Four bullets

Jeff Siddiqui

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Four bullets

by Jeff Siddiqui

A harmless man, walking in the streets of Seattle with a 3-inch (7.62 cm) knife in his hand, was seen by a Police officer and within sixty seconds, the man was dead, with four bullets from the over-hyped Policeman…FOUR bullets.

People screamed “racism” because he was a Native American, but the Police came back with a very serious statement that said they looked into it and the officer would have reacted in the same way had the person been of another race…essentially, “We’d still have killed him”.

Instead of looking at why a man was killed, why there was a need for FOUR bullets or, why the bullets had to be clustered in the torso, the Seattle Police appear to be examining how the “Young Police Officer” (their term) had no choice but to do what he did.

I was at the Native American…John Williams’ death-protest march on September 16th in Seattle. There must have been about 600-800 people there, mostly Native Americans and to a person, they were asking WHY did he have to be killed?

John Williams was characterized by the media (probably told so by the Police) as a “homeless man”, but it turned out from the people who told of him, that he lived in the neighborhood with another man. John Williams, who could not walk very well, was killed because he held a 3-inch knife…the size of the width of a normal man’s hand…in his hand as a “young” Policeman was driving past…John Williams held the knife because he was a traditional wood carver. He carved objects and walking sticks for friends and to sell; John Williams was holding a knife that was perfectly legal to carry, and yet, he was accosted by the Police, shot…and killed.

Some win, some lose; John Williams lost.

Some winners in the past, included people who were carrying assault rifles and guns at Obama rally’s (“because I have the right to do so”)...freely…and lived to do it another day.
These Police men and women are being trained as if they are an occupation force in a war zone, surrounded by insurgents, rebels and just plain killers…cop-killers, that is. They are given brainwashing instruction to KILL, not to disable because the man might still be able to kill an officer (horrors!), but KILL; completely and unquestionably and to that end, put as many bullets into him as you can.

This is why John Williams was not shot in the knee-caps or the legs.

This is why the demented Black man who was dancing his way to downtown with a knife…and being followed by hosts of Police officers, was not tripped, not trapped, not netted over the long time of the walk-chase, but shot…dead. 

What is going on with out law-enforcement agencies across the nation?

YEARS ago (God, that was a long time past!) I remember watching a Police training film in which a Police officer is in a training simulation. He is walking around a corner with his gun drawn and suddenly comes face-to-face with a child. The Police trainee lowers his weapon…only to be shot by the child who was hiding a gun behind him. The pressure for “Force-Protection” is so strong that it would appear that no amount of “collateral losses” are too much when it comes to protecting your Police self or a fellow Police officer.

Small wonder then, that an actual child was once shot to death in Seattle, because a Police officer, walking into the child’s bedroom,  saw him with ‘something that looked like a gun’...a TV remote.

We must also remember Amedou Diallo, a Haitian in New York, who had the audacity to be holding his wallet for the Police…and the Police put 19 bullets into him.

The list is literally, endless…and sickening.

The Police are being trained to kill and to kill definitely, so there is no possibility that the target will be rise up and kill an officer of the law.

Police departments are buying BIG weapons, not just helicopters, but actual, Armored Personnel Carriers…wow! Good thing Lake Washington is not large enough or, our Police might decide to spring for an aircraft carrier; “can’t be too careful” and “we must act with an abundance of caution” and all that rot.

Of course, since the newly-acquired power immunity and Muscle cannot be used against the paymasters…the REAL (White, Judeo-Christian) AMERICANS, it must be used against minorities who do not yet have the power or profile, to be worth more than a fifteen-second blip on the evening news.

The American people have spoken:  Expose us to fear and we will do your bidding. Show us strength and we will worship you…take our money! just promise you will keep us safe!

Police have learnt the wrong lessons.

They believe that if they appear commanding enough and strong enough and if they “take control’ of a situation with power, then everyone (especially themselves) will remain safe and naturally, the law-abiding public will be grateful to them. The Police is so deeply programmed with these ‘lessons” that they do not realize that they are feared and resented by almost everyone who sees them wielding their power so forcefully; that the paranoia of the Police (“we are in a war zone”, “we must protect ourselves”) is reflected and magnified by the public that often sees itself as current or prospective victim of the force.
The Police wins no friends when they make sure that their mistakes and wrong doings are investigated only by their own and when their unions (euphemistically known as “Police Guilds”) negotiate contracts with municipalities that are kept secret and serve to protect the Police from investigations, beyond the protections offered to civilians.

American Police moved to greater and greater threatening colors and styles until they are Black…about as menacing a color in uniform, as one likes to imagine

Some Police departments in other countries (mainly Europe) do happen to be far and away better than US Police, at building trust and relationships with their local civilians. they show up in clothing that does not give the appearance of an invader, armed and ready for war,  approaching occupied people.

Most European Police does not patrol with side-arms, their clothing is deliberately colored to be low-key and yet show authority…but in a friendly manner.

Seattle Police Chief John Diaz has announced a re-formation of some structures in Seattle Police, let us hope he has also had the foresight to order a full revision of Police training such that the officers are not walking about, ready to blow people away, but are willing to risk being killed in order to make sure they are not taking lives where it is avoidable.

Such sea-change is not easy, nor is it fast, but it is possible, if there is push from the leadership.

Otherwise, John Williams is only one more victim in a long string of victims well into the future…