Dr. Randy Tobler Statement: Muslims are a ‘virus’

Sheila Musaji

Posted Jan 20, 2007      •Permalink      • Printer-Friendly Version
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This morning I was listening to FM 97.1 on my radio here in St. Louis to the Dr. Randy Tobler program “Vital Signs”, a medical program where listeners can call in and discuss medical questions.  I was surprised when I turned the program on and caught the tail end of a discussion on Muslims in America, and even more surprised to hear Dr. Tobler compare Muslims to a virus that attacks a healthy organism, and to hear him say that Muslim virus was a good term and he might even write a book by that title.

I am not certain if this was meant to be a medical opinion, but as an American Muslim I am becoming more and more frustrated that wherever I turn I hear such bigoted, hateful comments.