Dr. Naseem puts the cat amongst the pidgeons

Emdad Rahman

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Dr Naseem puts the cat amongst the pidgeons


In the aftermath of the Birmingham terror raids, Dr Mohammed Naseem the Chairman of the Birmingham Central Mosque for the past 32 years struck a chord when he said: “The German people were told Jews were a threat. The same thing is happening here.”

Dr Naseem, 83, has felt for a very long time that the Government has pursued “a policy of maintaining a perception of a (terrorist) threat to justify the draconian anti-terror laws they have been passing.” Dr Naseem also compared todays Britain to Germany under the Nazis and Stalin’s Russia.

A few years ago I wrote an opinion piece, within which I accused Abu Hamza Al Masri and Omar Bakri of being rogue agents, well on the way to single handedly destroying any semblance of harmony between Muslims and other communities.  Their nefarious activities, retorts and statements were major contributory factors,  leading to the mass demonisation of the Muslim community. A couple of days after going to press I received a menacing telephone call from “adherents of the Shaikh” (I don’t know which one they were referring to) who threatened to break my kneecaps for causing offence to a “noble Scholar of truth.” They said I was a heretic that needed sorting out. I promptly invited them round to my office in Bethnal Green, London and sure enough they turned up. I greeted them at the door and made them tea. My appearance and attire ensured that they didn’t suspect me as the individual they had spoken to. After being told that they had come to “sort out” yours truly I revealed my identity. If I had captured the awestruck faces it would have won me any photo competition. In the end common sense prevailed. I maintained a stubborn stance and the individuals in question lost their initial zest like a deflated football. To cut things short I explained that I was a Muslim committed to the UK, just like the majority. The majority I explained are not given a soapbox to preach their values as in the cases of these self styled preachers (nutters) of truth. It is also due to the rantings of these individuals, the likes of Anjum Choudhury that defenceless females are having scarves ripped off their heads by despicable cowards, Mosques and graves are being desecrated and Muslim businesses are being targeted by racist vandals. 
In a nutshell, it’s a bunch of fanatics who have screwed thing up for the rest. The rest of the Muslims were seen to be not doing enough to denounce atrocities seemingly carried out in the name of Islam, even though people like the Met Police Assistant Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur called for an independent judicial inquiry into radicalisation of young Muslims after the 7 July bombs.  This in turn has led to a quarter of the world’s humans beings being victimized. Non Muslims should also be ashamed for their slumber regarding the policies and acts being implemented and carried out in their names.

As exemplified so well by the BBC Power of nightmares series, it is within the interests of the certain powers that be assert control over the masses in order to substantiate control over their kingdom. Once upon a time the Government promised education, education and education. Now they promise to save us from our worst fears. Yet to achieve this they need to create and sustain the worst possible nightmare, and since Commies and the black population have become boring we now have the Muslims.
Hamza may be locked up, Bakri may be in permanent exile yet just like demons in mythology we have another head replacing the previous, and in rent a heckler for hire, Abu Izzadeen (clever Trevor Brooks) we have the latest such example. They spew their hatred yet no action seems to be taken against them, to such an extent that a significant number of individuals from all communities are embracing the once absurd notion of the Government embarking on a campaign to cause division and disharmony by flourishing terror in the hearts of the majority of the UK populace.

The Police must stop playing cat and mouse and either charge the detained or let them free. If Plod has been monitoring the activities of the suspects for 6 months then for what reason are they holding back on? A part of me fears and probably hopes (there I’ve said it aloud) that this may be another case of Johnny English over James Bond.
In the article “Mideast Rules To Live By”  New York Times Columnist Thomas Friedman refers to Arabs as being dishonest (they say one thing in private, another in public) and being tribal. He used these observations to justify the US invasion of Iraq by implying that the Arabs in their lack of common sense did not appreciate the boon being bestowed upon them in the name of freedom and the same sorry farce is being played out day in and day out here in the UK.

I read   take on the matter in his Guardian Blog  in which he stated that it was ironic that one of the men now held by the police in Coventry police station was an individual who had requested him (Begg) to make a plea regarding the sparing of the life of British hostage Norman Kember.                                           

Fear is control and as long as there are bogeymen it will be easier to control and sway public opinion of the masses. Dr Naseem is right to say that charges need to be substantiated and bought forward, and if there is inconclusive proof of terrorist activities,  the majority of law abiding Muslims will accept that. On the afternoon of the Birmingham arrests I heard a radio interview in my car of the Father one of the suspects who reversed the situation by quizzing the media as to whether they would give him and his family the same platform afforded to to them at present, in order to clear their good names. If the current crop of arrests turn out to be another Forest Gate then these words will come back to haunt many.