Left Hand of God: Taking Back our Country from the Religious Right (Rabbi Michael Lerner)

The Left Hand of God: Taking Back our Country from the Religious Right

by Rabbi Michael Lerner

“Michael Lerner is a rare voice of sanity and intelligence in a nation where our moral values have been corrupted by the greed of the market and the ambitions of empire. He gives eloquent voice to our yearning for a union of the spiritual and the rational in the quest for peace and justice.“Howard Zinn, author, A People’s History of the United States"An insightful, inspiring book by Rabbi Lerner that can put America back on track.“Arun Gandhi, president, M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence"Anyone who has ever felt frustrated by the religious right’s ability to turn fear into political power will find not only comfort in this book, but a way to fight back! This is the blueprint for transforming the conscious heart of a nation into a bell that will shake the foundation of American politics and activate change around the world.“Michael Franti, Musician"A brilliant and penetrating analysis of the way religion is now used politically to justify military conflict, the degradation of the environment, the violation of religious liberty, the rights of women and homosexuals and the accumulation of vast wealth in the hands of fewer and fewer people. Michael Lerner comes through these pages like a modern day Amos. The religious world needs to heed his message.”John Shelby Spong , former Episcopal Bishop of Newark, N.J.

“In this book Michael Lerner challenges both right and left to wake up and create a new political movement that is respectful of our deepest shared values and aspirations. He challenges stuck-thinking of right and left but especially the left for its failure to include the spiritual dimensions of the human condition in its rhetoric and appeal. Lerner offers a serious new “Spiritual Covenant with America” that many of us could enthusiastically support. A timely, forceful, provocative and deep analysis of the political malaise of our time, this book pulsates with life and spirit and the passion of the prophets of old. Bravo! “Mathew Fox, former catholic priest silenced by the pope, and president, University of Creation Spirituality"Over the last few decades, we have witnessed the beginnings of a fundamental change of worldview in science and society, the unfolding of a new vision of reality that is holistic, ecological, and ultimately spiritual. In this book, Rabbi Michael Lerner explores the political dimensions of this new vision and its immediate and urgent relevance to American politics. The Left Hand of God is essential reading for everyone concerned about the future of this country.” Fritjof Capra, Author, The Tao of Physics

“Almost by default the politics of fear has occupied center stage among us, partnered with a religion of “uncontrolled me-firstism.” Michael Lerner, with his passion and shrewdness, offers a manifesto to an alternative that may correct the default and restore a humane sanity to our common life. Lerner is unembarrassed about theological rootage and unintimidated by the complexity of contemporary political economy. The outcome is a practical, compelling vision of a politics of generosity. The book is a freshness beyond quarrelsome ideology and liberal cliché. The articulation of hope is itself an act of engaging hope to which attention must be paid.”  Walter Bruggemann, America’s most respected Protestant theologian and author, The Prophetic Imagination

“Michael Lerner has a profound understanding of the American political scene, and in this well-written book explains how progressives can take back American from the religious right. His spiritually based politics is just what this country needs.” Tony Campolo, Evangelical minister

“America desperately needs a revitalization of spirit to lend wisdom and compassion to our economic and political life. Rabbi Michael Lerner’s proposal is a visionary response to this urgent need, but it is one based on an incisive understanding of the struggle between fear and hope. The Left Hand of God challenges all of us to embrace our deep interconnectedness and become God’s partners in the healing and transformation of the world.”  Richard Gere, actor and Buddhist activist

“Michael Lerner is the most prophetic intellectual and spiritual leader of our generation. We ignore his wisdom at our peril!“Cornel West, professor at Princeton University and author, Race Matters"Michael Lerner is one of America’s most important spiritual teachers, a contemporary prophet whose insightful and visionary thinking has already had a profound impact on American culture and thought. His rare and eloquent voice, going beyond left/right political dichotomies, will help progressives overcome their fear of spirituality and will challenge spiritual people to avoid the danger of narcissistic self-indulgence.”  Jim Wallis, editor of Sojourners and author, God’s Politics