Demographic terrorism: the Muslims are coming

Dr. Robert D. Crane

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Demographic terrorism: the Muslims are coming

by Dr. Robert D. Crane

  The message of the phobic U-tube production at entitled “Muslim Demographics”  is a well-crafted and well-biased call to action against Muslims.  The only practical problem is that the federal government can’t afford to build concentration camps big enough to hold them all.  The clear message is that the time to act is now, and that failure to act decisively will mean that the governments of America and Europe will soon be Muslim and start building concentration camps and gas chambers for the declining Christian populations left behind.  The video itself provides no sources for the data on which it bases its case for immediate action.

This popular video is being sent out widely by email.  The demented messengers of evil, found in every religion nowadays, who have produced this video deserve to be prosecuted in the International Court of Justice for conspiracy to commit global genocide.  Fortunately, they are so absurd that they are shooting themselves in the foot and may eventually become irrelevant, along with all their sympathizers. 

The fear-mongering by Islamophobes about a demographic threat from Muslims is nonsense.  The birthrate among Muslims of the second generation in America is about the same as that of non-Muslims.  The tribalism of the first generation is also repudiated by 90% of the second generation. 

  If the Islamophobes continue their phobia, the world will revert back to the European Dark Ages and the prospects for a civilizational flowering of Jews, Christians, and Muslims, following the centuries-long model of Andalucia before the Catholic inquisition, may dwindle to zero.

  The Islamophobes say that the time for action is now.  The real action required is to expose these Islamophobes as frauds and as vicious enemies of all human rights.  They pose the major global threat to the enlightened principles America’s founders and to the Great American Experiment based on the normative principles of natural law and divine revelation, which are the only true source of peace, prosperity, and freedom through compassionate justice. 

  The various phobic elements, which exist among followers of every religion, pose the major challenge to reviving the best of Western civilization, including the Muslim part of it.  The most extreme of these elements, who together constitute the “mother of all terrorists,” are the Christian fundamentalists who want the world to end as soon as possible so that Jesus Christ can return and together they can watch in glee as everyone else dies in agony. 

First published May 4, 2009


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“For those who resort to YouTube, it would be more advantageous to watch the 7 1/2 minute video “Muslim Demographics” than to read (or try to read) Caldwell’s screed. Though he is not financed by the Christian Right, his message is identical to that of the initiators, writers, and promoters of “Muslim Demographics.” The tagline, which precedes this grossly deterministic, shrilly casuistic video, declares: “Islam will overwhelm Christendom unless Christians recognize the demographic realities, begin reproducing again, and share the Gospel with Muslims.”    The main difference between “Muslim Demographics” and Caldwell’s book is the action plan—the anonymous authors of the former have one (propagate and proselytize), while the latter only has shibboleth: “Watch out—Allah may be guiding your neighbor, and that is un-European!””

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