Pamela Geller and Auxiliary Law Enforcement for Muslims

Pamela Geller and Auxiliary Law Enforcement for Muslims

by Sheila Musaji

On October 17,  2010 Geller posted an article Hate Crime

When the article was originally posted it included this The hypocrisy loooms [sic] large. Here’s a letter I thought I should share with you. I expect the gutless congressman who witnessed his Muslim constituents dancing on 9/11/01 will do nothing but hide beneath his desk. If this continues — auxiliary law enforcement will be necessary.

She then posted a letter she had received from a reader complaining that she had been harrassed by Muslims in her neighborhood.  Here is the letter she posted:

Dear Congressman Pascrell:

Greetings and best wishes for your, and our, continued success in the upcoming election. I know you are busy because of election time, so I will keep this letter brief and to the point. I plan to share this letter with Pamela Geller, a prominent American Civil Rights activist, so I will repeat information already known to you, Congressman Pascrell, in order to make the letter fully comprehensible to Ms. Geller.

I am moved to write today because a man seated at one of the many sidewalk chairs on Main Street impeded my ability to walk down the street, and called out, “Look out! Look out! Here comes Jesus Christ!” as I approached on the sidewalk. This man, about sixty, speaking with a heavy Turkish accent, with face stubble, began to repeatedly make body motions with his hands across his face and chest in a mockery of the act of a Christian blessing oneself. This occurred today, Sunday, October 17, 2010, at approximately four p.m., as I walked from my apartment to Corrado’s.

This is a constant occurrence on this Muslim-dominated stretch of road. In the past, I have been mocked by other religious names. Once a much younger man, in a group of men speaking Arabic, stopped me, and mocked me as “Moses,” as his friends surrounded me. On another occasion, witnessed by a police officer, a Muslim man hit me with his SUV, knocking me to the ground. The police officer took and filed a full report.

As you know, I am an older woman, and physically handicapped. I need a cane to walk. These Muslim men target an older, physically handicapped, isolated American woman for their abuse.


I had put this aside to attempt to respond to, and then when I had the opportunity to do so, the letter and original statements were gone.  The article that now appears at the same link states:

(Note: I’ve removed the letter from this post because of threats to its author. The incredible evil that is standard operating procedure for those on the left led them to try to identify the author, and effectively target her for retribution. Thus I removed the letter. Imagine: this woman lives in fear every day, and the response to this violation of her basic human rights was an attempt to out her and put her life in jeopardy. That’s what we’re dealing with.)

Atlas readers know I am fiercely against the idea of “hate crime.” All crime is hate and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

When you start to delineate what’s in a person’s mind or heart, aka thought crime, who decides? Who decides what’s hate and what’s not? The government? The Organization of the Islamic Conference? CAIR? Are things so bad that a rubber porky pig is a hate crime? Yes. And it will get worse. They create tales out of whole cloth to prosecute the innocent who dare speak out against oppression and subjugation.

But crimes against Jews, Christians, Hindus, Whites, Asians (as in Asian, not the buzzword for Muslim), etc ........*yawn.*

The hypocrisy looms large. I recently received a letter from an Atlas reader, an elderly, disabled woman who lives in a majority-Muslim neighborhood in an American city. Muslims routinely harass and torment her as she walks through the streets there. The idea that a non-Muslim is being tormented in an American city because she is a non-Muslim is debased and grotesque. The writer wrote to her Congressman several times because of these incidents of harassment, but has gotten no satisfaction.

UPDATE: Once again, the bloodthirsty jackals and hyenas are returning to their own vomit. I am sure many readers and most Americans are familiar with auxiliary law enforcement and neighborhood watch. Millions of Americans have auxiliary cops in their gated communities, in their neighborhoods, as an extra set of eyes. The police can’t be everywhere. To make this outrageous and outlandish leap to militias is the stuff of the rabid, mouth-foaming leftist destruction machine. Everyone deserves equal protection under the law. If that offends the goosesteppers, they can kiss my Keystone Kops.

When I lived in Florida for a short time, and the little community that I lived in had an auxiliary police force. Granted, it was a bunch of lovely old retirees who kept us safe. Are they Nazi militia too? The whole idea that we be held hostage by lawless thugs is un-American and outrageous. Everyone is entitled to feel safe, and to be safe.

Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs has compiled a lot of information about this supposed incident and the claimant - Pamela Geller Calls for ‘Auxiliary Law Enforcement’ Against Muslims

According to Johnson, the individual who wrote this letter is Danusha Goska and he links to an email sent to a site called VDARE from this person in 2008.  That email complained about “Hispanic noise pollution” in her neighborhood.  In that email she included a copy of a letter that she had sent to her local mayor and claims that her complaints have gone unanswered.  The VDare site posts a note at the bottom of this post saying Goska, a teacher and Democrat, previously wrote to us about her experience with National Public Radio. with a link to this previous letter.

That link takes you to an email she sent which included an “essay” she had sent to NPR.  At the bottom of the “essay” is this:  Goska, a writer, teacher and Ph.D. from Indiana University does “manual labor to make ends meet.” She submitted this essay to NPR (e-mail) which rejected it.

Johnson also turned up a strange film review posted by a person named Danusha Goska. 

In a simple google search I turned up a number of articles including this one - Islam and Terror: Some Thoughts after 9/11 by Danusha V. Goska, PhD. 

She seems, like Geller to be focused on anti-Muslim rabble rousing.  Geller, rather than explain that she had been taken in by an email from a seemingly unstable person, instead pulled the email, and substituted a rant that still managed to make it seem as if the information contained in tht original email was accurate.