Fareed, Dr. Muneer

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Dr. Muneer Fareed is currently associate professor of Islamic studies in the Department of Near Eastern and Asian Studies at Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan. Dr. Fareeds fields of interest include QurҒanic Studies, Islamic Legal Reform, and Islam in the Modern World. 

He has to his credit several journal articles, a monograph entitled Legal Reform in the Muslim World, and translations of classics of the Islamic world, including the Sra Nabawiyya of Ibn Kathir, The Muqaddima of Ibn Salh, and �l-Itqn fi Ulᑺm l-Qurђan of Suyti.

He obtained his diploma in Arabic Language and Literature from King Abdul Aziz University, Mecca, the Ijza in Classical Islamic Studies from Dꡡr al-`Ulm, Deoband, and his doctorate in Islamic Studies from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Since his arrival in the United States in 1989 he has served the Muslim community in various capacities, including imam and scholar-in-residence for the Muslim community in Metropolitan Detroit.