Condemnation of Bomb Blast in Karachi at Milad e Nabi Gathering

Pakistan Chamber of Commerce-USA and the Pakistani American Congress

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April 11,
2006   Houston, Texas (USA)
Pakistan Chamber of Commerce-USA and the Pakistani American Congress (P.A.C- Washington, DC.), joined by its coalition of 72 member organizations across North America and Pakistani American community in general strongly and unequivocally condemn the bomb blast in the Milad procession at the Nishtar Park, in port city of Karachi (Pakistan) This carnage in Karachi killed 56 in the cold blood and another 100 seriously..injured.

The bomb exploded in a religious gathering at Nishtar Park in Karachi on Tuesday evening. Those killed included Haji Hanif Billo, Mulana Abbas Qadri, Hafiz Muhammad Taqi & Iftikhar Bhatti - the top notch leaders of Sunni Tahreeq / Jamaat Ahl-e-Sunnat. Mulana Shah Turabul Huq Qadri, a senior leader of the organizing committee was injured but is handling the post explosion crisis with the help of his aides and in consultation with the authorities. Mulana Shah Turabul Huq Qadri told private TV Channels that the most intriguing thing was that all telephone links including mobile telephones went dead soon after the bomb blast, and no one including he himself could contact any one in the city out side the Nishtar park area. The bomb blast was the act of a suicide bomber, bomb disposal squad chief Iqbal told a private TV Channel. The nation has been celebrating Eid Milad-un-Nabi (The Birth Day of the Holy Prophet Muhammad-PBUH) holidays today, the 12th of Rabi-ul-Awwal. In this senseless killing of innocent people including a US diplomat along with his Pakistani Chauffeur, a police officer and one unidentified person and wounding 56 others. The intensity of the blast propelled cars into the air and flung charred wreckage as far as 183 meters. It shattered windows at the consulate and on all 10 floors of the hotel, and damaged a nearby naval hospitalWe denounce in strong terms this act of cowardice and barbarism that resulted in loss of precious lives and destruction of property. Taking an innocent life is not only against the basic teaching of Islam but also against the universal human values and deserves strong condemnation by all people conscience and fair mind. In this tragedy Muslim Umma is deprived of some imminent Islamic scholars, Hiffaz & Qaris.

The people and Government of Pakistan will not give up and will fight back such elements with stronger resolve and more vigor. The fact is that a terrorist is faceless, has no nationality, no religion and no conscience. We express our deepest sympathy and heartfelt condolences with the victim’s families. We pray for the full and speedy recover of the injured survivors and express solidarity with their families.

It the duty and incumbent upon the Government of Pakistan to provide security of life, person, property and human dignity to every citizen of Pakistan. We demand a full investigation into this incident and all those tragic incidents occurred before and bring the culprit to justice and may be given exemplary punishments allowed by the law. All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing, therefore, We demand from the Government of Pakistan to provide protection & justice to its citizens and if it fails to do so then it should step down because Justice denied anywhere diminishes justice everywhere.

Ashraf Abbasi, PhD.
Chairman: PAC Council of Presidents
Chairman: PCC-USA Advisory Council

Ashraf M. Abbasi : Chairman, PAC- Council of Presidents
Pakistani American Congress-PAC (Washington, DC.) is a nation wide umbrella representative entity of Pakistani Americans & Pakistani Organizations in North America since 1990. PAC is incorporated as a non-profit, non-religious & non partisan premier community organization. It is a catalyst of social, educational and political activities which promote the interests & protect the civil rights & liberties of Pakistani American community in the U.S. It also strives to promote good will, friendship, & understanding between the two countries & two people.

This group is about American Muslims and their civic responsibilities, it is not about religious practices but simply about learning and creating a social and civic space for themselves in the community of religions.