Forget the Impeachment Bring in the Psychotherapist


By: Jim Moore

George W. Bush sorely needs help (and quickly) in several distinct areas of mental aberration. I don’t say this maliciously or vengefully. But neither do I say it lightly.

Each day, by a personal appearance, a comment, or a speech, President Bush reveals once more that he is losing control of his mental machinery, notwithstanding his sly schoolboy grin, his I’m-in-command posture, and his pseudo-soldier look.

The man, as if it were difficult to notice, is suffering from inherent (or acquired) flaws in his mental make-up (of which he is unaware) that require, no, demand psychotherapeutic attention, and left untreated, is posing a dangerous liability to the nation, seriously affecting all American citizens.

Although several prominent and well-respected psychiatrists already have written extensive reports about Bush’s condition—-albeit from analyzing and treating identical symptoms in hundreds of similar personalities—-one hardly needs a doctorate in psychology to recognize that something is wrong not only with Bush’s bizarre thinking but the decisions he makes based on that thinking.

Here, for example, are three distinct areas of George Bush’s noticeable mental derangement;


In this mental quirk, it is not just Bush’s inability to TELL the difference between truth and lies (right from wrong), it is his inability to KNOW the difference between the two. And therein, if you will, lies a legally accepted definition of insanity.

Bush does not tell the truth because he is blind to the fact that what he is saying is not true. His mental block does not, for example, allow him to accept such things as losing the war in Iraq, and so a lie becomes the truth, and the war (to him) is progressing just fine.

His avoidance of truth, however, began even before the war itself. Landing on the aircraft carrier and pointing to the sign, “Mission Accomplished” was not the truth. Telling us that taking Baghdad would be a “cakewalk” was not the truth. Fighting in Iraq to make it a democracy was not the truth. His idea that Iraq was a danger to America was not the truth. His assertion that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction was not the truth. Even his recent statement on Memorial Day at Arlington National Cemetery: “Two terrorist regimes are gone forever, freedom is on the march, and America is more secure.” is not the truth. If anything, our unprovoked attack on a sovereign Middle East nation has made Americans LESS secure because now we are a target for all Islamic extremists.


George Bush cannot, does not, and will not admit that he makes mistakes. Error is not in his vocabulary. Others make mistakes, but not me, thinks Bush, and that is a quintessential indication of a mind out of balance.

Examples of Bush’s aberrant thinking abound. Bush will not admit that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. Bush will not admit that most foreign countries disagree with our interference in Middle East affairs. Bush will not admit that most Americans now believe our war in Iraq was a mistake. Bush will not admit that detainees in American prison camps are mistreated and held without charge or trial, as reported by Amnesty International. Bush will not admit that his major proposals on Social Security and Free Trade are “stalled” by, of all things, a Republican-controlled Congress. Bush will not admit that his “war on terror” at home has obliterated some of our constitutional rights. Bush will not even admit the self-evident reality that his presidency is inching toward a “lame-duck”, power-challenged status.

It’s not so much that these things are true, it’s that Bush doesn’t see them as true, and thus he lives, operates, and governs in a shadowy world of self-delusion, spurious assumptions, and out-and-out lies.


Possibly the most frightening thing about George Bush’s mind-set is that his presidential agenda, orders, and decisions are based on the false premise that God is on his side. Not on OUR side, mind you, HIS side.

It has come to your attention, I’m sure, that Bush, at one time or another, has made that point clear. The Lord has “spoken to him” and assured him that he, Bush, has been chosen to free the world from tyranny. Given this “mandate” from the Creator, Bush does not understand how any American would dare quarrel with that. Thus, opinions, questions, and especially dissent, in his eyes, are not only un-American, but literally a counter to God’s Word.

This is why Fundamentalist Christians follow Bush’s lead assiduously, and take every word he utters as gospel. It is, however, quite frankly, the one thing that thinking Americans should NOT do.

For two reasons: (1) Any sane person knows that God, as Spirit, does not take sides; He is as available for spiritual help and guidance to the Muslim community as He is to the Christian community. And only an arrogant, self-serving theocratic personality would think otherwise. (2) a person who claims direct communication with God will rule a nation as he, in his own mind, thinks God wants it to be ruled. And history plainly tells us what happens to rulers (and nations) that believe they have exclusive contact with the Almighty and therefore know precisely what the Unthinkable One is thinking.

Rejection of the Truth. Inability to admit mistakes. The idea that God plays favorites. The leader of a nation who is a victim of any one of these delusional thoughts needs help. But the leader who is cursed with all three of them at once is in serious trouble. And so is the nation he presumes to lead.

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