Flight 93 Memorial is Proof of What?

Sheila Musaji

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Flight 93 Memorial is Proof of What?

by Sheila Musaji

Pamela Geller just can’t let a day pass without saying something hateful.  The Flight 93 Memorial will open to the public on the tenth anniversary of 9/11.  There were claims made by Geller and others that this was somehow an “Islamic Crescent” from the time the design was made public. 

In earlier articles Geller said They did not die so that a dhimmi memorial venerating the death cult that sent them to an early grave would be erected.  She also said If the American people can sit back for this we are surely lost.  Are they kidding? I mean really….......why not a ginormous swastika.  Are we fucking crazy or am I in a lunatic asylum and just don’t know it.  She called this Your infidel taxpayer dollars at work.  And, she published a Call for Congressional investigation of Islamic symbolism in the Flight 93 memorial.

The New York Times and others debunked this back in 2008.  And, yes, Pamela you are crazy, and checking into a lunatic asylum might not be such a bad idea.

Never one to be sidetracked by facts, today Geller posted 911 Flight 93 Memorial: Islamic Crescent of Betrayal in which she says Mr. Burnett (father of flight 93 hero Tom Burnett) and Alec Rawls have just published the first of what will be a series of six advertisements in western Pennsylvania newspapers exposing the official circle-breaking, crescent-creating theme of the 911 memorial design in Shanksville, Pennslyvania. We all know that it was the jihadis who broke the circle of peace, so the design can only be depicting the actions of Islamic terror, who are seen not only as smashing our circle of peace, but as leaving a giant Islamic-shaped crescent in its place.    This cultural obscenity opens on the tenth anniversary of 911 (we will back at Ground Zero protesting the grotesque Ground Zero mosquestrosity). A crescent? Why not a cross? Or an American flag? What better symbol at the site where Americans first fought back against the jihad and saved the White House or Capitol Building?

She posts statements by others who see the same nefarious plot, and over the course of the tirade, they manage to call this “a memorial to the terrorists”, “an al Qaeda victory mosque”, a “desecration of sacred ground”.

19 Al Qaeda terrorists attacked the United States on September 11th.  They attacked Americans - all Americans including those who are Muslims.  I believe the architect of this memorial that any similarity to the shape of a crescent is simply a function of the “lay of the land”.  I also know that Muslims were not responsible for the design.  To suggest that even the vague shape of a crescent has now become something sinister because it has been somehow contaminated by being associated with Muslims is hateful.  To suggest that the shape of a crescent is the same as a swastika is absolutely insane.  Is Geller next going to see creeping Sharia in the color green displayed anywhere?  Are croissants also to be banned?

Are American Muslims not Americans who mourn our country’s losses just like all other Americans?  Are the families of the Muslim victims who died in the 9/11 attacks not mourning?  Do all of us as Americans not mourn all of the dead?  Do the Muslim victims and first responders have no value?  Are all Muslims collectively guilty for this terrible crime?  Do American Muslims not cherish liberty, democracy and freedom?

Last year I wrote an article Nuclear Security Summit Logo Is Proof of What?  In that article I discussed many of the crazed, paranoid delusions of Islamophobes who see “Islamic crescents” everywhere.  So, just to make certain that you realize how far out there these folks are, I’ll include the text of that article here.

This week there was a lot of discussion about the Nuclear Security Summit (NSS) logo which has the Bohr model of the atom around the outside of a circular logo on a blue background.  This was seen by those looking for Muslims under the bed as not an atom, but something sinister, a crescent moon.  Pamela Geller was on this right away.

These Muslim conspiracy theorists find Islamic symbolism everywhere.  Remember the uproar over the Flight 93 memorial by Michelle Malkin, Pamela Geller and many others of this same Islamophobic crowd? 

Or Frank Gaffney’s theory that the U.S. Missile Defense Agency Logo is evidence of Obama’s ‘Submission To Shariah’.  Pamela Geller called this logo cultural jihad

Or, Frank Kovach’s claim on Renew America that earthquakes in California appear in the shape of an Islamic crescent as a sign from God But, this crescent is oriented exactly upside-down and backwards of the Islamic crescent. In religious iconography, that would be the equivalent of a public slap in the face. Only an all-powerful God could have arranged earthquakes to appear on a map in the shape of an upside-down-and-backwards Islamic crescent.

Michael Goodwin in an article in the New York Post wrote

“The first time I saw the swirling logo for the Nuclear Security Summit, it looked familiar. I soon figured out what it reminded me of: a crescent moon.

The kind of crescent moon you see on the flags of Muslim countries (from left: Turkey, Algeria, Tunisia and Pakistan).

