Death of Pope John Paul II - TAM article collection

Africa, Islam and the Next Pope

Arab News Channels Plan Extensive Coverage of Pope’s Funeral 

Asians of All Creeds Turn Out to Honor Pope


He Helped Build an Interfaith Bridge, Muqtedar Khan 

Interfaith Prayer Service Honors Pope

Islam, Divided Church Will Challenge Next Pope

Jews and Muslims Pay Tribute to Pope

Legacy of John Paul II

Millions Pay Last Respects to Deceased Pope 

Mohammed Khatami Attends Pope’s Funeral 

Muslims Mourn Loss of Friend

Muslims Pay Tribute to Deceased Pope

Muslim and Jewish Leaders Praise Pope as a Master Bridge Builder 

Muslims Express Sympathy

The Price of Infallibility, Thomas Cahill

Pope John Paul II - Address at Omayyad Mosque of Damascus - 6 May 2001 

Pope John Paul II - Message to Muslims on Id al Fitr 1999 

Pope John Paul II statement - Muslims and Christians Adore the One God

Pope John Paull II and Dialogue, Ibrahim Abu Rabi

Pope John Paul II and Islam

Pope John Paul II - Interfaith Relations With Muslims 

Pope Made Important Overtures to Non-Christian Religions

Pope Worked to Improve Christian-Muslim Relations

Radical Islam Among Challenges for the Next Pope

Will Dialogue Survive the Death of Pope John Paul II?