of fruits of every kind He has made pairs. He causes the night to cover the day. In all this, verily, are signs for a people who reflect.  Qur’an 13:2-3


This is the same Roland Shirk who Loonwatch noted has called for unconstitutional “reforms” to ghettoize Muslims.  Shirk said in an article promting this idea that Islam is a religion of fear and force, and its adherents can only be at your feet or at your throat. We had better decide which posture we prefer. The time is short.


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