Coburn, Anas

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Anas Coburn, Dar Al-Islam of Abiquiu, NM

Recognized for his vision, inspiration, encouragement, and material contribution to the documentation of the Islamic Speakers Bureau (ISB) Program, which lead to the ISB Coordinator’s Start-Up Kit and Network of Affiliated Speakers Bureaus (NASaB).

Anas Coburn was a social activist in the sixties and graduated from UC Berkeley in 1972. He embraced Islam in 1973 in Berkeley and began travels and studies through Europe and North Africa lasting nearly 10 years. His experience with Muslim nonprofits in the United Kingdom convinced him that the effectiveness of Muslim organizations often compromised by a lack of business-like operations. He then returned to California where he began working with a small start-up company in the computer industry in Southern California. At this time he also served on the school board for the Orange Crescent School in Garden Grove.

In 1987 colleagues approached him about teaching at the Madressah Islamia run by Dar al Islam in Abiquiu, New Mexico. After a site visit Anas wrote an operational critique and development plan for Dar al Islam. He was hired by Dar al Islam to run its business operations at the Abiquiu Inn. By 1996 the Inn was well-established, and Anas was given the title of Executive Director and sent to open offices for Dar al Islam in the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC. Current projects include the development of a course on technology and society for Muslims and coursework towards a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy.