Davies, Merryl Wyn

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Ms Merryl Wyn Davies

After reading anthropology at University College, London, Merryl Wyn Davies began a distinguished career in broadcasting and journalism. Following jobs with local Welsh newspapers, she was hired by BBC Radio. Ms Davies then spent a decade working for BBC TV Religious programmes on programmes like Everyman, Heart of the Matter and Global Report as well as the acclaimed Encounters with Islam documentary. In 1985 she left the BBC to write independently and to work for the London based Muslim magazine of events and ideas, Inquiry/Afkar. Thereafter Ms Davies spent 10 years in Malaysia producing the Faces of Islam TV documentaries. Upon her return to the UK four years ago, she worked as the Media Officer for the Muslim Council of Britain. She is now based in her beloved native Wales. Ms Davies is the author of a number of books, including Knowing One Another. Together with Ziauddin Sardar, she has co-written American Dream, Global Nightmare, The No-Nonsense Guide to Islam, and Why Do People Hate America.

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