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Clash/Dialogue of Civilizations - Orientalism - article collection

collected by Sheila Musaji (first posted January 7, 2003)  Last updated 1/25/2009

African American Muslims refute ‘clash of civilizations’ concept

Akbar Ahmed’s Journey Into Islam Offers A Blueprint To Avert A Clash of Civilizations, Sheila Musaji

Alliance of Civilizations, U.N.

Alternative Strategies for Positive Engagement, M.A. Muqtedar Khan

An “Alliance of Civilizations” attempts to bridge east-west divide, Shahed Amanullah

Avoiding a Clash of Civilizations, Sheila Musaji

Bernard Lewis Revisited, Michael Hersh

Bush I Right, This Is Not a Clash of Civilizations

Bush’s Crusade: Where Is It Headed

Cartoons, Voltaire and the Non-Clash of Civilisations, Sajjad Khan

Civilization in Crisis: Confrontation or Cooperation, Robert D. Crane

Civilizations and Dialogue in the 21st Century, Zaki Badawi,

A Clash Between Justice and Greed, Not Islam and the West, Enver Masud

Clash of Civilizations, view of Christians and Muslims simplistic

Clash of Civilizations, Nayyer Ali, 

The Clash of Civilizations:  Some Beginnings of Psychological Analysis, Dr. Robert D. Crane

The Clash of the Fundamentalists, Anisa Abd el Fattah

Clash of Ignorance, Edward Said

Clash of Interests, Soumaya Ghannoushi

Clash or Peaceful Coexistence, Dr. Ja’far Sheikh Idries,

Clash of Civilizations, Samuel P. Huntington, 

Clash of Civilizations or Opportunity for Dialogue?, David Smock U.S. Institute of Peace

Clash of the Uncivilized: Insights on the Cartoon Controversy, Imam Zaid Shakir

Clash-Talk, John Renard

The Clash Thesis: A Failing Ideology?, M. Shahid Alam

Cold War for the 21st Century, Marvin Olasky

Construction of a Secular Identity for Islam, Michael King,

Cross and the Crescent, Feisal Abdul Rauf

Curse of the Infidel, Karen Armstrong,

Dangerous Lack of Knowledge About the Other, Akbar S. Ahmed,

Dark Mirror of Islam, 

Debunking Civilizational Clash, Ishtiaq Ahmed,

Dialogue of Civilizations, Paul Findley,

Dialogue of the Cultures Instead of the Clash of Civilisations, Naika Foroutan

Dialogue, Understanding and Cooperation, Siraj Islam Mufti,

Dialogue Between Civilizations Revisited, M. Aurangzeb Ahmad,

Dialogue Is a Necessity, Jeremy Rifkin,

Europeans and Muslims, Prof. Jorgan S. Nielsen,

Emerging EU Superpower and U.S. Cold War Clash

From Clashing Civilizations to a Common Vision by Dr. Robert D. Crane
Part I.
Part II.
Part III.

“The Green Peril”, Creating the Islamic Fundamentalist Threat, Leon T. Hadar,

Has World War III Begun? Mohamed Sid-Ahmed

How Different Are Islamic Societies?, M. Shahid Alam,

Huntington Redux, Firas Ahmad

Is There An Islamic Problem?, M. Shahid Alam,

Is there a Clash of Civilizations? Islam, Democracy, and U.S.-Middle East Policy

Is This A War With Islam, Sandy Shanks

Islam and the West, a Discussion,

Islam on a Collision Course?, Akbar Ahmed,

Islam and the West: A New Cold War?, Chandra Muzaffar,

Islam on the Defensive, Margot Patterson

“Islam versus the West” and the Political Thought of AbdolKarim Soroush

Islamic Art As a Mediator For Cultures in Confrontation

Istanbul Conferences Traces Islamic Roots of Western Law, Society, Antony L. Sullivan,