Indeed, the crescent, often with a single or multiple stars, is the main symbol of Islam. So now there is something like it at an official presidential event, prominently displayed in photographs being beamed around the world.”

This is pretty typical of the conspiracy theory crowd.  You can see a clip of Fox News take on this “conspiracy” here.  And, for a stark raving mad take on this logo and many others (including the Missile Defense Agency) see this article on the Error Theory blog.

Jon Stewart debunked this brilliantly.

And, Christopher Knight noted in the L.A. Times

“Really? And here I thought the graphic design of a bead traveling on a circular path actually represents the movement of subatomic particles—an electron revolving around a nucleus—and not an Islamic crescent.

That symbol for nuclear power, often overlaid on a world map as it is here, has been obvious at least since the days of President Eisenhower’s “Atoms for Peace” campaign of the 1950s. It’s even the motif used on a famous 3-cent U.S. postage stamp, issued at Eisenhower’s request following a nationwide design competition in 1955.

None of the conspiracy theorists have yet explained where, in their paranoid—and comically politicized—take on the Nuclear Security Summit design, the star in the Islamic world’s familiar star-and-crescent logo might have disappeared to. (Maybe it’s hiding behind Kenya on the world map?) But if they do, I’ll let you know.”

Knight’s article has good visuals of the logo and of the 3-cent stamp.

I am waiting for these Muslim conspiracy folks to notice the flag of South Carolina which does have a genuine crescent and a Palmetto proudly displayed on a blue background.  (Wonkette also wonders Is There a *Reason* Why Terrorist South Carolina Has a Muslim Flag?)  I am also waiting for someone to notice the Dreamworks logo with the little boy sitting on the crescent moon and fishing, or those little yellow crescents in Lucky Charms cereal.

Actually, I’m not the only one to have thought about Lucky Charms.  One satirical post noted about this leprechaun jihad that But how do we know this crescent is indeed a Muslim crescent and not simply a well-endowed moon? Well, the box gives us a clue. Take a look at the leprechaun. We’re supposed to believe he’s Irish, but as my analysis demonstrates, he’s an Islamochaun, a homicide-bomber from Islam’s evil leprechaun armies of jihad.  The author did some serious research:  But is simply being an Islam shade of green enough? No, it could just be a coincidence. That’s why I decided to take a look at how the General Mills headquarters building—General Mills produces Lucky Charms—physically lines up with Islam’s most holy city, Mecca.

Still waiting for one of these “serious” Islamophobes to bring up Lucky Charms.

UPDATE 7/8/2010

The topic of “Islamic” logos, has once again reared its ugly head.  This time it is the NASA logo, after Charles Bolden’s recent statement, and Jon Stewart has once again seen through the Islamophobia and bigotry involved in this as well as the current bias against the building of mosques in the U.S.  Watch a video of Stewart pointing out the anti-Muslim biases regarding NASA’s recent foray into diplomacy, as well as the controversy over the construction of new mosques across the country here.

UPDATE 11/28/2010

This past Veteran’s Day, the Google Veteran’s Day logo came under the special scrutiny of Islamophobes.  Because the letter e (the last letter in google) was partially obscured by the American Flag, these folks saw that terrifying (to them) image of an Islamic crescent.  As Jason Linkins noted  Good lord, dude, IT IS THE LETTER “E.” Many episodes of Sesame Street were sponsored by this letter.

UPDATE 6/24/2011

Just how crazy can people be.  Someone sent me an email with a link to this article on a Christian site called “Incredible Miracles”.  It’s incredible alright!  The author in a rambling screed about the crescent moon and its meaning, makes some incredible points:  ... Well… the crescent moon is the symbol of Satan.  ...  There are many companies that carry that crescent moon in their logo, sometimes less apparent in its presentation. Just as a Christian may add the cross or the fish to their logo or advertisements, companies which are devoted to Satan have also added their crescent moon. The difference is… although everyone knows the cross and fish symbolize Christianity, most people have no clue that the crescent moon symbolizes Satan.  ...  The crescent moon has long been a symbal for Islam. We see the crescent moon on top of all their places of worship. The crescent moon standing tall and proud. Speaking volumes of their devotion to Satan.

The author finds this Islamic/Satanic symbol in many places:  the Pope’s scepter, Coca Cola cans, the Nike logo, the Quizno’s Sub logo, the American Cancer Society relay for life logo, the Dreamworks logo, and the Serta logo.

What do the NSS, Missile Defense Agency, NASA, GOOGLE, Quizno’s, Dreamworks, and Serta logos have in common? Islamophobic lunatics!