Elsayed, Shaker

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Shaker Elsayed

Born in Cairo, Egypt, 1951.

Citizenship: Citizen of both Egypt and USA

Educational background:

- Undergraduate Education: Economics and Independent Islamic Studies, Cairo Egypt.

- Graduate Education: Educational Administration and Psychology, University of Houston, Texas.

Work Experience:

- Currently: Islamic Educational Consultant for over 200 Islamic Schools in North America and the Secretary General of the Muslim American Society, a Washington-Based national educational, social and religious organization that promotes community development through the development of the individual and the family.

- In the past 28 years, worked as a teacher, an Imam of the Islamic Center, Wash. D. C., Taught Islamic Studies at the LIR Institute, the American University, Washington D. C., Principal K-12 school, Director of Education at Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). Before my current position, I worked as the President of the American Egyptian Council, a community-based, people-to-people-organization that aimed at promoting common understanding between the two peoples, human rights, political freedoms, fair trade, and community development.


- Traveled extensively in and outside North America for lecturing on Islamic, family and youth issues.

- Lectures on educational and political issues, and does a lot of teacher and parental training, school program development, and school consultation and evaluation services.

- He has chaired several national conferences on community issues. He has had several interfaith affiliations and participated in many interfaith dialogues.

- He has had several radio and TV interviews with the local ABC, NBC, CBS, and PBS local and national programs, on varieties of occasions. Currently hosts a radio show on the 700 AM dial Monday and Thursday at 3-4 PM.

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