Japan, Islam and the West, Chandra Muzaffar,

Jurisprudence: The Ultimate Arena for Existential Clash or Cooperation Within and Among Civilization, Dr. Robert D. Crane

Koffi Annan Warns Against Rising Hostility Between Islam and the West

Meeting of Civilizations, M. Abu Asad

The Mother of all Pretexts, Uri Avnery

Muslim Contributions to the West

Muslim Diasporas Can Play a Positive Role in Challenging the “Clash of Civilizations”, Tariq Modood

Muslim Voices Against Terrorism Drowned in Clash of Civilizations Static, Sheila Musaji

- Black Elk, Oglala Sioux
- Geronimo, Chiracahua Apache
- Joseph, Nez Perce  and
- Red Cloud, Oglala Sioux
- Red Jacket, Seneca
- Seattle, Suquamish
- Sitting Bull, Hunkpapa Sioux
- Tecumseh, Shawnee  and

Need It Be “Us and Them”?


On Religious and Cultural Dialogue, Asghar Ali Engineer,

Orphans of Modernity and the Clash of Civilizations, Khaled Abou El Fadl,

Our Debt to Islam, Martin Wainwright,3604,763422,00.html

Overcoming the Cultural Divide, Louay Safy,

Passing Between the Clashing Rocks: The Heroic Quest for a Transcendent Identity, Dr. Jeremy Henzell-Thomas, Part I -
Part II - 
Part III-

Political Islam: Beyond the Green Menace, John Esposito,

Political violence and civilization in Western and Muslim societies

Politics and Promise of Civilizational Dialogue, Muqtedar Khan

Politics of Religioius Correctness: Islam and the West, John C. Raines

Prominent Western Muslim Rejects ‘Clash Of Civilizations’ Idea

The Real Clash Within Civilizations, Dr. Robert D. Crane

Reflections on Islam In A Time of Global Uncertainty, William A. Graham,

Religion and Civilizational Dialogue, Seyyed Hossein Nasr,

Rise of Professionalism in Moral Awareness, Robert D. Crane

Rotten in Denmark: Flemming Rose & the Clash of Civilizations, Justin Raimondo

September 11: Clash of Civilizations?, M. Shahid Alam

Spiritual Kung Fu, Kemal Benouis

Stop Calling Islam the Enemy, William Pfaff,

Theology and the Clash of Civilizations, Jack Miles

This Is the Way the World Ends, Hani Shukrallah

Urgency of Paradigm Shift for the West’s Relationship with Muslims, Siraj Islam Mufti,

U.S. Muslim Alliance: To Be Or Not To Be, Robert D. Crane

View From the Other Side, John Allen

VIDEO:  Noam Chomsky on The “Clash of Civilizations”
VIDEO:  Edward Said, “The Myth of the Clash of Civilizations”
VIDEO:  Stop the Clash of Civilizations, Avaaz

The West, Mediterranean Islam and the Search for a new Beginning, Antony T. Sullivan,

What Can We Reasonably Hope For?, Francis Cardinal George,

What Clash of Civilizations? Why religious identity isn’t destiny, Amartya Sen

Who Are We Fighting, Islam or Terrorism?, William Bennett

Who Speaks for Islam? Who Speaks for the West?


A Predatory Orientalism: What Went Wrong, M. Shahid Alam,

A Window on the World, Edward Said,,12084,1010417,00.html

Bernard Lewis and the New Orientalism, M. Shahid Alam,

Orientalism, Misinformation and Islam, Abdur Rahman Squires,

Orientalism, Postmodernism and Globalization, S. Parvez Manzoor,

Orientalism and the Other,


Outsiders’ Interpretations of Islam, Muhammed Abdul-Rauf,

Utility of Islamic Imagery in the West, J.A. Progler,

Western Orientalism and Liberal Islam: Mutual Distrust, Abdallah Laraoui,

Willful Imaginings, Meryl Wynn Davies,