Children of Abraham Petition

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Children of Abraham Petition

We are a group of alumni of Children of Abraham, an organization that fosters dialogue between young Jews and Muslims from all over the world, along with other individuals who are concerned about the relationship between Muslims and Jews in the Middle East and around the world. We hold that Islam and Judaism share the same father, Abraham, and that there are more similarities than differences between the two religions. We have committed ourselves to work together, in all circumstances, for the cause of Peace and mutual respect between these two great peoples.

We are deeply troubled by the present conflicts in the Middle East, the loss of human life and ongoing threats to life that imperil the future of all the peoples in the region, Palestinian, Israeli and Lebanese. We believe in common humanity for all and that each human life is precious. We decry war in the name of Judaism and Islam, two fundamentally peaceful religions. We seek to end the fear of the other religion that exists in our communities.

Consequently we call upon the youths, the world’s next generation, to start working together in order to build the better future for our world through cross-cultural understanding. We seek the resolution of all conflicts in the Middle East and security, peace, justice and dignity for all its peoples.

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