Emon, Anver M.

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Anver M. Emon is an Assistant Professor and teaches Islamic law and torts. Trained in the Arabic language, Anver’s research specialization is in premodern Islamic legal history, and his interests include law and religion, legal history (medieval European and Islamic), and legal philosophy. In addition to torts, Anver will be teaching introductory courses on Islamic law in Fall 2005 and Spring 2006, and a course on Islamic family law in Fall 2006, while developing further courses on Islamic law and related topics at the Faculty. He earned his BA from UC Berkeley (1993), JD from UCLA School of Law (1996), MA in premodern Islamic legal history from the University of Texas at Austin (1999), LLM from Yale Law School (2004), and PhD in Islamic legal history from UCLA’s history department (2005). Currently, he is completing a JSD at Yale Law School in which he addresses Islamic legal hermeneutic theory, with special reference to the historical treatment of non-Muslims under Islamic law. He is called to the California State Bar. He has published articles in various journals on topics such as Islamic constitutionalism, Islam and democracy, and the role of religion in a lawyer’s work. Currently he sits on the Editorial Board for the Journal of Law and Religion.

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